Source: Aaron Rodgers wants a new contract

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was sending a message to the team with his post-game comments after Sunday’s loss to the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship. The message likely had multiple tentacles.

Here’s one. Per a league source, Rodgers wants a new contract.

Rodgers should want a new contract. He makes $33.5 million per year. He’s going to win the 2020 NFL MVP award. And he’s getting into the later years of his last deal, which will pay him far less in comparison to other quarterbacks.

He’s due to make $22.35 million in 2021, $25.5 million in 2022, and $25.5 million in 2023.

Rodgers currently ranks fifth in average new-money value, behind Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes ($45 million), Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson ($39 million), Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson ($35 million), and Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger ($34 million).

Rodgers earns the same amount as Rams quarterback Jared Goff. Which means that Rodgers is grossly underpaid, Goff is grossly overpaid, or both. (Both.)

Rodgers has a cap number in excess of $37 million for 2021, but a new contract easily could reduce it. A new deal also would reflect the team’s commitment to Rodgers over the next few years, based on the guaranteed payments and the cap consequences arising from cutting or trading him.

If Rodgers officially asks for a new contract, he’ll definitely get one thing: Clarity as to where he stands. A new deal means renewed vows. No new deal means the clock will still tick toward a potential, if not inevitable, divorce.

While Rodgers may want more (especially as it relates to efforts to improve the team), one thing he wants — and deserves — is a new contract.

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  1. Well his timing sucks as the cap is going to get cut next year. So Aaron gets $40 million a year and continues to complain about support around him?

    That’s a team player.

  2. Make himself easier to trade quickly. I DON’T blame him one bit. A team with a defense, maybe?

  3. Rodgers is NOT in the latter years of his new deal. 2020 was the first year of the 4-year deal that he signed 3 years ago. He knew when he signed it that other quarterbacks would eventually pass him up. He does NOT deserve a new contract and I’m a Packers fan.

  4. He was probably going to get a restructure at the very least so yes he will essentially get a new deal. I also think other QBs might as well. The salary cap is going to be goofy for a couple of years and we will see GMs doing some creative stuff with roster and signing bonuses.

  5. Tom Brady has as many NFC championships as Aaron Rodgers. He’s a great passer but not a winner. They should trade him

  6. I don’t doubt he wants a new contract but he ABSOLUTELY does not deserve a new contract. Yes, he is a great player but a terrible teammate and as unlikable as can be. Never trust a player who always blames someone for their failings. Get rid of him Green Bay. You and the fans deserve better.

  7. Rodgers wants a new contract and the Packers want a QB who will run for a short TD when the field is clear.

  8. I told my boss that my co worker wasn’t holding up his end. And that I want a raise .He told me I shouldn’t expect someone to work as hard as I do.

  9. When Rodgers signed his extension, it was easily the highest AAV in the NFL. But because the cap rises significantly on an annual basis, newer contracts that make up a smaller percentage of the cap quickly caught up. It isn’t that Rodgers is underpaid; it’s that this is how contracts work. The newest deals look huge, which is why every time a franchise QB (even the non-elite ones) signs the first new franchise QB contract of an offseason it meets or sets new marks…even though the deal will often end up not that big. It’s how Derek Carr once signed the biggest contract in NFL history and yet wasn’t all that well paid, and why Dak Prescott will sign a deal touted as huge (and will be mocked by people who claim that he will then be overpaid) but likely will not be paid as the best of the very best.

  10. In two weeks Aaron Rodgers will receive a new contract with the GreenBay Packers 10 yr 980 Billion dollar contract with 980 Billion being guaranteed at signing…to make him even more special he wants a new Head coach!!! He wants Adam Gase to be the coach…

  11. He’s under contract for over 20 million until 2023. Based on what he said yesterday about being unsure of his future it sounds like he may not make it through next season. Sorry but not redoing his deal.
    He signed it now honor it. Same with Watson, shut up and play for your team.

  12. Well that escalated quickly. Pack fans have been deluding themselves that Rogers got over the whole Love draft pick debacle. Doesn’t seem like it.

  13. Really? He still has 3 yrs left on this current one. Sounds like greed is coming to play here. Also might be a move to see if the Packers really want to keep him or move on.

  14. Aaron deserves the money !! However, he will end up crippling the team AND will complain again if team does not make it further in their quest to get him another SB ring……. At this juncture of his career, either it’s more money or take a friendly salary hit to keep the core and build on his legacy by winning another SB….

  15. when are the players going to start holding their agents responsible for the deals they are no longer happy with…not like they held a gun to their head

  16. I wouldn’t extend or renegotiate any player’s contract until they had one year left on it.

  17. I told you he wasn’t going anywhere.

    While half of Americans have less than $500 in savings — or at least this was the figure BEFORE the start of the pandemic — the rich get richer. Gone are the days when the actors playing James Bond made $5 million a film. Now they want $50 million. I’m sure athletes are paid more too.

    Rodgers request is tone deaf. He just lost to a QB who for all but this year has settled for less than his own market value in order to build a better team around him. And he won 6 championships on that model. And nearly won 3 others.

  18. So I didn’t call that play. Oh by the way pay me more money so the team will have even less depth and talent around my ego. LOL!

