Brandon Beane: I don’t think Josh Allen has reached his ceiling

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Quarterback Josh Allen had a strong third season, helping lead the Bills to the AFC Championship Game.

On Tuesday, head coach Sean McDermott said Allen proved himself and what he can do as a quarterback in 2020. General Manager Brandon Beane echoed the sentiment in his season-ending press conference on Wednesday, noting Allen improved his play against various defenses.

“I think last year, some of the press-man on offense — it wasn’t just him, some of our receivers didn’t necessarily get open, maybe he didn’t make the right reads, maybe he felt the pressure — I thought he really showed well against that,” Beane said. “Most of the games, when teams didn’t give him the deep ball, the home-run ball he likes to throw, he checked it down a lot and just took what they have him and was willing to hit that 10, 11, 12-play drive for points. And just understanding what the defense is giving us, how he’s being played, and understanding the game.”

Having completed his third season, Allen is eligible for a contract extension. Like McDermott, Beane didn’t want to address the contract situation directly — though Beane acknowledged it was a fair question.

“But very proud of him and I think he’s shown people what he can do in this league,” Beane said. “I don’t think he’s reached his ceiling. I think there’s still growth for him.”

7 responses to “Brandon Beane: I don’t think Josh Allen has reached his ceiling

  1. As a player? Probably not. Statistically and how the media is treating him? This could be his best year. Once he is paid and the Bills aren’t drafting high anymore it becomes a lot more difficult to have a semi-MVP season. We saw it with Goff and Wentz. Allen is better than them but we will even see a drop in Mahomes once Hill and Kelce aren’t the weapons they are and they have to replace them. Have to strike when you have the QB on a rookie contract or have the big dollars pushed out for a couple of seasons. Once that cap hits $40M and you have drafted 25 or later for 3 years lets see how you are perceived.

  2. Jordan Palmer, who overseers these massive offseason jumps Josh Allen has been taking has said that he isn’t anywhere close to his ceiling yet. Year 4 Allen will be even better.

  3. He hasn’t. The trajectory over 3 years has been significantly up, year over year. Just on accuracy, from close to 50%, then 60%, to just under 70%. That’s unheard of.

    He seems like one of those guys who won’t stop working until he figures it all out.

    I’d expect the trajectory to start to level, but think he’ll continue to get better in the next few years. He has every skill and intangible you could want in a franchise QB.

  4. The next step in his evolution is to get better at throwing it away vs taking a sack. Running backwards to try and escape only to be sacked for an 8 or 12 yard loss just rips the guts out of your offense. Can’t be doing that.

  5. Allen works harder than most QBs do in the offseason, and his game really improved in ways that nobody could have predicted. Additional experience will make him a smarter QB, and that’s what he’s really missing right now.

  6. Statistically he probably won’t get much better but I think he can hit these levels for a while. Where he will improve is the negative aspects of the game… he seems to take 1 15-20 years sack each game. But he’s also cut way down on interceptions and boneheaded throws.

    This guy is living proof that guys can work hard to become really good

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