David Culley says he knows Deshaun Watson is going to be a Texan

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Texans coach David Culley knows he’ll be coaching Deshaun Watson this season. Or so he says.

At his introductory press conference today, Culley expressed confidence that Watson will be his quarterback.

“Deshaun Watson is a Houston Texan; he’s the quarterback of the Houston Texans,” Culley said, via the Houston Chronicle. “That’s all that I was concerned about and that’s all I knew and whatever has been said about what he wanted to do or didn’t want to do, all I know is this . . . He is a Houston Texan and I want him to be a Houston Texan, and the reason I’m in this position today is because I knew he is going to be a Houston Texan.”

But the reality is, Culley doesn’t know that. Watson wants to be traded and has not given Culley or anyone else any assurance that he’s willing to play for the Texans at all. So while Culley certainly hopes he’ll be coaching Watson, there’s no guarantee he will be.

50 responses to “David Culley says he knows Deshaun Watson is going to be a Texan

  1. Time for an article on how much it would cost Watson to sit out 2021 and what the cap ramifications are for the team to keep him on the reserve/didn’t report list with Watson being able to show up once the team is up against the cap.

  2. Come out at your introductory press conference and dig in against your franchise QB, that sounds like a good idea, right? If I was a player, executive, or a fan associated with the Texans, I would be running for the hills. JJ Watt is going to be the next guy who wants out of Houston. Imagine losing #1 overall pick Jadeveon Clowney, then the next year losing All-Pro Deandre Hopkins, and then the next offseason losing franchise QB Deshaun Watson and JJ Watt who is the best player in Texans history. What a disaster. Bring back the Oilers.

  3. I wonder if he knows that the combination of cotton , mesh, and rubber doesn’t taste too well .

  4. Culley does not yet know what he knows and what he does not know about his roster. Not a good start for the Texans HC.

  5. I’m sure Culley, Easterby, and McNair prayed on it so it’s solid info.

    The reality is all parties are better off with a trade. This is a 4 win team even with Watson next year so why try to force him to stay?

  6. You may want it to be true, Coach, but you aren’t going to be able to wish this into being. Truth is, he’s already gone. The dumpster that is the Texans organization has already had the match tossed in. Not much you can do to put out this fire. There is a long rebuild ahead and it will be from the ground up.

  7. I’m getting HUGE ass kisser vibes from this coach. After watching his press conference, I wouldn’t let this man lead my team to the lunchroom. This was the best the Texans could do??? Really??

  8. LOL! Sounds like first time HC, Grandpa, butter up media props for his disgruntled star. Culley is out of touch. Great hire, said no one ever.

  9. I hope for his sake, it is Deshaun Watson, but if it’s not, I really hope he’s the quarterback for my Vikings bc in the grand scheme of things, they’res pat Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, and playoff version of Tom Brady and that’s the hierarchy of quarterbacking.. Playoff Tom Brady is ridiculous compared to regular season Brady… I mean come on, this guys 43 years old… He’s gonna be playing at 45… just wow..

  10. Coach speak for stay positive. Either way with the rest of the roster as is they go 5-11.

  11. I’m sorry which year was Watson the MVP? Which year was Watson the touchdown leader? Which year did he end the year leading in passing yards? Which season did he win the division title? Which season did he lead the Texans to the Superbowl? Which season did he lead his team to a record of 14-2 or 15-1? Why all the fuss about this average quarterback?

  12. Most of the takes I hear are that Watson is worth all kinds of picks etc in return because he he is young franchise QB who will solve a team’s QB issues. I’m sure that is what McNair thought when he gave Watson huge money 4 months ago. The reality is that what you are getting is a young franchise QB as long as he doesn’t change his mind. Again. I’d be surprised if Houston trades him.

  13. It only helps to be adamant that a player under contract is wanted and will be on the team. You admit to giving up, the market drops.

  14. Contract or no contract, you can not make someone work if they do not want to do so. As they say, Lincoln freed the slaves.

    Mending fences with Watson HAS to be job #1 for the team, which has managed to do nothing but dig itself into a huge hole.

  15. Watson has no leverage and will be cullens starting quarterback. What should be up for debate is can Watson coming off a career year finally elevate his team with his talent and leadership.

  16. I just read that Bucky Brooks of NFL.com says the Texans should make Watson honor his contract no matter what. That is an unexpected take. He says the Texans have ALL the leverage.

    So it’s up to Watson to either retire and give his money back… Or to re-commit to the contract HE signed and play?

    Man, this is a tough one.

  17. Telling an already disenfranchised player what he’s going to do is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

  18. You guys are all a joke.
    Front office has it under wraps. The only question to be asked is: will Watson play or will the team sit him. Nothing more. I cannot believe how delusional most of you are here. And for PFT to further keep their speculations going after a press conference from the team, just show how screwed up this all is. Reporting on football for 25 years doesn’t make you in the know.

    Are we really going to go through the weekend with Mike funnelling his trade rumour theories about this, or will he too concede that the team has a plan and let that play out?

  19. Culley just threw his first unsuccessful challenge flag. He gets one more and he’s out of time outs the rest of his tenure in Houston.

  20. New coach is already in the dumpster fire. He has no idea that if Watson wants out, he wants out. Nothing will stop him.

  21. Me first diva, teams win not selfish players. Trade him, someone out there is dumb enough to over pay for him.

  22. Read your contract, superstar. Then count all your 2020 wins on the fingers of your left hand. (You won’t need your thumb.)

  23. “Again….is Watson worth all this?”

    Again… is Jack Easterby worth all this? Because I know a top 5 QB is worth it.