  19. I love Aaron Rodgers but this is ridiculous. Big Jen has been in three super bowls and he’s retiring so Arod is top 4 – that seems right

  20. As Goff and Wentz were bad signings after year 3 on their rookie contracts avg $33.5 mill
    Rogers is averaging the same with a few years left on his contract. That amount is reasonable considering that the salary cap is going down, and he wants more help for GB.
    Brady is making $25 mill and no complaints.
    Rogers could learn a lesson from Brady.

  21. Of course he does. This might sound like it’s about money, but it’s really about commitment from the team.

    The packers aren’t going to give it to him because that would put their first round QB in a weird spot.

  22. So he was given a front loaded contact and now that the back end has less per yaer money he wants a new contract? That’s about on par with how the NFL works.

  23. That’s a big cap number for next year, it is time to restructure his contract, mortgage the future, buy some help, go all in. Clearly draft and develop is great for getting to the NFC Championship game, it is failing in winning that game.

  24. He doesn’t deserve a new contract. He deserves to be paid what the marketplace bore when he signed the contract. He front loaded his deal to make more $$ early. With three years left on the deal, the expectation that he should get a new deal doesn’t make sense. His guaranteed money ends after this next season, but if restructuring his deal gives him more guaranteed compensation with a year or two added to push the Cap hit down the road, perhaps worth doing. Just giving him more money when the cap is set to drop in 2021 makes no sense.

  25. Wow. The guy just lost the NFC Championship game — yes, his poor play and poor decision making contributed to the loss just as much as that dumb field goal with two minutes left to play. AND now he wants a new contract. Just Wow.

  26. Rumor has it he’s also looking for a new contract from State Farm that pays him more than Patrick Mahomes since his NFL deal isn’t close. Tough sell given Mahomes has gotten State Farm to the show two years running while Rodgers has fallen short in Championship games. Rodgers, unsure about his future with State Farm, may end up with Liberty, or Colonial Penn who both badly need a pitch man. State Farm is looking at Jordan Love to step in for Rodgers should Aaron change agencies over Patrick’s price dwarfing Rodgers rate.

  27. Can’t happen. Any GM that drafts a QB in the first and then signs the incumbent to a new deal less than a year later HAS to be fired

  28. My god, how do us people, who live paycheck to paycheck, even relate to that. It’s obscene.

  29. The Packers are going to have to make tough decisions on their salary cap as things stand now. Rodgers is already in danger of losing his starting center (Linsley) and star running back (Aaron Jones) not to mention others next season. As he admitted himself….it is real hard to get to the Conference Championship. So does he want to allow enough salary cap room to make another run with quality players possibly cementing his legacy with another Super Bowl win or is he happy with the current state of affairs and take the extra cash home instead? It is common knowledge that every time a player signs these contracts you are only at the top of the heap a short time. I am not saying I would want Brady over Rodgers but I noticed Brady’s salary was not mentioned…you know the guy who just beat him. How does Brady stack up on this list?

  30. A new contract will mean the FO admits the mistake in drafting Love and they may need to try and move Love. Rodgers has put GB on notice and no new contract means the FO better get looking for a way to trade Rodgers, who with the QB market of veterans should be the top prize and easy to get it done. This has 08′ Favre written all over it.

  31. Does Rodgers want a ring or the $$$?

    The Saints broke the bank for Brees….Ask them how that turned out.

  32. The only way he should get a new contract is if he doesn’t take any new money, it doesn’t make make managing the salary cap harder, and it allows for us to keep some key free agents or bring in one or two.

    He got a ton of money and the organization really stuck their collective necks out at the time they gave it to him. One good season doesn’t a new contract make.

  33. The Packers knew this was coming. That’s why they drafted Love. Speculation on different scenarios will be rampant.
    Let the Quarterback Musical Chair games begin.

  34. Pay the man. He has at minimum 3 more high end years IMO. Ask his thoughts on what are needs to go to the next level and this next draft as opposed to leaving a flaming bag on his doorstep, give him the tools he asks for. Replace the DC and get someone who won’t make critical errors and cost the team in the big games. Next two preseason schedules (if there are preseason games) feature Love at QB and then dangle him in trades each following offseason and except a good deal if it comes along. Get a couple project Qbs in 5-6-7 rounds next couple years and let them sit and watch. Push the chips all in with Rogers you have a shot for a few more years of him at his best and you try for another super bowl. Lions, Bears are both trending neutral or negative and Vikings just can’t get there. Green Bay has a path, an all time QB, and a winnable division. If they don’t win another with Rogers they will regret the what-ifs forever.

  35. He just signed a new contract, what, two years ago? This constant reevaluation of your contract to ensure it ranks appropriately every year amongst your peers is incredibly toxic. This is how the NFL economy works, when you sign a contract you are the richest person at your position. Then over a couple years, more players sign extensions and all of a sudden you’re 5th or 6th. Being ranked 5th in the league for QB contracts in the 3rd year of his extension is huge. Not to mention he was like the 10th best QB the last couple years, yet he never took a pay cut.

    Rodgers ego strikes again.

