Eric Bieniemy shut out again

NFL: FEB 02 Super Bowl LIV - Chiefs v 49ers
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For the second consecutive year, the Chiefs’ high-scoring offense is in the Super Bowl. For the second consecutive year, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is earning praise for his job at the helm of that offense. And for the second consecutive year, Bieniemy has been shut out of head-coaching jobs.

The news that the Texans hired David Culley to be their next head coach means that Bieniemy, who interviewed for all seven coaching vacancies this offseason, has been shut out again.

There was a sense from early in the offseason that Bieniemy would get passed over. No one disputes that he has all the credentials to get called up to a head-coaching job, and yet he still hasn’t.

Reaching the Super Bowl may have actually hurt Bieniemy’s chances. NFL teams aren’t allowed to hire coaches off another team’s staff until that team’s season is over, and teams sometimes decide not to wait for a coach in the Super Bowl. Bieniemy acknowledged last week that his primary focus has been on the Chiefs, not career advancement.

“It’s always good to be mentioned and have an opportunity to pursue your dreams. And obviously, yes, I do want to be a head coach,” Bieniemy said. “But when it’s all said and done with, my job is to make sure everything that we’re doing right now is not to take away from the goals we’re trying to accomplish. The only thing that matters [is] today we got better.”

Bieniemy’s focus remains on the Super Bowl, the game he keeps reaching while he keeps getting shut out of head coaching jobs.

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  1. The man has been part of the most successful unit in the NFL on either side of the ball. Coordinators usually are the stepping stone to the head Coach position more often than not. He does not seem to have any red flags that have come light. Sometimes you don’t need to complicate something it just is obvious. While guys that seem like they have barely gotten their feet wet at the higher ends of the coaching tree keep getting picked how is it the most qualified candidate is the only one left on the playground not being picked???? This is a joke if it weren’t so damn ridiculous.

  2. The teams that are in need of a HC might have looked at his history. There is a lot of baggage there,

  3. I can see Sean Payton leaving New Orleans. When he does, Dallas has to fire Mike McCarthy, and obviously would hire Payton. Leaving New Orleans open for Eric Biemiemy. Which would be the best fit for him, still a talented roster! Just saying because the Saints have the WORST CAP situation coming up this March.

  4. Mark my words! Eric Bieniemy will be the next head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

  5. It’s definitely a shame, but there is too much talk about how he is an offensive guru and yet, he coaches under Andy Reid and Kafka is the one calling the plays. That is never gonna help is cause. But still a shame.

  6. I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve interviewed for that I didn’t get. No one said that we’re promised a fair shake in life.

  7. Call me naïve, but an offense coordinator who doesn’t call the plays is not someone who I’d hire…

  8. How often do offensive coordinators who coach historically great QB’s work out as he0ad coaches?

    I remember when Joe Philbin ran a great offense in GB and when McDaniels and OBrien ran great offenses in New England.
    I even remember Adam Gase being hailed as a genius for his offense in Denver.

    Turned out it was Rodgers Brady and Manning that made them look light years better than they were.

    Bienemy may well be a great head coach.. and I’m sure he’ll get his shot somewhere.. but there’s a good to fair chance his success is because of and not with Mahomes.

  9. Perhaps he’s promised the chiefs job when Andy retires in the near future. Kind of like McDaniels/Belichick.

  10. So, David Cullen, passing game coordinator for the 32nd ranked passing game (Ravens) gets a head coaching job and Bienemy, OC for an offense consistently ranked at or near the top, does not get that job. Makes perfect sense…

  11. He may actually have dodged a bullet by avoiding the Texans job. Talk about a dumpster fire….

  12. Bieniemy is another McDaniels.
    Only a good candidate on account of the QB on his current team.

  13. Sounds like a lot of peoples situations in life. Unfortunately promotions aren’t always 100% on what you “deserve”. Just gotta stay patient and his time will come soon enough.

  14. The Texans job went to a lesser known coach who happens to be a minority. Maybe Bieniemy doesn’t interview as well as people think and the fact that he had to perform most of his interviews over video conference probably did not help.

  15. His day will come. Extremely good coach. As a local Chiefs fan I have not heard anything negative regarding this coach. All players and staff speak very highly of him.

