Bruce Arians: Byron Leftwich does it all offensively

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The coaching carousel will spin to a stop, whenever the Texans finally hire a coach. The job surely won’t go to Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, who didn’t even get an interview in the 2021 hiring cycle.

His current boss believes Leftwich should have gotten consideration for a head-coaching job.

“I can’t say enough about the job [Leftwich] has done,” Bucs coach Bruce Arians told Rich Eisen on Tuesday, via “I mean, it’s just remarkable.”

Arians made it clear that he has delegated the offense to Leftwich.

“You know, Tom [Brady] is such a great, great player, but having left that system after 20 years, and ours is lot different how we do things, Byron’s been the middle guy that’s just done all the work,” Arians said. “I mean, people give me way too much credit because I don’t do sh-t, really. He does it all. He calls the plays. I’m really upset he didn’t get a head-coaching interview. . . . Byron didn’t even get a call, and I think people give Tom Brady and Bruce Arians way too much credit and not enough credit for Byron Leftwich.”

It’s not too late for the Texans to do their due diligence with Leftwich. They interviewed Josh McCown, a player with no college or pro coaching experience who entered the NFL as a player one year before Leftwich arrived as the seventh pick in the 2003 draft.

Again, it’s not a knock on McCown. He did nothing wrong by accepting an opportunity to learn how to interview for NFL head-coaching jobs. But Leftwich has the experience and the credentials to deserve a sit down with the Texans, and with every other team looking for a head coach.

So it will be “maybe next year” for Leftwich to get an interview. And then it quite possibly will be an annual string of “maybe next years” until he gets hired.

11 responses to “Bruce Arians: Byron Leftwich does it all offensively

  1. With some of the rumors coming out of Houston, I think I would stay far away. With Easterby it sounds like they are trying to build a church more than a successful NFL franchise.

  2. So Leftwich has success as a coordinator for TOM BRADY for 1 year and suddenly he’s HC material? Give me a break, how many OC’s for guys like Manning, Brady, Mahomes has parlayed that into a HC gig only to be exposed for what they were? These great QB’s make their offense great but sure, whatever, give him a HC gig.

  3. Gotta give him credit for getting things turned around midseason, but the play calling still leaves a lot to be desired IMO. Power run every first down, very little short game. As someone rooting for the Bucs I’d feel a lot more comfortable if Brady called the entire game himself.

  4. I agree that Leftwich deserves serious consideration.

    But I also understand that since it took them half a season to decide to adjust the offense to Brady instead of the other way around, some may wonder if the adaptability is strong enough. (Though it’s better than that of some current head coaches.)

  5. “I think people give Tom Brady and Bruce Arians way too much credit and not enough credit for Byron”

    Funny, was Leftwich so great last year with Winston, you know, before Brady showed up?

  6. Watch him hobble to the line with a broken leg in college. Dude IS football. So happy to see him finally have some wins in the nfl. That year was crazy for the trophy. He and Joey had so much promise. At least Byron is still chasing that SB.

  7. Hard to say if Arians is trying to get Leftwich a head coaching job out of the goodness of his heart, or if he wants Leftwich hired to gain the Bucs two free third round picks.

  8. I’m starting to believe Byron Leftwhich will be a head coach before Eric Beinemy.

  9. As a jags fan it wouldn’t surprise me if Leftwich was a good coach. He always had a good feel for the game. He just had that terrible slow windup that made his throws too long. He didn’t have NFL level mechanics. I guess that’s kind of a knock against making him a coach cause he didn’t fix himself, but as far as X’s and O’s I am sure Bryon is well above average.

  10. Yeah just like Bill Belichick was such a genius until Brady left. Funny you haven’t heard of this “offensive genius” until Brady appeared.

  11. Leftwich is definitely more qualified than McCown, but he’s not a standout as an OC. His offensive scheme is way too vanilla and predictable. First down: run up the middle. In fact, hardly any run play isn’t up the middle. No reverses, no short passes intended to find open spots in the defense for good YAC runs. He barely called any play action until after the late bye week, and you have to wonder if Brady had something to do with the change. He doesn’t seem to adapt his game plan to the opposition as much as a standout coach would, and he also doesn’t seem to have changed his scheme in the switch from a mobile QB to Tom Brady. He’s adequate, but I’m not seeing anything special about him. He looks more like a coach who has been gifted a very talented group of players who can make things happen no matter what.

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