  36. Smooth move. Helps the team by lowering his cap hit while also forcing them to make some form of commitment to him. They would be foolish to move on. He is an amazing QB playing with such a lack of offensive weapons and still succeeding. Get him a couple of weapons, doesn’t have to be to the extreme like Brady walked into with his 3 #1 receivers, just a couple of legit playmakers. He turned Davante adam’s into a star! A 2nd tier receiver at best.

  37. I would rather see Dallas pay Rodgers $38-39 million per year than Dak. Sign and trade, if Dallas wants to spend that kind of money on a QB. Interesting what the Packers will do with Love, I believe he wasn’t in uniform this year.

  38. Oh, I forgot about the McCarthy – Rodgers relationship. I would rather have Rodgers and a new coach than Dak and McCarthy.

  39. My favorite time of year when we get to read articles about “underpaid” QBs as if these guys are eating beans out of a can compared to their peers.

    “$33 million? Psssh. Pocket change.”

    -Aaron Rodgers


  40. Florio you dont get it.

    Remember why Calvin Johnson is angry? Ok, because your salary is the yearly money paid plus signing prorrated bonus.

    Because of that, if Rogers retires this offseason he Will owe them money.

    It is forget that and thinking as you do but it is not true.

    And when you are 37 with 3 years left in your contract, the team must let you know where you at:

    Play, retire or I trade you to The Jets 😂

  41. Ive gotta feeling this is about to get ugly…..FAST!!!! Just feel it in my bones. FIRST!!!! Jk 😉🤣🤣🤣

  42. He should want a new coach that doesn’t kick field goals with 2 minutes left in a game where you are down by a touchdown.

  43. Wow, what a diva. Do that behind closed doors and through your agent Einstein. But no, AR continues to need that ego stroked so he feels important.

  44. With them being 16 mill over cap this is about to get extremely interesting, and people thought Kirks deal was a mess lol.

  45. He made the deal, he signed the deal, he should live by the deal. Did he know that other qbs would likely leap frog him in the future? Yes. Did he request escalator clauses or to be a top 5 paid qb? No. He should have. A contract is a contract, folks. It provides legal rights and obligations to both parties which are certain and binding. You can’t just walk away because you later become unhappy with it (try doing that with your home mortgage, car loan, etc.) else you are in breach of the agreement and there will be consequences. I guess we now know why the Packers took a new qb at number one. They saw this coming.

  46. He’s under contract until he’s 40, I think it’s time for a trade
    If he wants improvement to the team, he needs to negotiate his salary down and for fewer years, not up and for more years

  47. “Rodgers currently ranks fifth in average new-money value, behind Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes ($45 million), Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson ($39 million), Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson ($35 million), and Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger ($34 million).”

    Let’s play a game of one of these is not like the others…

  48. If I were the Packers, I’d be, “nah, we’re good. Play out your deal, Aaron and stop complaining, even though that’s one of your many talents.”

  49. He wants a new contract based on what? Is it his 1-4 record in conference championships? League MVP’s are individual accolades in the ultimate team sport. I could see him asking for a new contract if he led his team to another Super Bowl victory, but he didn’t. His timing on this is horrible.

  50. I respectfully disagree. With the exception of Watson, the other QB’s have been to multiple superbowls. Even Goff has been to as many superbowls as Rodgers and Goff has been in the league about 15 years less than Rodgers. Rodgers has choked in big games and some of his decisions Sunday show he is not up to the task. Aaron comes across as Karen when the chips are down.

  51. Smart move by Rodgers. In order to make the best decision for himself, he needs to know exactly where he stands. He could easily be in Green Bay and he’d be fine with that. It could just as easily be elsewhere. No hard feelings. He’s understood for a long time it’s a business first and a sport second. He’s a smart guy and has always played it straight, fair, and reasonable. It’ll be more of the same this time around. If he moves on, I’ll tip my hat and say thank you for trying your hardest and your best. Who could ask for more?

  52. He’ll cripple the organization if he’s paid more… I hope they saw something special in Jordan Love

  53. If he wants more money. He can’t complain about team not being able to afford more players to help him. Now it’s a matter is it me or the team

  54. He new the contract would leave him underpaid in relation to other QB’s in a few years. Let him play it out and retire. Or leave now. The QB constantly getting paid higher and higher with each contract needs to stop. One of these owners needs to set a precedent and let them walk.

  55. “a new deal means renewed vows”…well demanding a new contract means breaking existing vows…rodgers is a great regular season QB who is too self-absorbed to figure out how to win in the postseason. he needs a new attitude, not a new contract.

  56. Rodgers DESERVES it! He is 1-4 in the NFC Conference Championship and has led the Packers to a Super Bowl win (albeit more than a decade ago). Why shouldn’t he make more than Brady, who has only been to 4 Super Bowls in the last 5 years

  57. I don’t see why the packers would do that. He had a great year, but he’s 37, they drafted his replacement and they would be tying their own hands for no reason.

  58. go to the Texans…
    they’ll pay you a ton of cash and won’t flinch when you turn in 4 wins.
    think of it as pre-retirement

  59. Give him what he wants or else you’re stuck with Jordan Love, who will be a massive bust

  60. If he wants a new contract then he should have ran it in for the touchdown in when they kicked the FG in the 4th quarter. You can see in the pictures he could havd made it.

