Tre’Davious White endorses Leslie Frazier as a head coach, hopes he doesn’t leave

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
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Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White provided Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier with a strong endorsement for his Texans head coaching candidacy, by saying he hopes it doesn’t happen.

White said Frazier would absolutely be a good hire by Houston, but White doesn’t want to lose him as his defensive coordinator in Buffalo.

I don’t like that idea at all,” White said, via the Buffalo News. “Happy for him, happy that he’s getting an opportunity because he’s an amazing coach. He’s been a great, great asset for myself, I can speak from my personal experience with him, playing the position that I play and to have a defensive coordinator to have played that position, won a Super Bowl playing that position. That type of expertise, you don’t get that every day from a defensive coordinator in an organization, a guy that won the Super Bowl in your position.

“He’s the type of guy that takes the time to develop the player every day. I’m going into my fifth year, every day after practice, he made me catch deep balls, putting them on the JUGS and shooting them and I’m running full speed down the field. Anytime you have a coach like that, that you can definitely relate to and knows the ins and outs of this position and how things go, it’s definitely a plus. I’ll be definitely an endorsee for him to get a job, but hopefully he’ll be back with us next year because he’s definitely a big part of our success on defense.”

Frazier and Ravens assistant head coach/wide receivers coach David Culley are both expected to get second interviews with the Texans this week. Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is also a candidate, although Bieniemy can’t be hired until after the Super Bowl.

11 responses to “Tre’Davious White endorses Leslie Frazier as a head coach, hopes he doesn’t leave

  1. Leslie Frazier was an underrated HC for the Vikings. There isn’t a coach on planet earth that could win a Super Bowl with Christian Ponder and Donovan McNabb’s corpse playing quarterback.

  2. Good lord, no! Frazier’s a fine coordinator, but we’ve seen this before. He’s had his opportunities as a head coach.

    Only Lovie Smith stands on the sideline expressionless without getting engaged in the game as a head coach more than Frazier did! No one needs to see that again!

  3. It’s been a while, and certainly Les may have learned a lot in that time span…but Vikings fans got to see him as a head coach and it wasn’t pretty. Sometimes guys need to set their ego aside and know their role. Frazier is most likely better off staying put.

  4. All these Bills players stumping for Frazier to be a HC just want him gone for his atrocious defense that refused to cover Travis Kelce.

  5. He should hope he leaves.
    The Bills’ defence regressed this season and showed no ability to make adjustments in game and in rematches. They were outgained in every playoff game and against the Chiefs were completely overwhelmed after they were gifted an early lead.

  6. While I generally agree with above comments critical of Frazier, I think White’s endorsement should still count for something. Under Frazier’s tutelage, he has become an elite lock-down CB. Also Frazier got 10 wins with Christian Ponder as his QB.

  7. Even as DC he hasn’t been that good. What you saw this year is more “on par” with the rest of his career than the 2 previous years.

    And again, the bills are cap strapped in 2021 so there probably won’t be a lot of help coming in FA

  8. Bills offense had to score 30 PPG.
    A coach is only as good as his talent. Bills could use some more beef in the middle of the line and upgrade at edge rusher.

  9. Not sure he is even a good coordinator. On the other hand every coach fails in Minnesota. He won with Ponder.

  10. “Also Frazier got 10 wins with Christian Ponder as his QB.”

    I think you meant to say: he only got to 10 wins despite having the benefit of one of the greatest rushing seasons in NFL history…

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