Bucs will wear white jerseys in Super Bowl

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers
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The Buccaneers, who are the home team, announced they are wearing their white jerseys and pewter pants in the Super Bowl.

They won their past two games, over the Packers and Saints, wearing the same combination.

Because the team wore red jerseys and pewter pants in Super Bowl XXXVII when it beat the Raiders, the expectation was the Bucs would wear that combination again this time.

But, as Jenna Laine of ESPN points out, Tom Brady is 4-1 all time when wearing white in Super Bowls. In addition, 13 of the past 16 Super Bowls were won by teams wearing white jerseys.

The Chiefs won last year wearing their red jerseys, so they have that going for them.

14 responses to “Bucs will wear white jerseys in Super Bowl

  1. Should go with the red. Way better look. Plus, in SB52, Brady and the pats chose to wear white instead of their home jerseys because they also thought that would bring them good luck. Didn’t work out for them. I get it, especially in sports, you don’t want to bring any bad vibes, but they’re the home team in their own stadium. But whatever works for them I guess.

  2. The Chiefs are 2-0 in red jerseys, actually. I’m sure that will change the game plans.

  3. That’s definitely a Brady superstition that carried over from his Patriots days. They always had better luck in the Super Bowl in their white jerseys.

  4. May the best team win! Hoping for a great game and cheering for the Chiefs! 🏈🏈 #runitback

  5. Tampa Bay needs to come out swinging just like they did with Green Bay. Field goals when you need TDs will not beat the Chiefs. The only way to win this game is outlast Mahomes in a high scoring affair. No turnovers.

    That, and Tyreek Hill has to be kept in check. None of this 10 catches for 200 yards for him. Don’t let him her behind you.

    Do that, and you have a chance to finish this Cinderella run with a Lombardi.

  6. usfl4ever says:
    January 28, 2021 at 12:11 am
    Fun fact: No team has ever won a Super Bowl in their own stadium wearing white uniforms.
    I guess you missed the most important “fun fact” that no team has ever PLAYED the Super Bowl in their home stadium. So add this fun fact to yours: No team has ever LOST a Super Bowl in their own stadium wearing white uniforms.

  7. I disagree with the decision. Tampa Bay is the home team. Home teams wears dark at home. They should have gone with the red jerseys. When these teams played earlier this season, the Bucs wore red at home.

  8. When the Steelers beat Seattle in the Super Bowl, they chose white jerseys even though they were designated as the home team.

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