Colts would love to have Andrew Luck return but aren’t counting on it

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The Colts are looking for a quarterback yet again. Philip Rivers retired, and Jacoby Brissett is a free agent.

The team will have its fifth opening day starter in five years in 2021.

Andrew Luck’s surprising retirement before the 2019 season left them with one-year starters in Brissett and then Rivers the past two seasons. So would Luck, who is only 31 years old, consider coming out of retirement?

The Colts should at least inquire.

“It kind of stands where it stands: Andrew’s retired,” Colts owner Jim Irsay said Wednesday, via Mike Chappell of FOX 59.

But the Colts would welcome Luck back with open arms if he decided to return.

“He knows we would love to have him back,’’ Irsay said. “But only he can answer that question deep in his heart and his soul: ‘Hey, do I really want to come back and be a quarterback for the Colts again in the NFL?’ It’s easy for us. He knows how much we’d love to have him be our quarterback.

“I don’t really know if we’ll see that. I think he’s happy. He’s raising his daughter. He has a wonderful family. He’s a great Colt. He knows that he can come back anytime he wants, but at the same time, we respect he’s made that decision.’’

Irsay sounds as if the Colts, with a roster ready to win now, would prefer a veteran. That could mean Matthew Stafford, whom the Lions will trade this offseason.

Stafford has played 12 years but is only 32, turning 33 next month, so he could be a team’s short- and long-term answer at the position.

“Our belief is we’re close,’’ Irsay said. “We have a tremendous nucleus of players that are capable of competing for the Super Bowl very soon. Ideally, if you can get someone to come in this year and several years after who is ready, it gives you your best opportunity, and you don’t have to have as much of a maturation aspect of seeing them develop and get to that level that they need to get to and get to the Super Bowl and win it.

“We’ll just have to see where opportunity pushes us. We’d love to be able to get a great, young quarterback, and obviously there are some out there that have been talked about coming out in this draft.’’

19 responses to “Colts would love to have Andrew Luck return but aren’t counting on it

  1. If they’d signed Brady they might be in the SB right now, but they brought in Rivers and got exactly what you’d expect from Rivers.

  2. It’s not happening, but it would be pretty darn exciting if he did come back. I’d certainly be rooting for the dude.

  3. Luck would only come back if he could play for the 49ers. He loves the Bay Area from his time at Stanford and the Bay Area loves him.

  4. How do you think last years pick Jacob Eason feels hearing those comments without gettin any mention.

  5. Who wouldn’t want to come back and party with Jimmy Irsay? Oh wait… the Colts have actually built a good o-line now, something they never did for Luck. He was beaten to death. Would be a great story. But can you really trust Jimmy Irsay?

  6. Luck owes Indy NOTHING. They’re the ones that wouldn’t protect him with a decent offensive line. They’re the ones that got him so banged up he couldn’t play anymore. Besides, The Colts will get Matt Stafford and that will be a project for a few years at least.

  7. He wont come back for Irsay but would NE try to obtain his rights if Stafford spurned them ?

  8. I highly doubt he could beat Mahomes and we already know he can’t beat Brady, so, no, he’s not coming back. Don’t the Colts still have his rights, he’s not a free agent is he? I’d bet Belichick would love to have him.

  9. It’s the Colts stupid! Why would a franchise QB want to waste his talented years with the Colts and Irsay?

  10. First off Joe the bartender the colts is one of the best franchises to ever be in the league. And secondly why would we want Luck back after he abandoned us at the beginning of a season without even giving us a chance to search for a new quarterback? The players wouldnt want someone in the locker room that left them hanging high and dry when they needed him, it would put a bad vibe with the team. I think we need to pursue Sam Darnold, Derek Carr or give Jacob Eason a chance like we did Peyron Manning when we first drafted him, everyone know s how that played out for us. Or if they decide they would like to pursue a young shooter coming out of the draft then they need to do all they can to acquire Mac Jones, he would fit perfect in the Colts offense and he has really good football smarts with an outstanding arm. I really like pocket passers and that’s what the colts offense is set up for and thats the way it needs to stay, if we want to run the ball thats what we have running backs and receivers for, I do “NOT” want to see a running QB come to Indy.

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