Sean McDermott: We’ve got to be able to run the football better

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Just a few days after losing the AFC Championship Game to the Chiefs, Bills head coach Sean McDermott didn’t want to get into too many specifics of plans to improve Buffalo for 2021 during his season-ending press conference.

But there’s one glaring area he did briefly address on Tuesday.

“I can start off by saying we’ve got to be able to run the football better,” McDermott said.

Buffalo finished second in points and total yards in 2020, but was 20th in yards rushing. Devin Singletary had 687 yards with rookie Zack Moss recording 481. Quarterback Josh Allen was one of their most effective rushers, taking 102 carries for 421 yards with eight touchdowns.

The issues were even more exaggerated in the postseason, as Allen led the team with 145 yards rushing in three games. Singletary, the club’s starting running back, had 63. Zack Moss had 21 in the wild-card round before suffering a season-ending ankle injury.

All that means the Bills could be in the market for a running back this offseason — either in free agency or with their 30th overall pick in the first round of the spring’s draft.

12 responses to “Sean McDermott: We’ve got to be able to run the football better

  1. Yes, We need another running back. Also, an O-LINE that can open holes for the RB to run Through. Need a defensive end for more pressure on the opposing QB then lets go win the SB next year! GO BILLS!

  2. “Sean McDermott: We’ve got to be able to run the football”

    There, I fixed it.

  3. I agree they need to be able to run it better, aka more effectively…but I hope that doesn’t mean they want to run it more. The Bills were as good as they were, and as exciting as they’ve ever been, because they were a great passing team. Keep it that way.

  4. They need to start with the o-line. An average at best pass rush from KC seemed to be constantly getting free runs at the QB. And I’m not talking an exotic blitz, but a simply straight rush up the interior of the line.

  5. “We need to run the ball better”

    Says 95% of today’s know-it-all Madden Video Game Bred Pass Happy Coaches, like the Matt Nagy’s and Zac Taylor’s of the world lol.

  6. They didnt even TRY to run the football. Maybe start there.

    Seriously, I’d look at halftime stats during the season and you’d see 20 passes and 5 runs, and 2 of those runs were by Allen. It was obvious they didnt care about running the ball.

  7. No coach. I’ve been saying without a strong running game you wouldn’t sniff Superbowl, but none of you people believed me and continued to think just let Allen throw throw throw would take you to win Lombardi Trophy. Too late, you’ll never going to get back to the playoffs next year as another team will step up next year and your team had been exposed.

  8. The Bills o-line is fine. Josh Allen held the ball too long and took unnecessary sacks against the Chiefs.

  9. With the 30th pick in the draft the buffalo bills select Najee Harris. The bills would be an incredible team with a top notch running back. Maybe they sign fournette?

  10. People, we don’t need to panic and look for another running back. The lack of production running the ball this year had more to do with our decision to be a pass first offense along with our inability to consistently open up running lanes for our backs. Devin Singletary is actually a very good running back, above average in terms of vision, instincts, and elusiveness. His ability to make defenders miss, cut on a dime and turn nothing into something is rare and not all NFL running backs possess these skills. His 5.1 yards per carry average and almost 800 yards in only 12 games in 2019 was no fluke….he’s a natural runner. But guess what…when you don’t commit to running the ball consistently your running back, no matter who he is isn’t going to be as productive as he might be if he were given more touches…be it a run or a catch. Sometimes you have to let your players get into a rhythm. By the way, Singletary still averaged 4.4 yards per carry this year. And Zach Moss showed promise as well. I was impressed with his agility…he has really quick feet for a 220lb guy. And TJ Yeldon had a couple nice catches vs KC on Sunday too…goes to show you sometimes you have to just create opportunities for your players to perform. I would have prefered for Singletary to have been more of the featured back the entire year so he could continue his momentum from 2019. Going into the off season I understand the appeal of bringing in a speedster at this position, but a speedy running back is not always the solve…look no further than CJ Spiller. I know Singletary is a 4.6 forty yard dash guy and Moss is about a 4.6 guy as well, but that’s plenty fast when you consider all that goes into making a good running back. If you looked across the field vs KC on Sunday, their running backs Edwards-Helaire and Williams are 4.6 and 4.7 forty yard dash guys, respectively…and they didn’t seem to have any issues running the ball this year.

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