  16. EB can take over in KC when Big Red moves on in 5 years or more. We would be happy to make the teams that passed on him look stupid.

  17. He’s been interviewed so many times now, and has a very poor history.

    Maybe he’s the problem?

  18. What has he accomplished without Mahomes and Reid?
    How many Patriot assistants were hired as HC because of Brady and Belichick only to fail miserably.

  19. Good luck David Culley.

    Probably will be other openings next year in better places that currently are Wild Card/Divisional Round Playoff consistent participants that might need a change. While it is early to predict now, as with Houston, a dumpster fire type season is always waiting around the corner for established coaches whose organizations and the coaches themselves, might feel the grass is greener behind a microphone…

    New England Patriots;
    Baltimore Ravens;
    Cincinnati Bengals;
    Denver Broncos;
    Dallas Cowboys;
    Chicago Bears;
    New Orleans Saints;
    Seattle Seahawks.

  20. Maybe there’s something to that. Guys been interviewed a bunch. Maybe he’s not that bright or doesn’t interview well.

  21. Once one team fills a head coaching vacancy, the scramble is on for the rest of them to fill theirs so that they can find good coordinators and assistant coaches. A team that waits for a coach bound for the Super Bowl could find that coach saddled with a coaching staff that’s likely to get him fired sooner rather than later.

  22. I wonder if he doesn’t interview well? No one seems to bring up this possibility. Sometimes people don’t interview well or say things off putting to a potential employer. It makes me curious…..

  23. Just stop already. He’ll get his chance when he gets his chance. If he happens to fail when he does get his shot, what y’all gonna say then? Hmmm…

  24. Hard to believe Bieniemy gets shut out. To top it off, David Cully will hire Lovie Smith to run his defense. That says loser right away.

  25. Some guys may just be cut out to be assistant coaches: Crenell, Caldwell, Lebeau etc. Maybe the guy doesn’t interview well. Besides, if I’m KC, I’m happy he hasn’t been promoted.

  26. In the meantime the Texans hire David Culley….smh. Bienemy is better off not being in middle of that trash organization anyway!!

  27. If a team wanted him bad enough they would wait until after the super bowl, he is either not that good or his past was just that bad

  28. How much longer does Andy Reid intend to coach? Perhaps Bienemy is the unofficial “coach in waiting” in KC. Chargers and Jags were the only hot jobs out there. Jets job was a tier below with the Lions, Texans, and Eagles jobs set up for failure. I’d much rather wait a year or two to coach Patrick Mahomes and company, even if it meant following a legend, than jumping to a dead end job working for a meddlesome or incompetent owner.

  29. Guess Eric Bieniemy doesn’t interview well.

  30. Seven teams interviewed this guy, and all seven turned him down ….. for some much less accomplished people.

    Deshaun Watson be damned; that says something very obvious about Eric Bieniemy.

  31. He’s probably fortunate to not have to go to Houston and deal with that dysfunctional franchise.

  32. Do we know for certain that he didn’t decline any offers? He’ll find his spot. If Cincy lays an egg in 2021, wouldn’t mind seeing him return home to the Bengals.

  33. When talking with friends, family or co-workers about career advancement I always try to stay objective. One if a guy has time to go on 7 interviews, what difference would it make if someone hired him ? Steve Sarkisian was hired as the New Head Coach at Texas, yet he remained as OC at Alabama and helped guide them to another National Championship. Why not in the NFL ? Two when someone doesn’t get a job, maybe they have to work on their skill set. You always have to be getting better. Ask for honest feedback from the people that interviewed you. Most will BS you and say someone else was a better fit;etc. Some will tell you, we’d like a some additional education, your computer skills aren’t where they need to be or your experience is one dimentional. In the case of Eric Bieniemy the Big flaw is that he is not calling the plays, Andy Reid calls the plays. When Matt Nagy was OC for Andy Reid, he called the plays and went on to become a Head Coach. When you see that EB doesn’t call the plays as someone hiring a Head Coach you have to ask Why ? Does he not fully understand the Offense ?, does he make bad situational choices ? Can he not read Defenses ? There is something wrong and if your career depended on who you hired to be the Head Coach you would think twice about hiring EB. If he is a “Bad Interview ” practice interviewing. Work with Andy Reid to become the play caller next year. EB will get interviewed again next year. Will he be ready ?

