Bills would love to keep Matt Milano, but “tough decisions” await

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The Bills have made great strides over the last couple of seasons, but they now face an offseason that calls for them to close the remaining gap with the Chiefs while dealing with the roster turnover that comes every year.

General Manager Brandon Beane addressed the latter half of that equation during a press conference on Wednesday. The team’s group of impending free agents includes right tackle Daryl Williams, right guard Jon Feliciano, and linebacker Matt Milano.

Milano has developed into a key defensive piece since being a fifth-round pick of the 2017 draft and Beane said that could price him out of Buffalo’s plans even if they want to keep him in the role he’s been playing for the team.

“We’d love to be able to get Matt back,” Beane said, via the team’s website. “He knows that. I shared that with him and I’m sure Sean [McDermott] has as well. The business side matters. He wants to and he’s earned the right to go to free agency and see what his market bears. We’ll do our best to retain him and as many guys as we can. We just don’t even know the numbers yet and what it’s going to be. There’s going to be some tough decisions unfortunately for us, whether it’s letting guys go on this roster or having to watch guys leave.”

The Bills are waiting to find out the exact cap number they’ll have to work with in 2021, but there’s not expected to be much space to work with as they try to keep building on what they accomplished this season.

8 responses to “Bills would love to keep Matt Milano, but “tough decisions” await

  1. At this point it is the Bills defense holding them back from becoming an actual super bowl participant. Beane needs to figure out a way to not only retain Milano but also shore up the D line and find some DB’s that can actually play man to man coverage and do away with the failure of that zone defense they have been playing.

  2. Its going to be interesting to see what Beane does this offseason. There are a number of guys he can cut to help open the cap up, but then you lose your depth. Cutting Jefferson saves 8 M, I’d expect that to happen. Vernon Butler would save 5M. Maybe some older guys like Addison or Hughes go. Let Epenesa step in as a starter. Maybe restructure Brown. All speculation on my part obviously.

    At some point, you still have to pay Allen. Probably follow the structure of Mahommes contract where they extend it this offseason but keep the last year of the rookie deal in place so it doesnt hit their cap until 2022.

  3. Trade Diggs again or ask him for a cut and see his head explode. He takes too much cap, not worthy.

  4. Bills fans would rather keep Milano than Edmunds. Edmunds isn’t done with his rookie deal yet. Williams and Feliciano are both replacement level linemen and the Bills have a fair number of replacement level guys on the defensive line as well. The team should be able to find the money to keep Milano.

  5. Great in coverage and blitzing the QB, but often you see him lost trying to stop the run and hit the gap right. With run defense being an issue, it is tough to see where he would fit in with the $. Your not going to let Tremaine Edmunds walk, so Milano may just be the odd man out.

  6. Matt Milano and Tremaine Edmunds are terrible. What I hear McDermott saying is “please please please let some sucker sign Milano.” Edmunds & Milano are like Pryor & Wilder – a couple of comedians. I wasnt laughing Sunday.

  7. Can a player really be a ‘key piece’ of a mediocre defence?
    That defence needs a lot more help than resigning one unremarkable linebacker.

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