Despite serious allegations, Seahawks tackle Chad Wheeler makes bail


The shocking details of the incident resulting in the arrest of Seahawks tackle Chad Wheeler are made only more shocking by the fact that he’s currently among the free.

Wheeler has been released on $400,000 bond after being arrested and details for suspicion of felony domestic violence.

He allegedly strangled his girlfriend to the point at which he seemed to think he had killed her. When she regained consciousness, Wheelers allegedly said, “Wow, you’re alive?”

Wheeler, who is not a member of the starting lineup (and who thus presumably would be less likely to have excuses made for him) in Seattle, is slated to become a restricted free agent in March. Neither the Seahawks nor the league have taken any action against him.

Surely, that won’t last. The Seahawks as of last night were gathering more information. Inevitably, the Seahawks will (or at least should) sever ties with Wheeler. It’s hard to imagine any other team giving him a second chance.

As to the league, a spokesperson told PFT via email that the matter is being reviewed under the Personal Conduct Policy.

21 responses to “Despite serious allegations, Seahawks tackle Chad Wheeler makes bail

  1. If this is true, charge him as high as possible and lock him up for as long as the state he lives in will allow.

  2. Apparently he went off his bipolar medication. In no way am I saying that to justify or excuse his actions, but this is much a mental health story, and how difficult it is to treat bipolarism, as it is a violence one.

  3. 3yardsndust says:
    January 27, 2021 at 12:37 pm
    Why let this guy out on bail? Makes no sense.
    Something called the 8th amendment to the US Constitution.

  4. Innocent until proven guilty. Before you lock the guy up and lose the key, let the system play out.

  5. Felony domestic violence? Try attempted murder. As for cutting him, that’s a no-brainer. Unless he claims it 100% didn’t happen, the NFL doesn’t have to wait for due process.

  6. I have heard some disturbing stories about players, but this one is the worst of the most recent. However, I can’t complain about his current legal situation without knowing all the details.

  7. As someone who works in an intake jail, a domestic violence assault charge is an automatic no bail, even when there isn’t any proof of an assault happening. How this guy was able to get a bail is ridiculous, especially since there was is clear proof of an assault that had taken place.

  8. He didn’t get out until after several days& I’m sure several hearings. He posted a hefty bond. That’s the process. Once convicted, I’m sure the jail time and fiscal repercussions will be more than adequate to appease many of you. In the meantime, hopefully The conditions of release are very strict.

    I would be very surprised if he makes it back into the NFL.

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