LeRoy Butler indicates he did not make the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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Voting for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2021 has already been conducted, but the results will not be released until the day before the Super Bowl. However, at least one finalist has revealed he did not make it.

Former Packers safety LeRoy Butler, who was one of the 15 modern-era finalists, posted on Twitter today indicating that he was passed over.

Maybe next year!” Butler wrote. “It’s always a good thing, to be discussed with the best to ever play THE GAME!”

It’s unclear how Butler was informed that he didn’t make it, as the Hall of Fame wanted to keep the voting results secret until the big reveal on Super Bowl Eve. Realistically, however, it’s almost impossible to keep secrets like that for two weeks, and so this may not be the last time we get a sneak preview of who did or did not make the Hall of Fame.

11 responses to “LeRoy Butler indicates he did not make the Pro Football Hall of Fame

  1. Butler is certainly deserving of entry into the hall. He was better than Tasker and Lynch. He re-invented the position making sacks a big part of it. It would have been a great year to go in with Charles Woodson.

  2. Steve Atwater
    2x 1st Team All-Pro
    1x 2nd Team All-Pro
    1990s All-Decade Team
    24 INTs
    1188 tackles, 5 sacks

    LeRoy Butler
    4x 1st Team All-Pro
    1990s All-Decade Team
    38 INTs
    889 tackles, 20.5 sacks

    John Lynch
    2x 1st Team All-Pro
    2x 1st Team All-Pro
    NOT on an All-Decade Team
    26 INTs
    1059 tackles, 13 sacks

  3. The inventor of the Lambeau leap, a cover safety in an era where those guys were glorified sledgehammers, and retired early for the good of the team. He belongs in the Hall

  4. If you don’t want to look at the typical standard (awards and stats) keep this in mind;

    SB XXXII, many Broncos have said the key to that game offensively was getting Butler out of the box. They used Sharpe to spread him out wide. That Packers defense featured REGGIE.WHITE

    How many safeties can you name that teams had to gameplan for? Only the great ones.

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