Matt Rhule: “Very urgent” to have QB who makes plays in crucial situations

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
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Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said early this month that the team will “look at every opportunity to have the best we can have at every position” including quarterback as they head into the 2021 season.

Their starting quarterback in 2020 was Teddy Bridgewater, who Rhule said “has to have a tremendous offseason” if he’s going to remain in that job after a season that saw the Panthers lose a lot of close games when the offense failed to make plays down the stretch.

Speaking from the Senior Bowl on Wednesday, Rhule discussed what traits he’s looking for in a quarterback. One of them was closely related to how those one-score games played out last year.

“Just in general, I think you want someone who’s elitely intelligent. I think you want someone who’s a tremendous leader,” Rhule said, via Alaina Getzenberg of the Charlotte Observer. “I think you want someone who’s accurate. I think you want someone who has arm talent to make all the throws. And I think you want someone who has a history of making plays in crucial situations, that’s just very urgent.”

With the eighth pick in the draft and a lot of potential movement involving quarterbacks around the league, the Panthers will have options to check the boxes on Rhule’s list. How they do so will provide a big hint about where Bridgewater will stand in the pecking order.

16 responses to “Matt Rhule: “Very urgent” to have QB who makes plays in crucial situations

  1. Bridgewater is a much more proven QB than Rhule is as an NFL coach. Fact is that the Panthers look like what they are – a mediocre team talent wise overall with an amateur NFL coaching staff.

  2. There are teams ahead of them that need QBs. They either trade up or take the 4th rated qb prospect, which may be a reach with the 8th pick. And the rest of the team needs to improve as well.

  3. As a Panthers fan, I would personally like to see what it would cost to bring Stafford to Charlotte. With as horrible as our offensive line is, we really need to solidfy that before we even think about putting a young rookie QB back there. Trading for Stafford would be an instant upgrade over Bridgewater and would give the Panthers the arm they need for their offense while allowing them to focus at other positions in the draft.

  4. Perhaps needs to consider the team surrounding the qb. Remember Bridgewater going 5-0 against tough teams with the saints the prior season.

  5. Bridgewater is a very good backup. Hes just not a starter. This season was the same as his first 2 seasons in Minnesota.

  6. It’s very urgent for the coach who had a dose of reality out of the college bubble this year. How many losing seasons until he starts worrying about his legacy? I give it three max.

  7. Teddy is a high floor low ceiling player. Would be a great backup or a good bridge quarterback or Trent Dilfer type on a team with a great defense.

  8. No offense Matt, but try upgrading that college scheme to a real NFL offense and your results might improve.

  9. Zach Wilson should be their guy.. This team will improve and get further down the draft in the next years. Dont pass on the opportunity. Teddy is an awesome guy and very good bridge kind of QB but at some point he doesnt move the needle enough.

  10. You can spend your whole career looking for that. Better learn how to win with what you have. The honey moon will soon be over for Rhule and he won’t be getting praised for losing starting next year.

  11. They built their offense around a guy who was hurt all year, with a game manager type QB. Then with no healthy weapons, they expected the game manager QB to miraculously turn into one of those elite arm QBs who takes over games. There aren’t many of those guys in the league. At least 2/3 of teams have to try to win without one.

  12. You guys are reading to much into this. He is doing the same thing he did last year. Saying one thing and doing another. Rhule knows his O Line is priority one in this draft. I don’t care who you have playing QB, if they cannot block for you it is over. Look for the Panther’s to draft O Line and maybe a stud on defense this draft.

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