Texans are hiring David Culley as their head coach

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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The Texans have agreed to a deal to make David Culley their next head coach, according to a source.

Culley remains in Houston after a long day of interviews. Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was the only other candidate who got a second interview with Texans General Manager Nick Caserio and team chairman Cal McNair.

Culley, 65, is a surprise hire to most, but he will become the second minority coach to get a head coaching job this cycle, the first Black coach. The Jets hired Robert Saleh.

Culley becomes the oldest first-time head coach in NFL history, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

The fact that Culley blew away the Texans in his virtual and in-person interviews is not a surprise to all who know him. He served as the assistant head coach for Andy Reid and for John Harbaugh and worked for Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh.

Culley currently is the Ravens’ assistant head coach/passing game coordinator and receivers coach and received a strong endorsement from Harbaugh.

Culley has never served as a coordinator in his 27-year coaching career, which makes him “an outside-the-box” choice as John McClain of the Houston Chronicle put it.

98 responses to “Texans are hiring David Culley as their head coach

  1. Will be curious if everyone spins this hire to make it a Watson story.

    They shouldn’t.

    This is about one man’s journey to his destiny. An opportunity for a proven leader to do the job for which he’s dedicated a life of passion.

    Go David Culley.

  2. It’s funny, I’m watching a PFT segment on the Ravens’ wide receivers and their lack of involvement in the offense when this news broke.

  3. 65 years old, never been a coordinator, and never called plays haha. Such a Texans move.

  4. So in other words he didn’t call plays. I thought they said that was a requirement

    E. Bieniemy

  5. Take out his stint with the Eagles, and he has consistently changed jobs every 2 to 4 years since 1978. A career wide receivers coach, with occaaional stints as a quarterbacks coach or running backs coach.

    Not the most inspiring hire. But at least someone took the job.

  6. Well deserved unfortunately his age might play in a row of a long tenure there

  7. Passing game coordinator and WR coach of the worst passing game in the league. No one wanted this job. Gonna be hard to put a staff together now too. BOB, Cal McNair, and Easterby have destroyed what was a young, up and coming team in little over 2 seasons. Best of luck Houston fans!

  8. Sounds like he comes from a strong coaching tree. Hopefully he can douse the garbage fire that the Texans organization has become.

    I would LOVE to know what Eric Bieniemy is saying in these interviews to tank his chance at a head coaching job. Any ideas??

  9. Another coach from the Andy Reid coaching tree. This guy will be a great head coach because he has coached under and with some great coaches.

  10. Passing game coordinator for the Ravens? Didn’t they finish last in passing this past season? This is not going to end well.

  11. Eric Bieniemy clearly has some issues when they choose a 65 year old guy over a supposed “up and comer” as the media calls him. Owners clearly think otherwise.

  12. I applaud the Texans for thinking outside the box but…what the hell are they doing- never been an OC nor a DC? Dear mercy!

  13. Thank you Houston for taking him off our hands!

    Did you know the Ravens had the 32nd ranked passing attack? He was also the WR coach for Kansas City in 2014. Do you know what happened there? ZERO Touchdowns for Wide Receivers.

  14. They hired… who? Checking the guy’s history, isn’t the Ravens’ passing game in need of serious improvement?

  15. I thought for sure Josh McCown was going to get it, but I guess the Texans were more impressed with the job Culley has down with the passing game in Baltimore.

  16. Definitely won’t keep Watson there. Go to The Jets. You might be worth a quarterback for quarterback straight up, but definitely not worth 3 First rounders. Go to the J.E.T.S. Just End The Slap downs. Lol. We’re rolling with Tua. & Houston, we have a problem with your unknown coach. 🤔

  17. Great background so he sounds like the right guy at the right time. Certainly hope QB Watson will open minded and help welcome him to the organization.

  18. It was going to take an “outside the box” hire to take a job nobody with a resume wants.

  19. Oh goodie… Now Chiefs fans have to hear how good Bieniemy is during every game, for another season, again… and how his play calling is just so good that he should be a head coach.,.. Blah blah blah, gag!