  34. Sad that EB didn’t get a gig this year but happy that he’ll be in KC another year. If nothing else, he’ll replace Andy when the time comes.

  35. Maybe prospective teams see his success as more due to having Patrick Mahomes than his actual coaching prowess.

  36. There are a lot of boxes to be ticked off before an owner will commit the teams future to an individual. I think it is safe to say Eric hasn’t ticked off all of them.
    Dick LeBeau was an outstanding defensive coordinator for 100 years in the NFL. He was a head coach for 2. It didn’t take long to see that as a head coach, he was a great defensive coordinator. Eric is a great offensive coordinator for an acknowledged great HC.

  37. To be fair, there’s plenty of history of successful coordinators that did not make good NFL head coaches so teams are correct in being leery of these “credentials.” Cam Cameron and Norv Turner come to mind. What about the “genius” Adam Gase when he left Denver?

    Let’s be honest, coaching offence is a whole lot easier when you have three all pros at their respective skill positions in Mahomes, Hill and Kelce. The rest of the offence ain’t too shabby either.

    So perhaps he interviews poorly and doesn’t feel like someone that can take on the CEO task of a head coach. He’ll likely get his shot eventually but not this year.

  38. Hey a Rap sheet shuts a lot of doors!! You have to be careful not to close doors while you are young

  39. Maybe he’s not a great interview and teams don’t believe he can be a great head coach? Maybe.

  40. I agree Bieniemy is immensely qualified. What about the rumors that his interviews did not go well? Any truth to that?

  41. NFL teams aren’t allowed to hire coaches off another team’s staff until that team’s season is over, and teams sometimes decide not to wait for a coach in the Super Bowl.

    And this mentality is a major reason why certain franchises suck year after year. They think that extra 2 weeks of putting together a staff is actually going to help them get some type of massive head start. So they hire a sub optimal coach to get the ball rolling and then are looking again in 2 years or less.

    Either let them “hire” a coach that is still playing the season, or these owners / GMS need to learn that 2 weeks or so isn’t really going to matter much in the grand scheme of things. However if they were that intelligent they wouldn’t be looking for coaches every couple years anyway.

  42. I listened to a podcast that said the scuttlebutt was that he was less prepared than other candidates. He should get interviews so he can improve his presentation. But it’s up to him to improve his presentation.

  43. I agree that a deep playoff run often hurts a potential coach. Which makes it all the more shocking that in 2019 the Bengals chose to wait for Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor to finish the Super Bowl, rather than hiring Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, who had lost the AFC title game.

  44. I don’t follow the Chiefs too closely but is it true Bieniemy doesn’t actually call the offensive plays and it’s Reid getting that credit? Perhaps some of the closer KC fans can answer that. And if true, all this makes a little more sense.

  45. Perhaps he doesn’t interview well, or maybe it’s because he is not the primary signal caller for the offense. What has he done without Andy Reid?

  46. Fair or not the billionaires have spoken.

    I thought Josh McDaniels would be a hot candidate as well, but he must turn owners off as well in interviews. Could that be the case with Eric Bieniemy.

    I think KC has struck gold with Mahomes and he makes everyone look like a better coach and player.

  47. Being in the Super Bowl in consecutive years should help his case. The Falcons waited until after the Super Bowl to hire Dan Quinn so it’s not unprecedented. If Houston wanted Bieniemy or Todd Bowles they would have waited.

  48. I can’t help but think that the shadow of Matt Nagy is hanging over Bienemy. If Nagy had turned around Trubisky, and won more games with the Bears, we might be talking about Bienemy landing a HC job. The question that always lingers with these OCs and DCs are: how much credit do they deserve for the success of their squads? Sometimes it seems they deserve more than the HC (I’m thinking of Reich vs. Peterson in Philly with Wentz). Of course, “seems” is the key word as perception is everything. I’m guessing the Chiefs are kicking their heals right now and Bienemy is probably not overly disappointed to not be coaching the Texans.

  49. “No one disputes that he has all the credentials” I think what you mean to say is no one in the media disputes he has all the credentials but obviously the teams hiring head coaches this yr and last dispute it.

