Nick Caserio: Texans have “zero interest” in trading Deshaun Watson

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Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson wants out. The Texans addressed that situation during the press conference introducing David Culley as the team’s next head coach.

G.M. Nick Caserio, before taking questions, reiterated the team’s commitment to Watson.

“Zero interest in trading the player,” Caserio said.

When asked by John McClain of the Houston Chronicle about the plan for salvaging the relationship with Watson, Caserio said that the “best way is to communicate and be honest and be forthright.”

Of course, before they can communicate with Watson, they need to get Watson to be willing to communicate. If he refuses to talk to them, how can they salvage the relationship?

The Texans clearly want to take the high road with Watson. If the high road doesn’t work, they’ll need to decide whether to take the low road or whether to give him what he wants.

For now, it’s entirely possible that the Texans will entertain trade offers, even if they have “zero interest” in trading Watson (once upon a time, the Vikings had “no intent” to trade Percy Harvin). Eventually, someone could make the Texans an offer they can’t refuse.

The question then will be whether they still find a way to refuse it.

42 responses to “Nick Caserio: Texans have “zero interest” in trading Deshaun Watson

  1. Good for the Texans. Dont give into this employee demands. Work him to the bone. The Texans are a solid team now, top down – not sure when Watson turned into such a classless leader, but he needs an attitude adjustment.

  2. At least they put it out there – they’re not going to be the ones that try to accommodate Watson. They are putting together the staff to accommodate him instead. If teams want Watson they’d better back the Brinks truck up and blow them away with something, otherwise it doesn’t matter how upset Watson is – he’s under contract and if he wants to hold out, he can skip paychecks and pay back bonus money.

  3. the high road? they already took the low road when thy traded away his best WR for next to nothing, then promised him his input would be included and completely ignored him– how in the world is that taking the high road? Once on the low road you can’t beam up to the high road without an arduous trek to get there

  4. I wonder if this guy will be Bob Quinn 2.0: a pathetic attempt at imitating Belichick and recreating the “Patriot Way”. Too bad the Patriot Way is now in Tampa playing in the Super Bowl.

  5. Like it or not the Texans will have to trade Watson. From everything I’ve read and heard he’s dead set of being done in Houston.
    They can say they are not trading him but my guess is he will sit out until it’s so ugly they have ZERO choice. First mistake the Texans made was trading Hopkins away. I look forward to the soap opera this is going to turn into.

  6. Wait until the Texan’s front office gets served with a Protective Order that prevents them from communicating directly with Watson until the mandatory mini-camp forcing them to send everything to his agent. The mandatory camp is after the draft so the pressure goes onto the Texans.

  7. That’s going to make things a little awkward. If they don’t trade him and he refuses to play does he still get paid? Maybe the elusive hamstring injury that will linger for the remainder of his contract?

  8. I’m not sure how his cap numbers works, but if he doesn’t show up for training camp, I start by fining him the maximum allowed and place him on the did not report list. Secondly, I would fire the person in the organization that told him they would consult him on the new hires but then went oops, I really didn’t mean it. if Watson wants to lose money by not playing for the contract he committed to sign, retire and go to the CFL. I will still own our rights when you get your head out your you know what. Some stupid owner needs to finally get the rock mountain oysters and make a stand.

  9. If they do end up trading him McClain needs to retire or at the least sit down at the table for a huge four course meal of crow.

  10. I don’t play poker but seeing some of these teams, neither do they. If Watson says he wants out of the Texan organization, The GM and Owner say no, they won’t trade; why will any team show their hands. Instead, let this situation play out because the Texans begin to lose trade value when the report date is near, and Watson pulls a Carson Palmer. Only a desperate team will package a huge deal for Watson, knowing he has made it clear that he won’t play. If the Texans only managed to win 4 games in 2020, let’s see how many they win while Watson sits at home and their offense can’t score TDs. The trade will happen; don’t show your cards yet.

  11. This team is a laugh a minute. Straight from the NFL hand book, don’t admit you don’t have leverage.

    What exactly do you think you can do to salvage a relationship with Watson that no one who is currently employed with the team had? Nothing to salvage because it doesn’t exist.

    You aren’t going to bring in UFAs, there is no money.
    No reason to scout the top prospects because you don’t have any picks until the 3rd round. You can watch the Dolphins pick 3rd overall with your pick while Tuensil is counting his Bill O’Brien stacks of cash.

    Caserio should understand he’s just there to take the blame when Easterby’s plan fails but at least he will be paid well.

  12. People who have something of value understand if you act like you really dont want to part with it buuuuuuuut, if the right offer, something out of this world came along, different story.
    As we boaters used to say “every boat in our marina is for sale”.

  13. Texans just need to look at the packers wasting QBs and it should be clear “do not do that! “.

  14. Negotiating 101 – translation – we say we are keeping him because we are not going to trade the player for nothing in return. Other teams have to step up their offers.

  15. This is dangerous precedence putting a QB on a pedestal that feels he is above scrutiny for losing while largely picking up stats in garbage time. You have a QB now that cannot be coached.

  16. Just a what-if-thought: They trade him to the Jags for the 1st overall (plus x) and draft Lawrence.

  17. I hope Houston does refuse to trade him, including digging in and dealing with him holding out if that is the route he chooses to go. Players rightly complain when teams don’t honor contracts by cutting guys but how can teams go with guaranteed contracts when players can just demand a trade/release or hold out? Watson chose to sign the deal. He should expect the team to live up to its end and he should live up to his end.

  18. “The Player” has the ability to turn an organization around overnight (Lions/Jets/etc.). How many GMs/coaches/front office personnel and how much $$$ have those teams gone through trying to do that?

  19. The happiest people are the sports talk guys who will turn this into content every day between now when he’s inevitably traded, which could be at any point between now and the beginning of training camp.

  20. “He should expect the team to live up to its end…”
    correct, but they did not, it’s not just the contract, it’s their word to the man, which they broke, tough to get trust back after essentially spitting at his feet

  21. It’s going to be hard to improve from that 4-12 record the way this thing is going.

  22. i would have said…”Watson is a key player and a leader on this team …no way we trade him for less than 2 firsts and half of last years salary…”
    let people know what the going rate is… someone will call, they always do.

  23. Im preety sure every NFL owner has called and told them to nip this in the Bud.Cant start having NFL looking like the NBA

  24. Keep him. Draft his replacement. Let him sit. Either way y’all gonna be 5-11 for a couple years.

  25. Got to say, it’s going to be interesting to see how and when Easterby eventually puts the knife in Cesario’s back. Chaos is a ladder!

  26. For real though, all you people criticizing Deshaun really have no idea how much of a toxic, dysfunctional dumpster fire this franchise is, and no player with Deshaun’s potential should want to be a part of it.

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