  20. His accountant warned him that accepting this job may impact his social security benefits.

  21. Aaahhhh…. So Eric Bienemy was a smokescreen. THIS was the guy they wanted all along. Hmmmm…the Ravens were 20th in passing and this guy was their “passing game coordinator”
    He was also the Buffalo quarterback coach for Josh Allen’s rookie season, when he appeared to be a bust. Hmmmm…
    Oh well, he must know & get along well with Deshaun Watson.

  22. Congrats to Coach Culley and best of luck! Hopefully he’s being compensated well – it seems like it will be a tough HC gig for ’21. All that said, did Deshaun Watson approve of the hire?

  23. Weren’t the Ravens 32nd in passing yards? And he has never been a coordinator? Something something something mockery? Abomination? I’m sure there is a travesty in here somewhere.

  24. He has never been a head coach before.
    That’s okay, because plenty of guys became good coaches their first time out.

    He has never been an assistant coach before.
    Well, I suppose that’s okay. After all, he’s been a WR coach for most of his 27 years in the NFL.

    He’s was the passing game coordinator for the 32nd rated (out of 32 teams) passing offense this past season.

  25. I’ve heard of young and inexperienced, but never old and inexperienced.
    This is the most bizarre hire I can recall in a long long time. It’s one thing to recycle failed head coaches, but long time and unremarkable position coaches jumping straight to the top job cements the insane disfunction that is the Texans.
    Quite honestly, it makes me change my mind about Deshaun Watson’s behaviour over the recent weeks. He’s right to flee that train wreck.

  26. Also, great idea hiring the passing game coordinator (as a head coach!?!?!) from a team that doesn’t have a passing game. I’m sure Watson is thrilled.

  27. I’d be curious why he never progressed to a coordinator in all his years of coaching. Hmmm

  28. “Ravens’ passing game coordinator and receivers coach “ what? I grew up a steeler fan, but if i’m deshaun i’m definitely gone. first you trade the best receiver in the league for a box of rocks and now you want to look at the ravens passing game and want the man responsible for all of that hot garbage? Some things never change.

  29. The Ravens passing game coordinator got a head coaching job?

    I mean at least they weren’t dead last in passing this year… right?

    Oh boy.

  30. They hired a passing game coordinator who has coached the worst passing game offense the last two years.
    Lol Houston we have a problem

  31. I don’t understand why they hired this guy over Leslie Frazier. Frazier has been an HC and is currently the coordinator for a defense that made a deep playoff run. Instead they hire a 65 year old who has bounced around the league and never been a coordinator.

  32. Good. In fact great.

    It’s time the players get back to playing instead of making demands from the folks that pay them ridiculous amounts of money to play a game.

  33. smmfh….. Hope this works out for the home team. just do not see how hes goung to connect with these young players

  34. It’s very telling that they hired a 65 year old nobody as a 1st time head coach. With all due respect to David Culley, who may be one of the worst position coaches employed by the NFL (all of his position groups got worse under his coaching at his last 3 stops), there is no downside for him. 1. He get’s a huge pay increase and security from being a position coach. 2. He’s 65 and can retire after he get’s fired from the Texans with a huge pile of cash. 3. No sane franchise was going to pick him as a head coach so he’s not blowing any future opportunities. The Texans just hired the passing game coordinator for the 32nd ranked passing offense and the Ravens received 2 3rd round comp picks for letting him go. If noone else wins this hire, the Ravens do by getting 2 midround picks for doing absolutely nothing.

