DeVonta Smith on Tua Tagovailoa: We’ve talked about running it back


In a time not so long ago, Tua Tagovailoa fired passes to DeVonta Smith at Alabama.

Smith led the Crimson Tide in receiving in 2019 — over 2020 first-round picks Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III. Then he won the Heisman Trophy as a senior, recording 117 receptions for 1,856 yards and 23 receiving touchdowns. He also ran in a TD and scored on a punt return.

Tagovailoa just finished his rookie season with the Dolphins, who also have the No. 3 pick in the spring’s draft. That means there’s a real possibility Tagovailoa and Smith could team up once again in the NFL.

Smith acknowledged that’s come up in conversation with Tagovailoa in an interview with NFL Network from the Senior Bowl on Tuesday.

“We have talked about how it would be nice to run it back again,” Smith said, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post.

DeVante Parker was Miami’s leading receiver with 63 catches for 793 yards in 2020, so the Dolphins could use another explosive weapon on the outside. If Smith’s available at No. 3, he would already have built-in chemistry with his new quarterback.

12 responses to “DeVonta Smith on Tua Tagovailoa: We’ve talked about running it back

  1. It’s a little different in the NFL. At Alabama, Tua had 6-7 seconds to stand back in the pocket and wait for any one of his four first round draft pick WR’s to come open. He had five future first round draft pick offensive linemen providing that protection. He also had a future first round pick running back out there in the flat for a dump off. His team was dominant at just about every position, just about every game. In the NFL, he’s lucky to get 3-4 seconds to sit in the pocket, and his WR’s will not be superior to the DB’s that are covering them. His line at Alabama will probably be better than the line he has in Miami. To get to anywhere near where he was at Alabama will take him being the hardest working guy on the team. And even then, it’s a long shot.

  2. Psst, Devonta, there are faaaaaaaaarrr better options to be throwing you the ball at the next level. Why hitch your wagon to the bottom quintile?

  3. I would be great to add this kid now that Tua is accustomed to the speed of the game.

  4. Smith needs to add some muscle without losing speed. It can be done. But if he stays featherweight, NFL Safeties and Linebackers are going to eat him up.

  5. Yes Tua had a loaded roster at Bama but so did Joe Burrow at LSU and no one is holding that against him. Every young QB needs weapons so we can fully evaluate them. Herbert has weapons, Mahomes has weapons, Josh Allen has weapons now draft Tua some weapons so we can evaluate him.

  6. DeVonta at #18? Sure! At #3? NO WAY. No WR in this draft is worth it at #3. Miami better only draft Sewell at #3 or trade down. And, preferably, draft Waddle or Chase over Smith.

  7. I trust Miami to do what is best for the team. And I’m sure they won’t be asking anyone on PFT about what we think. They better do this or that is a waste of real fans time. Bill

  8. Run it back? This is the NFL, not Vanderbilt, you haven’t won Jack at this level yet.

  9. Man, just get Tua some playmakers. I trust Flo and Chris will do what is best for the team and if that is getting Smith, I am going to roll with it. I am not concerned about his size, this isn’t your fathers NFL, you can’t head hunt anymore. So if he has that elite Tyrek Hill type speed, I am down with getting him. News flash, to beat some of the better teams in the AFC, we need to get playmakers that can put points on the board. This offseason I am all about getting PLAYMAKERS on the offensive side of the ball. That includes, at 18 if Najee is there you get him too. I don’t care if people call us Alabama-South Beach… IF Alabama have nothing but 1st rounders on their team, why not pull from that talent rich pool????

  10. I’m with finfanjim. The WR pool is too deep to take one at #3. If Penei Sewell is available; take him. If not try to trade down. Start a bidding war between Detroit and Atlanta for that #2 QB option (assuming Lawrence at 1 and Sewell at 2 are gone). Last resort take BPA. Take Chase over Smith if those are your options at WR. Don’t forget the DL can always use more bolstering. I was impressed as hell with Barmore in the National Championship Game. He really made me question the value of Wyatt Davis as a first rounder.

  11. dolfan13 I agree on Barmore, that kid is a stud. He plays big in big games. The thing I don’t like about Chase is that he turned his back on his team for selfish reasons, that’s not going to get you very far in the NFL, I’d take Waddle before Chase, great speed and routes! Another player I’m keeping my eye on is Alex Leatherwood, he would be an immediate upgrade at either tackle spot on our line.

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