The Lions don’t seem to be getting as much interest in Matthew Stafford as expected

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When it comes to potential interest in Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, the glass is currently two-thirds empty.

That’s the obvious import of the news that a third of the league has reached out to the Lions. A third of the league. Ten teams. For a 32-year-old franchise quarterback who is going to get his wish for a new franchise.

The Lions undoubtedly leaked that number to NFL Media in order to generate more interest. Surely, they expected to hear from more than 10 teams — especially since calls always get made when a key veteran player is available as part of the normal due diligence process.

The teams that should at least make the call include the Jets, Patriots, Dolphins, Steelers, Browns, Jaguars, Colts, Texans, Broncos, Raiders, Washington, Cowboys (as a potentially cheaper alternative to Dak Prescott), Bears, Vikings, Panthers, Saints, Falcons, 49ers, and Rams. That’s nearly two thirds of the league.

Maybe some teams simply aren’t intersted. Maybe some teams simply want the Lions to get nervous and thus desperate and thus willing to get whatever they can for Stafford instead of driving the hardest bargain.

Regardless, the Lions for now seem to be having a much harder time than expected when it comes to generating interest in Stafford.

45 responses to “The Lions don’t seem to be getting as much interest in Matthew Stafford as expected

  1. Not old, but he’s taken a lot of hits, will want a new contract and turns the ball over too much.

  2. Why in the hell would the Raiders want an older QB, whose not as good, has been an the injury list for what seems like forever, and costs more than the one they have?

  3. 1. How do you know how much interest the expected? and 2. Ten teams seems fairly significant to me.

  4. Why the Jaguars? They’re drafting Lawrence and aren’t going anywhere this year, why spend All that capital (money, picks, whatever) on this guy?

  5. At least half the teams you mentioned don’t need or can’t get Stafford. Dallas and Houston have QBs worth more than Stafford in a trade. Vikings and Bears are division rivals. Jets, Jaguars, Panthers, Dolphins have access to the draft’s top QBs or a young QB already. The Browns have a younger, cheaper option. Rams, Falcons, Vikings all have QBs with big contracts. Etc.

  6. Sounds like a rumor to me. Why would the Lions leak info that makes their tradebait look like nobody is interested?

  7. Stafford’s stats are slanted by playing at least nine games per year indoors. Buyer beware. The Lions will find that out.

  8. Patriots… it’s a done deal just working out the compensation, and Staffords incentive based contract

  9. Wow. That list of teams that should contact them seems overblown. Browns have a young QB, Jacksonville will draft a QB, Jets will stick with Darnold or draft a QB, Steelers have to see what Ben is going to do, Saints have to wait on Brees, Atlanta has Ryan, and Rams are stuck with Goff.

    10 teams seem about right.

  10. A 2nd round draft pick is a fair price for a 2-year rental at $20M and $23M, respectively. No way am I giving up more than that or giving Stafford a new contract.

  11. Browns? Rams? Really? The Rams can’t afford $50 million of the cap tied up in QBs. The Browns have a franchise QB who’s younger and better.

  12. This guy is still a top 10-12 qb And don’t crow to me about Mayfield – he still has a lot to prove. His stud RBs save his butt.

  13. About to turn 33 so he needs a team built to win now and not a rebuilding teams years away….. Most of those teams need many holes filled…
    A few of those teams that made playoff that are losing qb is the best option for Stafford…

  14. Colts,WFT,Broncos, NE, and 49ers. And no Garoppalo isn’t better than Stafford. That’s funny.

  15. I guarantee you a few teams are studying him right now. I think this caught everyone off guard. I think most people just always thought he’d be with the Lions forever. But here. I’ll shorten the list for ya. Broncos, Dolphins, Colts, Texans, Football Team.

  16. I once saw Stafford slide for a 9 yard gain on 4th and 10. A franchise QB ought to at least know where the sticks are on 4th down.

  17. This is just like the Andy Dalton myth that got burst this past season. Stafford had more than enough to win with in Detroit for years and was part of the reason they didn’t win more. Suh realized and got up out of there as soon as he could. He’s going to be playing in his second Super Bowl in a week in a half as a result.