  35. A shot in the dark? We will see. No coordinator experience. Some might ?? his credentials. But I wonder if never being a coordinator leaves this guy in a position to perform the ” management” duties of a HC, and then leave the day to day hands on the offense and the defense to the coordinators they hire. I believe many candidates come from coordinator roles, and then as a HC have troubles delegating t delegating that those roles as they should

  36. So Houston hires a 65 yr old coach who in 27 yrs was never thought of as a coordinator let alone a HC by any other team in the NFL until this year . Seems to me based on the dysfunction and the treatment of Watson the truly qualified candidates didn’t want anything to do with the Texans . This hire reeks of desperation . I’m sure Harbaugh’s ringing endorsement has nothing to do with the Ravens getting 2 third round picks for a 65 yr old passing game -receivers coach on a team that ran the ball more then any team in the NFL , lol .

  37. I just don’t get this hire. The age definitely makes me wonder. Culley must have absolutely blown them away in the interview process.

  38. Passing game coordinator if the Ravens. Glad he is gone to the Texans, coming from a Ravens fan

  39. Ravens get two decent draft picks because of this hire which is awesome. David is a great man but he’s responsible for ravens receivers and passing game concepts. Probably the worst part of the entire Ravens program so not sure how things will work out for the texans.

  40. I know nothing about the guy, but I would think teams would want younger and innovative coaches.

  41. People who know football know this is a very under-the-radar good hire… It’s not exciting as one of these guys in their 30s, just a coach who has been doing this forever whose players swear by him…

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Watson going forward. He probably still wants out, but he may be pressured not to flee an African-American coach who is finally getting his first chance as a HC.

  42. Wow, what a disaster of a franchise. At least they checked the be-all, end-all box. Good for them.

  43. Uh…OK? I’m sure this choice will get a lot of criticism, and maybe deservedly so? I’m not sure.

    I think the job of NFL head coach is vastly oversimplified by pretty much everyone except those that do it or are close to it. There are so many factors outside an individual’s abilities contribute or detract from success (I think all NFL coaches can coach to varying levels of success, it’s the million other things that will drag a head coach down).

    Primarily, in my mind, the organization itself. Houston seems pretty dysfunctional and inept. That’s probably the biggest roadblock to improving, rather than who they hire as HC.

  44. Not saying he may not be a great head coach but the fact that he is 65 and getting his first interview/head coach job says alot. This franchise has gone straight down the toilet. If Watson is smart he will demand a trade and get out of there.

  45. footballpat says:
    January 27, 2021 at 10:09 pm
    So in other words he didn’t call plays. I thought they said that was a requirement

    E. Bieniemy
    The Texans HC decision was probably based on a coin flip, or paper/rock/scissors outcome.

  46. Watson was essentially gone the minute his dissatisfaction became public. I suspect the only reason it isn’t publicly nuclear already is Watsons agent had advised him to keep a low profile in order to not diminish the trade market. The price goes down when other teams know a trade has to happen.

  47. Deshaun “James Harden” Watson can move on! Get as much as you can in players/picks and while you’re at it, trade JJ too. Several good QB’s available!!

  48. Lets all be real here Nobody wanted this job its a total dumpster fire. Good luck to Coach Culley you’re gonna need it.

  49. “This is about one man’s journey to his destiny. An opportunity for a proven leader to do the job for which he’s dedicated a life of passion.”

    I wish the guy luck but coaching for a dysfunctional franchise who has squandered their next several years worth of draft picks whose best players have either been willingly given away over the past couple years or now are desperately trying to get out doesn’t sound like an awesome destiny.

  50. I’m not sure why a coordinator is considered the natural progression to head coach. It’s like saying you have to be a programmer in order to become a CIO.

  51. People saying he was responsible for Ravens poor passing game, I don’t think so. It’s Lamar, the dude is a poor passer, but yeah, he’s mvp, lol!

  52. I wish Culley nothing but success, but given his lack of coordinator or head coaching experience, it seems more likely things will implode. And this is the Texans we’re talking about here.

  53. Culley let’s face it. First, you will not be coaching the Texans in 2022. Second, your “dream” of coaching DeShaun Watson isn’t going to happen. So enjoy those Texans’ millions cause they won’t last forever.

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