  50. Maybe after the UNMITIGATED disaster that is Matt Nagy in Chicago, teams have soured on Andy Reid assistants.

  51. Andy Reid is 63 and in a perfect position to transition into a high paying media job and semi-retirement. Eric Bieniemy is the perfect head coach in waiting with Patrick Mahomes as QB and a chance to be together for the next ten years. Could it be that other teams understand this dynamic and nothing more?

  52. Sometimes you are a victim of your own success…This rule does need to be changed to allow these candidates the opportunity they deserve.
    Amazed how much hype this story gets for a guy who is really just administrating someone else’s offense aka Andy Reid.With the best roster in the NFL.He might be the next Lombardi but he could also be the next Adam Gase.
    Happens every year that someone becomes a media darling and outrage breaks out over them not getting hired.Hope he gets a chance at some point but nobody needs to be losing sleep over this like the media would like us to do.

  53. Not going to feel sorry for a guy who is ten days away from putting his hands on the lombardi

    Sometimes in life, we becomes victims of our own success. This seems like such a case. If he’s as good as advertised, he will get his HC role when the time is right.

  54. 1. Maybe because of the rap sheet in his previous life or
    2. Teams perceive Andy Reid as the real brain behind the scheme

    No other reason for him to be shut out

  55. Just holdout until next year Coach Bieniemy, then come home to Minnesota as HC.

  56. Is it possible that he doesn’t interview well or cannot effectively communicate his vision for the organization? Reading some the articles about recent the recent hires, most of them talk about the candidate impressing the team during the interview (see the Culley article). I find it hard to believe that Bieniemy isn’t getting a HC job strictly based on his race.

  57. All in all, blessing in disguise. There honestly wasn’t many viable options available this year anyway.

  58. Let’s be honest… This is more about the fact that he’s coaching in the Super Bowl. When’s the last time a coach was hired after the SB? It puts that team very far behind in finding coordinators, assistants, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of the last times a coach was “hired” before his season was over was when the Colts tried to hire Josh McDaniels. Without pen to paper, he backed out weeks later and put them in a tough spot.

    This isn’t a slap in the face, but more a victim of circumstance.

  59. Or did he decide he didn’t want to be part of the disfunctional teams that needed a coach. The other disadvantage he has in an interview is he has less time to study the team he is interviewing with compared to coaches that are out of the playoffs.

  60. Is this guy a jerk or something? Does he rub people the wrong way? You’d think a guy in Reid’s staff, running one of the best offenses you’ll see, would get more than a sniff. Something doesn’t seem right, and no I don’t mean race.

  61. Bieniemy would have been a great hire in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, or Jacksonville. Maybe he dodged a bullet in Houston. And he’s about to win another Super Bowl. His time will come, hopefully.

    That said, I am ecstatic for David Culley. He deserves this opportunity and has even more experience than the Kansas City OC.

  62. has anyone thought for a moment that maybe… just maybe… reid is planning on retiring if they win?

  63. What’s all the hype about EB? He doesn’t call the plays. They act like he’s the greatest play caller in football.

  64. Reid needs to let him call plays or he needs to go somewhere else to do it. LaFluer left the Rams for the Titans because he knew he’d need to call plays to be considered for head coaching jobs and McVay wasn’t giving that up.

  65. “Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is earning praise for his job at the helm of that offense.”


    Bieniemy can thank Adam Gase and Josh McDaniels (along with the owner’s/GM’s determination to not let the “inmates run the prison”) for Houston not waiting for Bieniemy to become avaiable and hiring Culley instead. Like offensive coordinators Gase and McDaniels, Bieniemy has a great QB so who is really running the offense? Owners decided it couldn’t be ALL Manning and Brady and hired those guys as head coaches–only for both men to flounder without a great QB. New Jersey, in an amazing display of stupidity much appreciated by the other AFC East teams, even gave Gase another shot. Not only does Bieniemy have the best QB in the game today, he also is coordinating for one of the best offensive minds in the game today. So, yeah, it is fair for owners to wonder how integral Bieniemy is to KC’s success and how successful he will be when he doesn’t have Mahomes. The second part of the question is where Houston really screwed up as they have arguably the 2nd best young QB in the game today.

  66. Maybe it has something to do with him being busy with the Super Bowl two years in a row while the hiring is hot.

  67. I think we have to consider that maybe he’s rally bad at interviewing for head coaching jobs. Or he makes demands about control that owners and GMs are not willing to concede.