  61. Dude’s 37 with 3 years left. His AAV suggests that he was paid the big money years of his deal already, and he has now moved into the team friendly years, although a $37 million cap hit isn’t exactly going to help the Packers retain players this season.

  62. Guess its down to Vegas, Indy and Washington now, because Pats don’t devote that much cap to the position. Green Bay didn’t move up in the first round because of Love’s clipboard skills. A new contract puts Love into free agency before it expires. Seen this movie with Jimmy G.
    Other than Mahomes, none of those high salaried QB’s advanced to the divisional round of the playoffs. Too much cap on the QB position. Jackson and Allen soon to follow suit.

    Now look at Mahomes cap charges and contract, His cap hit in 2020 was unbelievably only $5 mil. Most of his money is tied up in roster bonuses. His highest annual salary for first 7 years is only $5.5 million. He has a relatively cheap cap hit for next 2 years. His contract guarantee was only $63 mil. In 2023 when his cap number hits over $42 mil, KC can hit the reset button, trade him for a kings ransom, and the cap hit is minimal. Or rework it and start pushing money forward. They won’t see a $40 mil cap hit for 5 years, on a contract that averages $45 mil.
    Tip of my hat to KC braintrust.

  63. Knowing GB is already $28Mil over the cap this is AR’s way of “forcing” his way out. Plenty of teams with cap space AND a QB need, why not make it about money and get a raise, new team, and the cap space to go get free agent players to quickly bolster the roster? My guess for a landing spot would be Indy (or possibly NE if AR & Belichick can agree on play control).

  64. This is almost starting to remind me of baseball. The rangers signed a-rod to an absurd deal and because of that everyone has to overpay players?

    It will never happen, but thr QB deals are getting so big that we are getting to the point where there should be a positional salary cap in addition to the main cap.

  65. Any new or reworked contract will happen because Rodgers cap hit of $37,000,000 in 2021 needs to be brought to a more manageable number considering that the 2021 team cap is projected to be about $180,000,000 and as of today, the Packers are about $22,000,000. As it stands today, this team is likely to be worse next year simply because of a lack of cap dollars.

  66. This is not the later years of his deal. It’s the first year of 4 year extension he signed in 2018 with two years left on his old deal

  67. “A new deal means renewed vows. No new deal means the clock will still tick toward a potential, if not inevitable, divorce.”

    Someone should probably remind Watson of this fact…

  68. If the Packers would have spent their first round pick on a stud defensive player, or a stud offensive tackle, they might be going to the super bowl. They were actually just a player or two away. But instead, they threw it away on a back up QB. From watching Rodgers play, he’s got a few great years left. The new rules protect the QB to the point where they can play well into their 40’s if they choose.

  69. Play for the Bears. Make Lafluer hurt. Bring balance to the force.

    I assume there would be a one-year Jets sabbatical prior.

  70. Who’s surprised? Nobody.

    Guy gets 3 picks handed to him & cannot lead his team to a comeback. Can’t run when he obviously had at least a shot to get into the endzone. Then he throws shade at the coach’s dumb decision late in the game.

    What a leader!

  71. is this where every one says he siged the contract and should stick to it? Or is that reserved only for diva WR’s and RB’s like Bell?

  72. asking for more money isn’t how you go “all in” and bring in better players to help you win a championship

  73. What do contracts even mean when you can just demand new ones with three years left on it already? Are players really that naive to the fact that if they sign a five year deal, by year three it’s going to look outdated? If they want a new deal every other year, sign two year contracts. Time for teams to put language directly into the contracts saying they can’t give you a new one until you have one year left. Then they aren’t being the bad guy when they say no in year 3 of 5.

  74. One of the contributing factors to The GOAT (that’s TB12) having 6 Superbowls is because he consistently took pay cuts so his team could afford to add players in free-agency, or sign players whose contracts were coming to an end. You might deserve to be the highest or one of the highest paid QBs in the game, but you’re gonna find yourself in the exact same place every January if that’s the case – wondering why you aren’t playing in a superbowl and wishing you had more talent on the defensive side of the ball.

  75. But but but free from common sense said he would play 10 more seasons. Ready to eat crow fake stock holder? 🥳 👏 🤯

  76. The inevitable reduced cap for next year that will likely be agreed upon will hinder a mega-deal for a 37 year old QB. Timing for Aaron is not on his side in this case.

  77. He is worth it but once you get past 20 mil per year how much do you need, even if you like steak 3 times a day. There is still a team cap on salary.

  78. Why does he deserve a new contract? I get he’s underpaid in comparison to the top 5 current list, but that’s the contract he signed and when he signed it he was considered the GOAT by many. If he undervalued himself, that’s his problem, not the Packers. He is a phenomenal football player, and future HOF’er, but I don’t know if I could put up with the diva personality.

  79. Good luck with that! He won’t get it in Green Bay. If he wants more money and a new contract, he will have to take his services to a new city… or just wait three more years and then leave. The Packers hold all the cards at this point.

  80. Come to NY and play for the Giants. Jones+a bunch if picks could work. Giants have an iffy record with high draft picks; this ensures value.

  81. Come to New England. We’ll pay you half of what you want but you might win a SuperBowl or two.

    And by the way, passive-aggressive sulking isn’t allowed here.

