Najee Harris ignores agents’ advice to not practice at the Senior Bowl

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As more and more college football players make business decisions about the pre-draft process, one top prospect has decided to throw caution, and perhaps cash, to the wind.

Bucky Brooks of NFL Media says, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post, that former Alabama running back Najee Harris has decided to practice at the Senior Bowl, against the advice of his agents. Harris decided that he couldn’t be present at the Senior Bowl and not compete.

It’s a great attitude, but there’s a point where the desire to compete now needs to take a backseat to the desire to compete later. The hay is in the barn for Harris; there’s no reason to risk any type of injury that could impact his draft stock.

And if Harris won’t listen to his agents on this point, that’s not a good sign for the relationship moving forward. Either the player won’t heed good advice, or the agents aren’t doing a good enough job of getting through to the client.

Regardless, someone needs to intervene and to tell Harris that, despite what anyone from the Senior Bowl or the coaching staffs may be saying, it’s not in his best interests to do anything other than submit to interviews.

UPDATE 11:00 a.m. ET: Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Harris didn’t actually participate in full-blown practice. He did some work on the side. Regardless, anything he does at this point (other than his Pro Day workout) serves only to create needless physical risk.

6 responses to “Najee Harris ignores agents’ advice to not practice at the Senior Bowl

  1. I would wonder about his decision making after this. Not helping yourself and RB careers are short enough already.

  2. I totally disagree. This kid did not get where he is by listening to those who speak limitation over what he can and cannot do. He is a true competitor and people who make decisions about his TRUE value will see that and respect him for it.

  3. A competitor who’s choosing to compete? Just like the glory days. I’m proud of the young man.

  4. I can completely sympathize with a kid on the verge of becoming a millionaire wanting to play it safe.

    But it also occurs to me that if you’ll bail on your teammates over money now, you’ll do it later too.

    Maybe most of us would. But still.

  5. Showing up to for the miami coaches could mean the difference of pick# 18 or #36 $$$

  6. I’m not in his shoes. I wish him the best. And being a day one Dolphin’s fan I hope he is pick by Miami in April. Bill

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