Tom Brady visited Patrick Mahomes in locker room after 2018 AFC title game

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
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Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes previously have met four times, splitting the games. The biggest victory in their head-to-head meetings thus far obviously came two years ago when the Patriots beat the Chiefs in overtime in the AFC Championship Game.

After that 37-31 Patriots’ victory, Brady went to the Chiefs’ locker room to speak to Mahomes.

“Well, I would say it was unique,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said, via Charles Goldman of USA Today. “I mean he didn’t have to do that. He is arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game, and he surely didn’t have to come over and say a word. But he did that, and I think for a young quarterback to have somebody of his stature do that, I think was a tremendous gesture, and it was heartfelt. He didn’t have to do it, and he wasn’t putting on a show. There was nobody there to really see it, so it was really just his respect for Pat and in return, Pat’s respect for him.”

Mahomes, who was 6 1/2 years old when Brady won his first Super Bowl, said Brady offered words of encouragement.

“Yeah, it kind of just reemphasized that I was doing things the right way,” Mahomes said. “That I was putting in the right work, and that I would have more opportunities to be in these games. I’ve been lucky enough to be in two more of them since and win both of those.”

Brady will play in his 10th Super Bowl and Mahomes in his second, giving the Chiefs quarterback a chance eventually to catch Brady.

16 responses to “Tom Brady visited Patrick Mahomes in locker room after 2018 AFC title game

  1. Now it’s Mahomes turn to go visit Brady in the locker room after winning his second superbowl

  2. Colt would have hung a banner. “AFC Championship, visited by Tom Brady”.

  3. Mahomes is about to lose a crucial year in his quest to match tb12, and tb12 is adding to the lead

  4. I remember hearing this a few years ago and that alone let’s you know Mahomes is no ordinary talent.

    Also, losing that game was probably the biggest blessing in disguise. Bob Sutton needed to go, his defensive schemes we’re too predictable. If KC had won and eventually went on to win the SB that year, Sutton likely wouldn’t have been fired and the defense wouldn’t be as good as it is today.

  5. If you’re on or close to his level of play he will show good sportsmanship even if he loses. It’s when he sees someone lesser than him that he acts like a diva. With the exception of Joe Flacco.

  6. Dear Coach Reid, while your kind words are welcome, there is no arguably about his title of GOAT.

  7. I get people hate my teams. We’ve dominated sports for 20 years. Obviously, my patriots turned into the evil empire after dominating the league. Putting my patriots pride away, when it was reported her personally searched for Mahomes to tell him how good he is…..I gained that much MORE respect for Tommy.

    After he took the final kneel down in super bowl 49, he said to Sherman you’re a hell of a player…….

    Hate him all you want, he’s the greatest…..simply the best

  8. Brady also advised him to treat every practice, scrimmage, etcetera like an opportunity to learn and improve.

  9. Brady wouldn’t have done that if he had lost. He’s magnanimous after victories, not so much after losses.

  10. Yes, Mahomes has a chance to catch him in Super Bowl appearances. Much like Lloyd Christmas had a chance of ending up with Mary Swanson.

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