  68. The problem is that he’s not really “at the helm” of the Chiefs offense; as long as Reid is there calling plays. It doesn’t help that there’s a long list of failed coaches who were offensive coordinators carried by elite QBs. He either needs to wait/hope/plan to take over for Reid, or find an offensive coordinator/assistant head coach job with more responsibility.

  69. Bieniemy’s history is what is holding him back. Quite a few companies would throw this guys job application in the garbage once his background check came back.

  70. Expatnyker2018 says:
    January 28, 2021 at 8:58 am
    Reid’s successor?


    Exactly what I think! Stay the course, KC HC at some point…

  71. Wrong, a lot of people dispute that he has all the credentials to get called up to a head-coaching job. That’s why he didn’t get one.

    When all you do is relay play calls from the head coach to the QB, people will wonder how much credit you deserve

  72. Perhaps the plan all along is if the chiefs win Reid rides off into the sunset and hands the reins Eric

  73. The fact he hasn’t been hired after all the interviews tells the tale that his credentials are being disputed.
    By all accounts Reid designed the offense and calls the plays in KC. What exactly does Bienemy do? Pair that with some questionable past incidents and you have a risky hire. A risk that teams haven’t been willing to take.

  74. Maybe he’s just not HC material. How many times have coordinators been given jobs as HC on a team and failed? Reid calls the plays in that offense. Teams may be finding out that Bieniemy is just a good coordinator in the right position for the right time and he isn’t ready to lead a team yet.
    But I guess everything has to be a conspiracy.

  75. Maybe he doesn’t like the HC vacancies?
    Maybe teams are wary that he doesn’t call plays and his OC title is more a formality (Andy Reid is the real OC).
    Maybe he doesn’t interview well?
    Maybe teams are wary of his violent past?
    Maybe he’s Andy Reid’s heir apparent a la Josh McDaniels

  76. Is it possible there is more to this story that the casual fan does not know? Finding it implausible that he has been turned away over a dozen times if there isn’t some underlying reason. Maybe he doesn’t interview worth a hooie? Maybe he is just cut out to be a great OC and not a middling HC? And is that really so bad?

  77. Is it possible that he doesn’t interview well? Is it possible others are more qualified? Coaching Mahomes doesn’t mean your a genius.

  78. From the outside looking in, it sure seems that the Chiefs and their high scoring offense is all about Andy Reid. Who is calling the plays now? I see Reid and Bieniemy holding large play cards on the sidelines last week. I’m always leery of hiring OC’s or DC’s that aren’t actually the OC or DC of that team.

  79. Exactly conormacleod. Let’s stop making this about something it isn’t. Many factors at play here. One, he’s coaching deep into post seasons. Two, perception that Andy Reid is really the brains behind this, not to mention Mahomes greatness. Three, struggles of Nagy and Pederson offenses after they left Reid doesn’t help. And not to mention Bieniemy’s not so perfect legal record…granted most of that stuff was a long time ago, but still.

  80. How many head coaching jobs did Ray Lewis get defensive coordinators? – A lot.

    How many were successful head coaches – None

    Just because he is the offensive coordinator of the most dynamic offensive player in the

    league does not mean he is head coaching material, plus he may not interview well.

    John Harbaugh was a special teams coach, interviewed well, now some day he will be in


  81. hard to hand over the keys to a franchise to a guy that was an RB coach for 16 years and an offensive assistant to Andy Reid for the last 2.

  82. How many Patriot coordinators were hired as head coaches because of Brady and Belichick’s success only to fail miserably.

  83. This is hilarious.

    The only people pushing Bieniemy as the “star” minority candidate gets embarrassed because their picked horse never wins, starts making excuses. How about accepting the fact that he might not be a great head coaching material as you think?

    Seriously, if a team really believed he’s the right man, they’ll do anything to get him. Including waiting just one week longer until the SB.

  84. Maybe he’s satisfied with the great amount of success he’s having. Many coordinators get poached as HCs and end up being nothing. He’s doing a great job where he is, he’s winning Super Bowls, he’s got an incredible team, why throw all that away for a promotion? It’s not like he’s living paycheck to paycheck and desperately needs the boost in pay.