    Sound good?

  82. Have you forgotten there’s a pandemic going on and there are no fans in the stands? Less revenue? Have you forgotten the salary cap is going down, not up?
    The Packers are $25 mill over the cap right now. While the number crunchers will rant and rave, how do you pay Rodgers more without sacrificing some of the key players that got the Packers to the championship game?

  83. The same guys who think Watson in Houston should shut up and play will have no issues with this. I wonder why?

  84. Pay him!! Pay him so much nobody else gets a raise. Pay him so much it cripples the team.

  85. If this is true, it’s laughable. He was the MVP and the top seed in the playoffs and choked against the 5 seed wildcard team. He was FAVORED and still lost in his own stadium. He will forever be known as a playoff loser. And he wants a pay raise.

  86. So that’s what this is about. Maybe he and Brees can take their blanket and binkies and retire together. Two of the biggest whiners in sports…

  87. This will get interesting very quickly. Of course, a new contract will also hamstring the Packers in improving the team around him. So Rodgers position seems to be, “If we are not getting back to Super Bowl by improving the team around me, fine….pay me or trade me”.

  88. Brady should be the league MVP. No playoffs for Bucs for 18 years and now Super Bowl. 3 road playoff wins.

  89. Does he deserve a new contract? I don’t think so. As leader of the team he should have called a timeout himself and challenged the coach to go for the touchdown. That is what all great quarterbacks would have done.

  90. Soo, after Aaron is done pretty much blaming everyone but himself for losing against the Bucs. Now he wants a new deal.
    Great, what a leader.

  91. he could not spend what he has now in 3 lifetimes, but still gimme more, more and some more. a team player would be saying use the money to improve the team.

  92. He’s been to the exact same amount of SBs as Goff. Seems like he’s getting paid market value for an older QB that doesn’t have much postseason success.

  93. With what he signed a few years back he is being paid $37,572,000 for 2121 and $39,852 for next year. I would tell him to sit back and relax. You are getting paid well and have not been to a SuperBowl in ten years. Mahomes is going to his second in two years. GB may adjust his contract to make the cap hit more manageable but that is on them. The man is similar to Peyton Manning in that he wins lots of games in he regular Season, but somehow falters in the big game.

  94. What a dupmster fire. No cap money, ousting the DC, 550 million new contract for a diva QB. Sounds like Minnesota without the aluminum bleachers.

  95. Give me a break…. He should definitely make more than Goff but this all seems completely made up. Per a league source 2 days after that loss??? Your getting worse at reporting. I didn’t think that was possible.

  96. Lafleur’s first question to Rodgers should be “What have you done for me lately?” during that conversation.

  97. Clearly deserves???? Really Mike? Lets take a look at the facts he is o-for-four in the big game over the last several years.

    Yes he is most likely going to be MVP this year. His team did well against the weak teams and the won their share of games against division opponents. He has played very well. clearly one of his best personal statistical seasons in the last 4 years.

    With that said… he will handicap his team’s ability to bring in free agents to get them over the last hurtle if he gets a raise. The fact is, he is paid as he should be for the market he is in.

    His contract at the time he signed was the highest in history for a QB. Is it Green Bays fault that during the next couple years of that contract, other teams paid out higher money to other OB’s?

    I mean the QB who beat him is making just about the same if just slightly less.

    Aaron has always wined about money and his worth. each time he has gotten the raise. His team then has no money to spend on higher end receivers and defensive players. He is lucky that the Team drafted Davante Adams because no high end WR will want to come to that market much less for less money…

    Getting a raise when you failed to produce in big games… especially in the last 4 tries in 6 years and now your getting up there in age… well maybe it is time to move on. You asking for a new payday is a smack to those around you in the locker room who know that they are a few players away from getting to the biggest game and you will keep them in the also ran category if you take that option away with a new big payday…

  98. While Rodgers may want more (especially as it relates to efforts to improve the team), one thing he wants — and deserves — is a new contract.

    Why does he deserve a new contract – because he won an MVP? From an ownership standpoint, you want to win SBs not have the guy with the gaudy regular season stats that time and time again fails to get it done in the big games. He is 1-5 in NFC championship games. The Packers were the #1 seed this year and rolling both offensively and defensively so forgive me for not buying the “Aaron Rodgers has no weapons” argument. If that were the case, he would not be MVP. While I wouldn’t say its time to move on from a guy that can clearly still play at a high level, I would say – how about we get over the hump one time and then we can talk about a contract extension?

  99. Hard to argue with the guy, I mean, Cousins is going to make $31 million. Probably time for a trade.

  100. I could see working a deal to make more cap space. MVP or not, Rodgers has one super bowl appearance in his career. He is part to blame for not being in the superbowl this year.

  101. And let’s not forget that we have Washington to thank for the current QB salaries. They tagged Cousins two years in a row which greatly inflated the QB market.

  102. Yes, his ceiling or kryptonite seems to be the conference game but he is a good qb during regular season…. So what if he never takes the pack back to the SB… double digit wins a season is pretty good right…
    Would the Pack really chose Love over The Gloat?

