Eric DeCosta: Lamar Jackson certainly deserves a contract extension

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Lamar Jackson was the league’s MVP in 2019 and became the first quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards in multiple seasons in 2020.

He’s clearly one of the league’s most dynamic players. And now that he’s finished his third season, he’s eligible for a contract extension.

That’s something Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta seems more than prepared for, saying Monday morning that there’s “certainly a chance” Jackson gets a new deal this offseason.

“I will be talking with Lamar probably within the next 10 days or so — he’s down in Florida,” DeCosta said in his Monday press conference. “But we’ve got a great relationship, he’s got a great relationship with this organization. He’s a very easy person to talk to. Certainly deserves a contract. He has played phenomenal football over the last couple years. And our intention, and my intention, is to keep him in Baltimore for many, many years.”

But as the Ravens look to generally improve in 2021, one aspect will be the club’s passing game. Baltimore finished No. 7 in points scored and No. 19 in total yards. But the club was last in passing attempts and passing yards.

DeCosta acknowledged the Ravens are a run-based offense. Still, he noted improvement in the passing attack could come from better pass protection, acquiring receivers in the draft or free agency, and more offseason practice time.

He also expects Jackson to continue to work to get better.

“Well I would think that Lamar being who Lamar is — Lamar wants to improve,” DeCosta said. “I mean, I want him to improve, too. We all want him to improve. You wouldn’t be in this business unless you constantly wanted to get better, that’s the same as you guys. So that goes without, I think, saying — that we all want to get better. And that’s on the quarterback, that’s on the receivers.”

14 responses to “Eric DeCosta: Lamar Jackson certainly deserves a contract extension

  1. It’s crazy how fans judge his play like he’s not only 24, doesn’t have multiple records to his name and hasn’t won an MVP and playoff game. Very accomplished at his age and should only get better as he gets more weapons around him.

  2. He’s a great running back with poor habits as a passer. Baltimore has to run a glorified high school offense to make Jackson’s skill set work. One read, then he either throws it or starts looking to run. Obviously, this can be very effective against teams without good defenses. The limitations show up in the post season. By sticking with Jackson, the Ravens have a ceiling below the Super Bowl. The idea that he will improve as a passer is not credible given his poor mechanics and his entrenched tendency to focus on running immediately if his first read isn’t wide open. The biggest danger is that Jackson suffers an injury which diminishes his run threat. Then the Ravens are toast.

  3. “…Very accomplished at his age and should only get better as he gets more weapons around him.”

    I think that’s very reasonable.

    I think what’s likewise reasonable is seeing him collapse in the playoffs two straight years when he’s forced to win from the pocket alone, so I think some pessimism is warranted. I don’t assume he can’t/won’t get over that hump (even Andy Reid did it… he just needed an Elite QB, elite WR and elite TE to do it)… but it is the elephant in the room, nonetheless.

  4. They need to shore up the interior offensive line and get him some receivers. One of the Ravens biggest issues over the years has always been a lack of a true go to receiver. Dude has no choice to run all of the time when there aren’t consistent dependable options catching the ball.

  5. “But as the Ravens look to generally improve in 2021, one aspect will be the club’s passing game.”


    yeaaahh… about that.

  6. Lamar Jackson was a 4-star recruit, Heisman winner, NFL MVP, and has a record of 31-9 as a starter (I believe). People need to chill. The Ravens must resign him.

  7. Once you pay him starting QB money you will not have the money to put weapons around him. Lamar needs a lot of talent around him which will be his undoing when he gets paid.

  8. He’ll be the highest paid running back in the league. I hope they give him 1 billion over 10, fully guaranteed.

  9. Please, give Lamar a huge extension.

    -Signed, the rest of the AFC North

    This will cripple their cap space and seal their fate for the life of the extension–good enough to get in the playoffs but not good enough to win more than one playoff game. That offense might be fine for Pop Warner but not in the NFL. Oh sure, you can beat bad defenses but if the goal is the Super Bowl you can forget about that. You need a passing game instead of a RB playing QB.

  10. Pay the man. Makes it easier for everyone else to compete with the Ravens after they do. Lamar isn’t good enough to overcome a lack of talent around him. If he couldn’t run, no one would have him as their starter. So yeah, go ahead. Sign him. Pay him an amount a MVP with his winning record deserves. And then watch them struggle to remain competitive two, three years out from now, not unlike what happened after they paid Flacco.

  11. I would give him an extension, just not a long one. A career of a RB is not long in NFL. Once he starts to slow down or gets hurt, his value as a QB drops exponentially.

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