  85. One thing I’ve gotta say… Watching the AFC Championship game, I thought the innovation in the Chiefs’ offensive game plan was amazing (especially the use of shovel passes to receivers crossing behind the line). I couldn’t help thinking the Bucs defensive staff were going to have their hands full trying to stop the multiple threats. And I think Bienemy had a lot to do with it.

    Part of the problem is, no one can really talk to him until after the Super Bowl, and most teams want their coaches and staffs in place prior to the Senior Bowl (this weekend).

    Hopefully he’ll get his shot next year.

  86. It can be argued Mike Zimmer did more with far less during his time with the Cincinnati Bengals and it took him years to get hired.

  87. I’m a KC fan and I’m not really sure how good he is. I honestly think it’s all Andy Reid. Maybe EB just isn’t that good???

  88. How often do offensive coordinators who coach historically great QB’s work out as he0ad coaches?

    More often than the defensive guys.

    But the volume of hires are skewed toward the offense, also.

  89. If the NFL wanted to make this process fair, they would institute a hiring freeze until the Super Bowl was played.

  90. How many head coaching jobs did Ray Lewis get defensive coordinators? – A lot.

    How many were successful head coaches – None

    Marvin Lewis was extremely successful.

    He overhauled one of the worst organizations in pro sports history.

  91. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if eliminated teams were barred from making any moves or interviews until after the playoffs are concluded

  92. Marvin Lewis was extremely successful.

    He overhauled one of the worst organizations in pro sports history.
    Extremely successful? I guess I missed his Lombardi presentation.

  93. a couple things are prob at play here…1. he’s clearly a bad interview and 2. teams prob know that the offence is reid’s not bieniemy’s and saw what matt nagy ( who many were calling a genius)did with the bears and that is enough for them not to take a flyer

  94. Stop using the Super Bowl as an EXCUSE:

    Brian Flores, hired after SB LIII.
    Matt Patrica, hired after SB LII.
    Kyle Shanahan, hired after SB LI.
    Dan Quinn, hired after SB XLIX.

    If he was any good, teams would have waited just like every other previous post-SB hires.

  95. Few years ago Lions DC (when they had Suh and a top 3 defense) Teryl Austin was just like this. Had interviews w everybody but never got a HC job. I guess sometimes teams see the players these coaches have to work with and think maybe it’s the players getting the results and not the coach. Where is Teryl Austin today with Suh and Levy? Where would Beinemy be without Hill, Mahomes and Kelce?

  96. Yeah, we wouldn’t want a coordinator who doesn’t call plays. Much better to get the WR coach with a track record of coaching receiver groups who rarely catch passes.

  97. Man, I wish a team would hire EB, so I wouldn’t have to hear media complain non-stop about him. So tiresome and irritating.

  98. I learned a lot about about OCs in this thread. How all they do is show up on Sunday and call plays. EB runs the practice every week. He AND REID both design the game plan every week. HE AND REID both call plays. You see it if you ever pay attention to the sideline. Something tells me we was staying away from the dumpster fire that is Houston.

  99. MortimerInMiami says:
    January 28, 2021 at 7:02 am

    What has he accomplished without Mahomes and Reid?
    How many Patriot assistants were hired as HC because of Brady and Belichick only to fail miserably

    Well, they were hired.

  100. Let’s see. He has Andy Reid telling him what plays to call and then he has Patrick Mahomes and a bevy of uber talented players to execute those plays. It doesn’t seem like that formula for success will be portable to another team.

  101. Not all teams want a Head Coach who is a type triple A personality. They don’t really want someone who is a true leader of men. They want a yes man they can somewhat control.

    Most of the teams who are firing their coaches – are perpetual dumpster fires, owned by a billionaire who doesn’t really know beans about football, let alone pro-football. They’ve also had a carousel of general managers who shouldn’t be in control of an NFL team either.

    Reid was fortunate in the timing of the decision – when he was dumped by the Eagles after a few year stretch which followed a remarkably successful several year stretch of success.

    The KC job was wide open and Clark Hunt was going on his 2nd front office re-do. Reid sized up everything on offer in Kansas City and jumped at the opportunity.

    EB is enjoying phenomenal success as the OC in KC, further refining his craft. Maybe next year or the year after – some pretty good team is going to need a new head coach and they won’t be afraid to hire someone of EB’s quality of character.