  103. Lol. Either one of two things will happen. He will get a new contract, and that means Love will sit on the bench for his entire rookie deal and it was a complete waste of a draft pick. Or, he won’t get a new contract and he will destroy that team from the inside. In either situation, that team isn’t going back to the SB.

  104. Someone(Mike) was so overjoyed the Packers lost, so then this someone could then spend the offseason creating conspiracy theories about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

    As Aaron Rodgers once so aptly said: “Don’t waste your time reading that crap.”



  105. Don’t understand why the Packers wouldn’t rework his deal. Why turn from a proven commodity in Rodgers to an unproven one in Love? He’s shown that he’s still producing at a high level (MVP 2020) and there is no indication that that will change for the foreseeable future.

  106. Why no love for Jared Goff? At least he has made it to a Super Bowl in the last decade.

  107. Can someone explain how to reconcile these competing statements?
    “He makes $33.5 million per year.
    “He’s due to make:
    $22.35 million in 2021
    $25.5 million in 2022
    $25.5 million in 2023

    It’s 2021. How can one make 33.5 million per year and be paid 22.35 in 2021?

    Is the writer claiming that Rodgers made 33.5 in 2020?…and will take a hit for the 2021 calendar year, down to 22.5?

    My accountant is on line one.

  108. Give me a break. His current contract pays him a truck load of money. These QB’s are always comparing to others and decide they need a new deal for more. Then when the team has spent all their precious cap space on the new deal for the poor QB, he’ll complain about how the team didn’t bring in more playmakers. In comparison, Goff is grossly overpaid and that’s the Rams fault, but Rogers signed the deal he signed.

  109. GOOD GRIEF! You talk like 20 – 40 mil is chump change. When salaries get in line with value to the economy maybe regular folk will be able to buy tickets.

  110. Seriously? you just can’t make this stuff up. Well documented struggles in championship games alone should make packers think long and hard about their exit strategy.

  111. Awww, Poor thing, how will he survive on that pittance? I mean, he’s only earned enough already in his career to take care of the next 10 generations of his family. What about the other generations?

  112. That’s right, request a new contract so that it’s impossible to build the team around your greatness!

  113. Actually, it makes more sense for Green Bay to initiate the contract restructure due to the cap hit, doesn’t it? Extend it out?

    I don’t think anybody really thinks he’s “not worth it” or should be paid lower than Goff, but really… when does this absurd amount of $$ being paid to QBs end?

    It’s gotten to the point of one player occupying 30% of your salary cap.

    Teams cannot retain enough talent on the team when that happens.

  114. Perhaps Mike forgets that Rodgers’ most recent contract was HEAVILY front loaded.

    Didn’t he make something like $88 Million in the first 24 months because he got his 57 Million dollar signing bonus UP FRONT, plus salaries the past 2 years, so the statement of “He’s due to make $22.35 million in 2021, $25.5 million in 2022, and $25.5 million in 2023”, is really a misnomer, rather than the average of his contract is 34 million each year.

  115. “And he’s getting into the later years of his last deal”

    This past season was the FIRST year of a 4-year deal. He’s not in the “later years” in any way imaginable. And people “want” things all the time but it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to them. He signed this contract. Should every guy who has a good year instantly get a new deal? And if so, would it also be okay if the team took money back from them when they didn’t play well?

  116. Nothing like an “NFL source” to cement the legitamacy of a report. This idea was floated by Jason Wilde. It’s not a fact, it’s an opinion. It would be smart for cap reasons if nothing else. But sure, report it as a real thing. Nothing gets the idiots riled up more than greedy Rodgers’ stories.

  117. NO WAY he gets a new deal he’s clearly unwell in the brain. He’s overpaid as it is, and he is under a contract. it doesnt matter if other teams are overpaying their players.

  118. iwaswhitecastleisafoodgroup says:
    January 25, 2021 at 11:34 pm
    Well his timing sucks as the cap is going to get cut next year. So Aaron gets $40 million a year and continues to complain about support around him?

    That’s a team player.

    A new contract would actually probably open up cap space for the Packers next year as it would allow them to spread the money over a longer period of time.

    It’s not about the money, it’s about forcing the organizations hand in committing to pursuit of a SB, rather than just being content with being good and hoping Rodgers has a great enough year to put them over the top, which is the standard operating procedure for GB pretty much the entirety of Rodgers’ career. The one year they really were aggressive in the offseason they won the SB, after that they were content to just coast and let Aaron carry them.

  119. Rodger’s wants out of GB it’s a simple as that. He wants a new situation. My guess is he wants to go to the 49ers.

  120. I’m so happy he helped lose that game. So arrogant. He cares about himself and not winning. Packers front office deserves this. They have no clue what they are doing.

  121. This sounds like it’s far more about forcing his way out of green bay than it is about making more money.

  122. Beginning of the end for that franchise, he will either be in Dallas or SF next season, I would rather he go to the AFC.

  123. Come to New England. We’ll pay you half of what you want but you might win a SuperBowl or two.

    That would be awesome. After you guys trashed him. FOR YEARS. As he threatened the legacy of your idol.

  124. Selfish. First, he needed the MVP. Now he needs more money, all the while taking away from the teams capacity to use it for other positions. He was fun to cheer for, now it’s just a pout show every time a play doesn’t go as planned.

