Report: Raiders receiver Nelson Agholor told teammates “they sucked” after loss to Dolphins

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Raiders’ first season in Las Vegas busted on a Saturday night against the Dolphins, when Miami pulled off a ridiculously unlikely come-from-behind win fueled by a horrible defensive call, a bad coverage, and a grab and twist of Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s facemask that made him look like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

After the game, Raiders receiver Nelson Agholor had some choice words for his teammates.

Via Vic Tafur of, “Agholor . . . said his teammates were selfish and didn’t work hard enough, and that they had quit against the Dolphins as well as in the previous two losses. He said there was no accountability in the locker room, and on winning teams players play for one another and the coaches. . . . Agholor told his teammates that they sucked.”

Agholor’s diatribe punctuates the failure of the Raiders to thrive in 2020, or in coach Jon Gruden’s prior two years with the team. The Raiders have underachieved, but Gruden won’t be accountable because the owner remains smitten with the idea of Gruden coaching the team, despite the team’s struggles when Gruden is coaching it.

As to Agholor, he becomes a free agent in March. It will be interesting to see whether he decides to stay with the Raiders — or whether Gruden still wants Agholor around.

34 responses to “Report: Raiders receiver Nelson Agholor told teammates “they sucked” after loss to Dolphins

  1. Good for him. Teammates had it coming. Sometimes you have to let it out. Just like comedian Sam Kinison!

  2. Well he’s not wrong. If the Raiders had brought the same preparation, passion and execution they did in both games against the Chiefs to the rest of their season they would have been in the playoffs.

  3. The Raiders have “underachieved” under Gruden? That would require that they “should” have done better than they have. Why do you figure that? He walked into a poor roster in need of a rework, and that takes times, whether he’s going to eventually succeed or not.

  4. Good for Nelson! People ragged on him for not being competitive in Philadelphia, but if he called out his teammates good for him. Raiders had pretty high expectations, and they fell short. Couldn’t even qualify for the post season. But I guess their SuperBowl was beating the Chiefs 40-32…

  5. Finally someone said it! This team lacks toughness and attitude and will. They’ve fell apart two years in a row down the stretch. We have very few difference makers and Gruden is struggling.

  6. I don’t blame Agholor at all. I’d be mad too. But I’d pump the brakes a little on Gruden. The Raiders only had one winning season in the 15 years before Gruden got there. He started with a very bad roster, and their record has improved the last two years. They’re trending in the right direction, and they beat the Chiefs and Saints this year. Most of the winning teams have elite QB’s. The Raiders do not. Gruden is doing a good job, so far. We saw what Bill Belichick could do without Tom Brady. He didn’t do as good as Gruden, so having an elite QB is important, even for the greatest coach of all time. Why would we hold Gruden to a higher standard than Belichick? Bill couldn’t get to the playoffs, and he had Cam Newton, a former NFL MVP as his QB. And now Tom Brady has Tampa Bay in the super bowl, so it’s pretty obvious that the league is really all about the QB.

  7. Finally, someone on the team tells the truth. It was easy to see watching!!! Big ups to you Agholor, you brought your career back to life with the Raiders and it was clear you were all in.

    The rest………………oh well, stew on that in the offseason!!!!

  8. “but Gruden won’t be accountable because the owner remains smitten with the idea of Gruden coaching the team, despite the team’s struggles when Gruden is coaching it.”

    Not sure if his being smitten is as important as the financial side of things. That 10-year deal of Gruden’s is reportedly fully guaranteed, meaning if he was fired today Davis would be paying him NOT to coach for 7 more years. Gruden is going to get probably 3-4 more years at minimum before there’s even a possibility of him being canned because no way does Davis want to be paying multiple coaches at the same time.

  9. Someone had to say it. Might as well be someone on the other side of the ball that watched their defense get torched week after week.

  10. The Raiders need receivers. William was bust. Ruggs never got going and got passed by. Agholor and Renfrow were the best wide receivers the Raiders had. They need to keep Agholor. WR is a hot commodity this offseason. Not too many FA’s.

  11. What we need over the offseason is an Agholor/Gurden filmed lunch date.

    Please God, make it happen!

  12. Raiders pretty much choke every yr – doesn’t matter who coaches them. Why is this news to anyone? They’re gonna pay Chucky $100mill and have nothing to show for it. LMAO

  13. He’s not wrong! Chuckie was given a winning club and has remade it into a middle of the pack, not going to make a significant jump upward, underperformer.

    Everybody is trying to build offenses that can hold serve. The truly successful clubs can make a defensive stop. The raiders dont have that.

  14. a team’s personality is a reflection of their head coach- so selfish and concerned with image more than results on the field makes sense with chucky leading the way

  15. mlhigh77 says:
    January 30, 2021 at 4:41 am
    When have the Raiders not sucked?

    The last time Gruden was there.

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