    They’ll practically jump at the opportunity to do so. They also won’t be a dumpster fire.

  102. Gosh this is such a mystery. I have no idea why one of the top coordinators can’t get a head coaching job.

  103. As others have already said, if KC feels he’s a good potential HC candidate then they should groom him for the job in 2-3 years, and that would probably make him happy.

    I also want to add that we all know that hiring a HC is not any kind of science. It’s like a first round draft pick – although it appears it’s much MUCH harder to hit on a HC hire – but it’s a gamble, and there are really no “sure things”.

    So whether EB interviews well or was prepared or checks the boxes or not, we’re not talking about NFL teams being some kind of hiring authority with a strong track record for success. Maybe 15-20% of the league fires their head coaches every year, which is a clear indicator that “the right guys” aren’t being found consistently.

    In other words – EB has his flaws (just like every candidate), and so do all of the organizations.

  104. Can we get feedback from someone who has actually been in an interview with this guy. Just because he’s a minority that’s popular with the players doesn’t mean he’s qualified.

  105. He needs to go through an interview workshop. Something ain’t quite right here.

  106. So many teams have big needs at the HC position, and are looking to hire the people they think will best lead a team.

    Over the last several years, we’ve seen several black HC hires. Lynn, Frazier, Morris, Jackson, Bowles, Joseph, Wilks, etc.

    This tells me that teams are not declining to hire people they would otherwise want just because they’re black.

    If someone who works with one of the recognized best coaches in the game, and with one of the most successful programs in the game, is getting interviewed but isn’t getting hired, then I’m guessing there are reasons for that which we don’t see.

    I say this as someone who thinks that Lynn and Caldwell should still have the jobs they were fired from, and that the Falcons should have given Morris a shot.

  107. As good as he may be, it’s because he’s under Andy Reid, and that’s Reid’s offense. Teams don’t want to make a Pats coordinator mistake, where they all underperform after leaving Belichik.

  108. I think a lot of owners want yes men as coaches. Eric B. from everything I understand is not afraid to go in and tell it all like he sees it. This I imagine doesn’t mesh well with the massive egos of a lot of owners / team presidents.

  109. Cant outrun repeated past bad behavior…Am I the only one who thinks having a head coach with a violent past is a bad idea?

  110. If I’m EB, I’m not losing sleep on not getting the job of HC of a poverty franchise like Houston. I’m licking my chops at the prospect of inheriting the Chiefs.

  111. Extremely successful? I guess I missed his Lombardi presentation.

    The Bengals were one of the worst organizations in pro sports history.

    Marvin Lewis turned them into a perennial Playoff team, in the toughest Division in the NFL.

    .. and look what has happened since. Right back to the same old Mike Brown dumpster fire.

    Yes. Marvin Lewis was extremely successful.

  112. 1990 Bengals – lost Divisional Playoff

    7 seasons 12 or losses or more, 5 seasons 13 losses or more
    2 more seasons with 10 losses
    1 season at .500
    Team record 55-137…. .286 win%

    Marvin Lewis, 2003-2018
    10 seasons .500 or better, including his first 4
    7 Playoff trips, 5 in a row, 6 of 7 at one point
    .518 win%, almost double what it was prior to his arrival

  113. For the second year he is in the Superbowl. Name one coordinator hired before their te was eliminated in the NFl. It’s not checkers not chess. Nobody wanted to wait

  114. Brian Flores was hired by Dolphins the day following the Pats SuperBowl win, were he Defensive Coach. Frank Reich was the OC of the Philly Eagles, following their SuperBowl win, he was hired by the Colts. The losing OC in the Superbowl, M. Patricia became the HC of the Lions..

  115. Maybe Eric is just happy where he’s at. I’m sure he’s making plenty of money, He’s coaching the highest powered offence in the league, with the best QB in the NFL, best TE in the NFL, and arguably the best WR in the NFL. Going to back to back Super Bowl’s with possibly more to come. And when Big Red retires, Eric can step right up and keep on trucking. Not a bad gig.

  116. Last time I checked he has a pretty public rap sheet. Employers tend to put a lot of weight into what kind of person you are.

    My guess is prospective employers would gravitate toward someone without a criminal record and all of the smoke of possible sex trafficking as you run away from your coaching job faster than your combine time.

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