  24. willieboy says:
    January 29, 2021 at 6:44 pm
    Watson has no leverage and will be cullens starting quarterback. What should be up for debate is can Watson coming off a career year finally elevate his team with his talent and leadership.
    No leverage? All he has to do now is threaten to sit out half the season. Tell me how many free-agents are going to be attracted to the Texans then. Without Watson and Fuller, the Texans would’ve been a 0-16 team. Good luck with the rebuild and the great hires!

  25. usfl4ever says:
    January 29, 2021 at 8:11 pm
    “Again….is Watson worth all this?”

    Again… is Jack Easterby worth all this? Because I know a top 5 QB is worth it.

    TOP 5 QB? NAH all of the top 5 QB were in the Playoffs!

    PS, it takes more than stats alone to make a QB top 5.

  26. Watson put up big numbers with a terrible team around him. He’s been good all the time. Watson on a good team could probably do big things.

  27. That was not a good message. Clearly Culley isn’t quite used to dealing with the media. If he could have honestly said “I’ve talked with DeShaun and I know …”, it would have been a great message. But to claim DeShaun WILL BE the QB is disingenuous and it totally ignores the fact that Watson has not retracted his demand to be traded.

  28. He also knows the Easter Bunny is real. Jack Easterbunny made him a head coach after being passing game coordinator of the #32 passing offense. Not even a coordinator, he just handled passing, and was worst in the league.

  29. If Desean is actually willing to withhold services (and I suspect he is), he has ALL the leverage.

    Because he trade value spoils after the NFL draft. The Texans, if they don’t trade him before then, will then have to punt value received all the way back to 2022 and 2023. That would be a management DISASTER.

    He will be traded before the NFL draft. To the Jets. For Darnold, the 2nd pick, and some other picks. How much will be a dance of death. But he’s gone.

    For the “get off my lawn” / “players need to shut up and play” crowd, you’re ridiculous. Always counting someone else’s money, trying to live someone else’s life.

    If you boss lied to your face about the terms of your job, you’d try to get out if you could as well.

    Cal McNair lied to Desean about EVERYTHING. To his FACE. Broke his word. Unless Desean Chickens out, is over. Worse case is he withholds at the beggining of the season like Carson Palmer did, and gets his way out midyear.

    But again, Texans would be DUMB to do that because they want/need 2021 draft value. They need value NOW. They suck. They have lost / are going to lose 4 star players in a span of 2.5 years. 5ish if you count Fuller, who no way in hell should resign there.

  30. The media is doing a really good job reporting Watson’s side of the story and fanning the flames. But the Texans side is not being reported.
    1. Watson agreed to a $156 million offer four months ago. Included in the contract was a $27 million bonus. Watson cashed the $27 million dollar check six months after Hopkins had been traded. This 27 million was paid up front but its cap impact will be split over five years. There is 21.6 million unamortized left.
    2. If Watson is traded the 21.6 million hits the Cap immediately. The Texans are already 17 million over the cap and trading Watson would be an additional 5.4 million hit. They lose cap money by trading Watson.
    3. I understand that Watson is a great QB and has good reasons to be upset at the Texans. But those reasons existed in September. If he was so upset he should not have signed the 6 year contract and cashed the 27 million dollar check.
    4. The only way a Watson trade is even feasible is if Watson agrees to reimburse the Texans for the unamortized bonus (21.6 million). The Texans can re-allocate the $21.6 million over the next three years as guaranteed salary because in the event of a trade the new team should be paying Watson and not the Texans.
    5. The message should be clear. If you do not like your team, don’t sign a 6 year extension and don’t cash a $27 million dollar check. And if you do don’t complain because you have no one to blame but yourself.

  31. Interpretation: We hold his rights…he’ll be a Texan. He might not play….but he will be a Texan.

    Citation: Barry Sanders

  32. crankybiatch says:
    January 30, 2021 at 9:15 am
    Interpretation: We hold his rights…he’ll be a Texan. He might not play….but he will be a Texan.

    Citation: Barry Sanders


    There’s a reason there’s never been another Barry Sanders situation in the last 20 years. Sanders walked away a rich man and Detroit was a laughing stock when Barry was there and is still a laughing stock until this day. Calvin Johnson also gives the Lions the middle finger. The Lions are the last team you should look to for the right way to do things.

    Please tell me again how Detroit should be the gold standard in dealing with contracts.

  33. When a player wants out and you can get trade value, you do it.

    Its like the news that my Ravens’ Orlando Brown wants to be paid like a Left Tackle. Clearly, Ravens can’t afford that. So if you can trade him for a future 1st plus, you do it. Because he ain’t staying.

    Trying to force players to stay places they don’t want to be is archaic. If you can get fair value, you can move on. Period.

  34. I can completely see Watson giving back money and saying take it and…you know…

    I would not blame him.

  35. Good for them. Don’t trade him. Continue to fine him. Send a message. This isn’t the NBA and never will be. You let this kind of thing happen and you’ll have rookies demanding to play where they want to play and we won’t have a draft anymore.,

  36. The Texans are a mess! They are the Detroit Lions of the AFC! They can’t get anything right! I would get as much as I could for Watson and move on! He is so overrated anyway! This guy is an average QB at best. So many people think he’s top tier! Why? Have you watched him play? Makes bad decisions, can’t read defenses, fumbles, poor clock Mgt. Etc..

  37. If Watson decides not to report to camp this summer, the new coach’s confidence could ebb quickly.

  38. gllmiaspr says:
    January 30, 2021 at 8:44 am

    3. “I understand that Watson is a great QB and has good reasons to be upset at the Texans. But those reasons existed in September”

    According to reports, Watson believes that he was lied to by Texans’ management about whether he would have input into the team’s GM and head coach hires. This allegedly happened this off-season. Regardless of what you may think about players having a role in these hires, teams shouldn’t tell them one thing and then do the opposite.

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