  125. In two weeks only one QB in NFL history will have played in as many NFL Championship games as Tom Brady. Otto Graham. Otto played in 10, winning 7 of them.

  126. If this is true, this is not about $$, its about Rodgers leveraging his way out of town.

    Sadly, my guess at this point is, he’s played his last down as a Packer.

    What a disgusting way for it to end.

  127. It can’t be simultaneously true that he’s washed up and/or a choker and that half the teams in the league want him. Rodgers also knows that if he restructures his new contract he can make more money and free up some cap space to potentially keep Linsley, or Aaron Jones, or both. A new contract is likely to be mutually beneficial.

    The Packers know what Jordan Love can do. So does Rodgers. How the Packers respond will reveal the state of play.

  128. As much as Florio loves to stir things up (and is often massively wrong) this isn’t happening. With the cap going down, and Rogers just PROVING (once again) he can’t carry a team by himself to the promised land nobody is handing out major new money for an aging QB at the expense of crippling the team around him.

    Someone might be willing to take his current contract but no one is tossing in new money.

    And NO he doesn’t hold the cards (just like Watson doesn’t). The Packers just have to refuse to give him new money, don’t have to trade him unless offered more than he’s worth (and nobody’s doing that) and as they already proved with Farve they aren’t afraid to move on.

    At his age he can’t sit out a year and with a new contract the Packers own him, hook, line and sinker.

    He of course can just walk away but where else is he going to make 20+ mil a year? Doing what?

  129. “He’s under contract for over 20 million until 2023. Based on what he said yesterday about being unsure of his future it sounds like he may not make it through next season. Sorry but not redoing his deal.
    He signed it now honor it. Same with Watson, shut up and play for your team.

    Could it be then that the Packers brass knew exactly what they were doing when they drafted Jordan Love instead of a stud reciever.gee,maybe they know Rodgers better than the fans do.shocking.

  130. It was as front loaded contract and any renegotiation will only benefit the Packers to help clear salary cap room. The whole story is not being told….

  131. Brady became the GOAT by being underpaid and checking his ego at the door. Yes he had a high-earning spouse but by being highly paid and cap friendly he got the defense that helped propel him to that GOAT status. After all, is it that much more crippling to have to live the rest of your life with $200M instead of $250M?

    A Packers fan….

  132. If Rodgers is given a new contract, it should include an incentive clause that makes him run within ten yards of the goal line if the field is wide open instead of trying to force a pass into a guy that is covered by three defenders.

  133. There’s just no excuse. GB had to win that game. Rodgers legacy IMO takes a big hit from this loss. Everything was lined up for him to get that second ring. Probably just from a talent standpoint, and the things he can do on the football field, the best ever. You cannot lose that game. If that was a Sunday in October against Carolina they would have went up and down the field like a video game off those 3 INT’s. 2nd and goal had a lane to run it in, 3rd and goal had a lane to run it in. Aaron Rodgers has to figure out a way to pull that game out. You cannot get the ball down 28-23 twice, go three and out both times. Then get the ball down 31-23, go 3 and out and kick a FG. They made the Bucs D look like the 85 Bears. Both starting safeties out. Indefensible performance.

  134. That would be awesome. After you guys trashed him. FOR YEARS. As he threatened the legacy of your idol.

    No real fan trashes Rodgers for his ability. People trashed the comparison of him to Brady. Brady is a stone-cold winner. He’s not the most talented QB ever but he is by far and away the best. The comparisons were just silly, which is what erked people.

  135. Dude is worth whatever he can get, but let’s be honest about this. “He makes $33.5 million per year. He’s due to make $22.35 million in 2021, $25.5 million in 2022, and $25.5 million in 2023.” I’m assuming the comment “he makes 33.5” is including previously paid bonuses, which is money paid up front for those remaining years. If he plays in 2021 he made 33.5, not 22.35. You can’t just front load a deal and then want to redo it after the front loading is done.

  136. He’s going to force his way out of town. and, she should.

    The Jordan Love pick was a disaster. Just such a debacle.

  137. Everyone calls it selfish but has to understand an NFL shelf life. I don’t think there are many players who want to work another job after putting their bodies on the line for 17-plus years. Lifetime security and generational wealth mean everything

  138. The front office sent a new contract offer, Aaron’s defense intercepted it, but he never capitalized on it.

  139. No real fan trashes Rodgers for his ability. People trashed the comparison of him to Brady. Brady is a stone-cold winner. He’s not the most talented QB ever but he is by far and away the best. The comparisons were just silly, which is what erked people.

    You had your cake.

    Now you think you get ours too.

    You people are disgusting.

  140. Ironically, the Pack can renegotiate Rodgers’ contract and reduce it’s cap hit for the covid-impacted cap years. In 2023 with all the TV revenue, the cap is gonna skyrocket. In the meantime, all the angst is entertaining.

  141. Well now we understand talent vs greatness. No one ver said Brady was most talented. He just accepted undervalued contracts, had leadership, never made mistakes. If he left team from injury, he cost 7 wins. Goes to a 7 win team and suddenly they’re in the Super Bowl. And Rodgers is now a contract story? While he had an awesome running back corps and receivers Brady only dreamed of in New England? Please.

