Robert Saleh: Sam Darnold is an “unbelievable talent”

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Everyone has the Jets in the quarterback market, either drafting one with the second overall choice or trading for one. Deshaun Watson reportedly prefers playing for Robert Saleh and in the New York market, if the Texans submit to the quarterback’s request to trade him.

But what about Sam Darnold?

Saleh spoke highly of Darnold at his introductory press conference, noting there’s a reason Darnold was the third overall choice.

Saleh sounds sold on Darnold’s talent, reiterating his belief in the quarterback during an appearance on the Huddle and Flow podcast with Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter.

“He is an unbelievable talent,” Saleh said on the podcast, via Chris Franklin of “There’s a reason why he was the third overall pick. Just watch the tape. Production aside, just watch the player. He’s got tremendous mobility. He’s got arm talent, fearless, smart, and he’s a quick, precise decision-maker. He’s loved in the locker room, and people adore him around this building.”

The Jets Offense under Mike LaFleur is going to be a Gary Kubiak-look-alike with zone-running schemes and play action. So Darnold could fit.

“If you look at it, he would instantly become the most mobile quarterback that the system’s ever had aside from maybe Jake Plummer when he with Denver,” Saleh said. “Just from a mobility standpoint, to be able to create off schedule the way he does, he’d probably be one of the better ones that the system’s ever had.”

Of course, Watson would fit even better, but Saleh cannot and would not talk about Watson, who is under contract with the Texans.

“There’s a lot of time before April to have a million different discussions, and wherever those discussions lead are where we are going to go in terms of making the best decision to get our organization better,” Saleh said.

13 responses to “Robert Saleh: Sam Darnold is an “unbelievable talent”

  1. He would be the most mobile QB that system has ever had since Jeremy Bates ran the same system with Sam Darnold as his QB in 2018.

  2. Robert Saleh: Sam Darnold is an “unbelievable talent”

    Translation: Jack, you’re going to LOVE these magic beans, and you can have then today for the low, low price of just . . .

  3. Darnold has the ability to be a very good NFL QB in the right system and with good coaching, which he hasn’t had previously.

  4. Saleh was in San Francisco when they went to the super bowl with Jimmy Garoppolo. A defensive coach has to watch a lot of tape on opposing QB’s to see what they can do and what they can’t do. Darnold is heads and shoulders better than Garoppolo, and so Saleh knows he has the QB to get him to the super bowl. Now it’s the rest of the roster. Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams, their two best defenders are gone, so there’s a lot of work to do. But at least the most important roster slot is taken, and the most difficult thing to find, an elite QB, is already in place. Coaches often twist things, but give Saleh a break. He’s actually being very honest with us.

  5. QBs in the NFL are becoming like formula one drivers. Unless you are driving the car for the best team, you are looking to move up. And the owners are like F1 owners, always looking to see if they can replace their driver with a better one. Rodgers would be dumb to force a trace from Green Bay…unless he can go to a team like the Colts which is literally a QB away from Super Bowl contention. Darnold has talent and a moderately high ceiling, but he was the QB for a totally dysfunctional team that really had no hope of contending. It’s not like he’s Josh Rosen, Darnold flashed talent for a really terrible team. He’s won some games, not all of those wins were flukes.

  6. Saleh is trying to sell the Texans on Darnold and save one of the 1st round picks it will take to acquire Watson. Smart move, especially considering the track record of his target audience.

  7. Darnold needs to be reworked..a new coach …some interior lineman ..a receiver who gets open ..would definitely help

  8. Watch tape of Darnold from 2018 and now and you can just see how Bates kept his feet moving. In December 2018 highest rated QB in NFL per PFF dot commerce. Hes going to be 24 next year. How about some patience instead of throwing away 3 number ones to pay somebody who just went 4-12 40 mil a year. Or draft someone and trade Sam. Or trade pick and have three ones next year.

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