  18. The Lions no doubt overestimated what they could get for Stafford. It doesn’t help that he asked to be traded and the team seemed eager to let him go. Stafford is an OK QB. He’s got a big arm for sure, but he lacks a lot of the traits that make for a top ten QB. Another issue is that he seems to be missing a lot of games recently. I’d be surprised if anyone gave as much as a late first round pick for him. Perhaps Detroit could get a second round pick plus a little extra.

  19. mike624 says:
    January 27, 2021 at 8:53 pm
    Browns ? Really.

    I take Baker over Wentz. So the eagles should be on this list.
    Excellent point. Now, if we were talking Watson and the compensation was right, I could see the Browns potentially making SB or bust type move. But Stafford? No, keep rolling with Mayfield who is already a great fit for the team and city.

  20. No, the Raiders should NOT call the Lions. They would be better off with Marcus Mariota than Derek Carr, IF they are looking to change. Stafford is another Carr, but without Carr’s experience in the system. Which would be…stupid.

  21. It takes two teams – ten sounds like quite a bit. I hope it’s the Colts and not the 49ers or Broncos. Stafford may have a say, and I think he’d want to go to the Colts if he wants Superbowls.

  22. Finally, some proof that this guy is overrated. He’s a good QB and a good person, not to mention a great arm, but he’s not a winner. A lot of those comeback victories were comebacks because of his early mistakes in the games. There are a lot of really good QB’s in the NFL right now and he’s just slightly above average.

  23. These teams seem the most likely:

    1) Indy – Rivers is retired, Stafford is very similar in skill level to Rivers last season (earlier in his career Rivers was better). Simple plug and play and the Colts probably would give up at least a first rounder for him.

    2) New England – Cam was terrible and the Lions trade with NE all the time. This seems likely. Belichick is not going to like Stafford’s inability to perform in the clutch against good teams/defenses.

    3) San Fran – Stafford and Garappolo are similar in ability, but Stafford doesn’t get hurt.

    Washington and New Orleans both have good QB’s that aren’t likely to retire. It’s too bad, because Stafford would do well in Sean Payton’s offense and bring back the deep ball. Stafford throws a great deep ball and the Lions never fully utilized it. If Alex Smith wants to keep playing, I’d keep him as the starter. He seems to improve with age. He played really well this season once he got his chance to take over. Not worth giving up a first rounder when your current QB is more of a winner.


  24. 1/3 of the league sounds like amazing interest to me. And if there aren’t that many serious offers yet it’s probably due to unrealistic expectations. Some of these stories and comments out there about how they’re going to land like 4 high picks for him are completely delusional.

  25. I’d really like to see him go to San Francisco and the Lions get SFs No. 12 pick plus a second round pick in return. That would be a good return on a QB who is most certainly capable of winning if he is on the right team. In Detroit, he usually got about 2.5 seconds in the pocket before he had to run screaming for his life. The Detroit Lions are the worst run organization in all of professional sports. They have won exactly one playoff game, ONE, in over 60 years! Incredible!

  26. As far as Alex Smith goes, it was a great story and certainly an athletic feat to work his way back to where he is now, but the guy averaged like 2 air yards per pass this year and threw a lot of INTs. A few years back he was a really good QB who wasn’t anywhere near good enough to keep an elite prospect on the bench and he’ll never be as good as he was then. He was like Cam Newton without the rushing ability. Stafford is basically 2017 Smith, which is a huge upgrade on 2021 Smith.

  27. Now that watson is on the block and they likely want three number ones , the price on Stafford just went up . They don’t have to trade Stafford no matter what . A first will be included no matter what the experts say

  28. He is going to the Saints. Dome stadium with Sean Payton as a HC and a very QB friendly offense with all the pieces to win early. Dan Campbell is the new HC of Detroit and former TE coach for the Saints. Most logical choice/location for Stafford.

  29. Anyone ever think the Lions are overvaluing him and asking for too much? I am not sure he and his track record are worth what the Lions seem to think he is worth. Heck, even Deshaun Watson is overvalued to a degree.

  30. Part of it is there’s going to be a number of vet QBs on the market. And domino #1 is Watson. Until that’s decided where he wants to go, I think all other QBs will be on the backburner. Unless it’s a team like the Patriots that doesn’t care what everyone else is doing.

  31. Stafford is a commercial during primetime television. Let’s get back to the Deshaun Watson reality show.

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