  142. I live in Wisconsin and it drives me nuts that the very same people who gave Favre a had time in the late 00s give Aaron Rodgers a free pass on many of the same things they were critical of Favre on.

  143. Tom Brady is only being paid $25 million this season. And he has as many NFC Championships as Erin. So, yeah…. he sofgned the contract. He did not run for a sure touchdown. He’s overpaid by any measure.

  144. I live in Wisconsin and it drives me nuts that the very same people who gave Favre a had time in the late 00s give Aaron Rodgers a free pass on many of the same things they were critical of Favre on

    I find it really hard to compare the two, because their styles are so contrasting.

    For both of them, their greatness is undeniable. They both kept the team competitive in seasons they flat out would not have been.

    Sure, Favre took too many chances, and it cost the team, in some of the worst moments imaginable.

    Conversely, how many times have we screamed at Rodgers for NOT taking chances? Taking sacks that he shouldn’t take. That stalls the offense every bit as bad as a turnover.

    Whats hard for me is the organization seems to have failed both of these guys in the same way. They always seem to be missing something. And the organization never could figure out what that was.

  145. aarons444 says:
    January 26, 2021 at 10:25 am
    Come to New England. We’ll pay you half of what you want but you might win a SuperBowl or two.

    That would be awesome. After you guys trashed him. FOR YEARS. As he threatened the legacy of your idol


    Belichick will get his mind right. No egos allowed. No talking to the media about anything unless it’s under the umbrella of bland football cliches. Never rip a teammate or coach. Take responsibility. Be someone your team is INSPIRED by.

    I never doubted his talent, it’s the other stuff that makes Brady a champion and this guy an aloof hard-to-like character. He’d need to be deconstructed and then shown how to do it right from a mental-makeover standpoint. Be humble and maybe these team successes will come your way.

  146. The NFL has morphed into a league where teams can have a QB under a rookie contract surrounded with good players or a QB taking up all the salary cap surrounded by players making the league minimum. Somethings has to change. You can’t have a league that completely favors one player on the team. I would love to see the NFL change the rules so that the offense isn’t 90% dependent on one player.

  147. Peter King today on a cable show said that Rodgers would have helped himself a lot if he’d admitted that perhaps he blew up when he didn’t try to run it in on 3rd and goal at the end of the game.

    BTW, as long as we are talking about taking responsibility, Rodgers was 2 for 10 in the red zone last Sunday.

  148. youngnoize says:
    January 26, 2021 at 12:41 pm

    Everyone calls it selfish but has to understand an NFL shelf life. I don’t think there are many players who want to work another job after putting their bodies on the line for 17-plus years. Lifetime security and generational wealth mean everything

    Oh for Pete’s sake, Rodgers surpassed generational wealth a while ago. He’s made a quarter of a billion dollars in salary. And probably just as much in endorsements for Adidas, Panini, Bose, Prevea Healthcare, and State Farm, Pizza Hut & others.

  149. Joe Flacco was a mediocre passer all regular season, who turned it up and just knew how to win come playoff time.

    Aaron Rodgers is the “Evil” Joe Flacco. A deadly passer all regular season, who just can’t get it together in the playoffs.

  150. He deserves it! Perhaps someone, just once, should disclose their source rather than leaving it to “a league source”????? What kind of b.s. is that?

  151. bocadiver1 says:
    January 26, 2021 at 9:31 am
    GOOD GRIEF! You talk like 20 – 40 mil is chump change. When salaries get in line with value to the economy maybe regular folk will be able to buy tickets.

    Player salaries have nothing to do with anything other than the NFL economy, and that’s it. NFL players have very specialized talents for a high paying industry. It makes zero sense to compare what these guys make to anyone in a regular job. They get paid what they’re worth in the NFL.

    Why does anyone care? I find the money paid to inept corporate executives more offensive than what pro athletes earn. It is what it is.

  152. Good for him if he can get more than the 4 yr-134 mil extension that he has played one year on out of the 4. If GB redoes his contract when its only 1/4 completed, then they will be a laughingstock. He got his 57 mil signing bonus upfront three years ago and now wants to ignore that and get paid the 35 mil salary too. Not that I blame him, might as well earn if you can, because the team will screw you if they can too.

  153. I make $34.50 an hour. Wish I got paid more but I need my job so I’m grateful. If I could make 1 million dollars a year, I would show up,do my job and go home.

  154. Crazy to see Packer fans turn on Rodgers so quickly. Green Bay doesn’t deserve him.

  155. What’s the big deal? Just cut about five veterans then there’d be more than enough money for Rodgers.

  156. What ever happened to both parties to a contract honoring it? Contracts are meaningless in the NFL. I don’t 25% of them are executed as written for the length of time stated in the contract.

  157. Packers don’t have the salary cap to pay Rodgers more. Sure they could reduce this year’s salary cap with a hefty signing bonus extended over five years, but that only makes the eventual parting of ways more expensive for the Packers, who spent a first and a fourth-round pick to acquire Jordan Love for a reason. Rodgers turns 38 in December.

    The Packers have $175 million in contracts on the books already in 2022, but only 26 players signed, none of them receivers. That’s a problem. 2021 will be Rodgers’ last year in Green Bay.

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