Cole Beasley: I’m selfish, so I’m happy Brian Daboll’s coming back

Buffalo Bills v Cleveland Browns
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Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll’s work the last couple of seasons moved him onto the list of head coaching candidates for several teams, but Daboll won’t be leaving Buffalo.

The Texans have not filled their opening, but Daboll is not in the mix for that job and is set for a fourth season running the offense in Buffalo. That may not have been the way that Daboll drew it up, but the status quo remaining in place was met with a smile by wide receiver Cole Beasley.

“I’m selfish so I’m happy he didn’t get any of the jobs. I want him to be happy and do what he wants to do, but I love him too much,” Beasley said, via Matt Parrino of “I don’t want him to go. I’m happy he’ll at least be here for another one.”

Beasley said that another year working with Daboll, quarterback Josh Allen, and wide receiver Stefon Diggs should lead to even more production on offense in Buffalo. If that’s the case, it might finally be the end of Daboll’s run with the team.