Free agency 2021 could look a lot like free agency 2020

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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In 2020, the pandemic dramatically changed free agency by preventing teams from visiting with and/or fully inspecting the health and well being of new arrivals. In 2021, the same formula could apply.

As Peter King explained on Friday’s PFT Live, he’s hearing that 2021 free agency could look a lot like 2020 free agency, with no visits and limited physicals. This means that, for players who are recovering from any type of injury, it could become difficult to find a landing spot.

The fact that the NFL has essentially scrapped the Scouting Combine proves that, even though the NFL is poised to play all of its games in 2020, the pandemic will continue to restrict the offseason, in various ways. Indeed, with the draft only three months away, it’s hard to imagine a “normal” selection process and it seems much more likely that it will be virtual, again.

The good news is that, with vaccines being administered, things could be much different by the time the 2021 season rolls around. From a revenue standpoint, the NFL desperately needs to avoid another season with empty and partially-filled stadiums.