Nick Caserio’s comments suggest door is open for a Deshaun Watson trade

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Texans G.M. Nick Caserio opened Friday’s press conference by saying the team has “zero interest” in trading quarterback Deshaun Watson. However, Caserio said no words to indicate that the team is willing to take a hard, inflexible position in that regard.

The most telling moment came when Caserio was asked about the timeline for making a decision on whether to trade Deshaun Watson. Caserio didn’t say, “There is no timeline because we’re not trading him.” Instead, Caserio said that they’re taking everything one day at a time.

It was subtle, to be sure. But if the Texans’ position is that there’s no way Watson will be traded, there’s no way that any questions about a timeline would be relevant — and Caserio should have said so.

Thus, it appears that they’ll try to fix things with Watson, but that they’ll also wait for offers and eventually accept the best one they get from a team for which Watson is willing to play.

36 responses to “Nick Caserio’s comments suggest door is open for a Deshaun Watson trade

  1. The Texans made an investment in Watson with the new contract. I haven’t heard that Watson is offering to give bonus money back or offering any other financial concessions. If he wants out then he should make it right financially with the Texans.

  2. I would bet Watson’s agent has told all the teams DeShaun wants to play for that DeShaun is DONE in Houston. So, those teams know Watson will be available–the only issue is the price. Interested or not, Caserio knows that too. Let the games begin…

  3. Stephon Gilmore and two No. 1’s… Watson goes to the Patriots and another decade+ of dominance under the GOAT’s leadership commences. It’ll be sweet.

  4. “we won’t be trading the player” – GM

    Saying “The player” is why Watson wants out. Texans treat them like junk.

  5. I would tell Watson he can’t have it both ways. Either he waives his no trade clause altogether so they can get the best possible deal or he quits crying and plays the extension he just signed.

    But this is the Texans we’re talking about. They’d probably be happy with Goff and a 2nd round pick…

  6. who cares. just a bunch of millionaires crying over nothing. he signed the contract, they are his employer. play out the contract or sit home for nothing until it’s up and see what he can make then.

  7. 49ers trade their next 4 first round picks and Jimmy G. Super bowl contender for years to come

  8. Texans were 4-12 with Watson. If he heads to NE it will be DW and a 3rd round pick for Gilmore and a 6th round pick. Or Patriots say too much, and go and trade up in the draft.

  9. Might as well start making a Houston Texan’s Jersey # 4 with the name “He Gone” on the back.

  10. Pats fan always includes Stephon Gilmore in all their fantasy trades because he’s the only good player they have left. Too bad he’s too old to be seriously considered as an asset anymore.

  11. i don’t know…40 million a year…
    i could put up with alot my bosses BS for that…

  12. What GM in their right mind would trade for a QB with 4 years in the league and a 28-25 record who insists on picking the GM?

  13. How about a seventh round pick for the next 20 years. Who knows, when you deal with Houston, anything can happen.

  14. If he truly wants out of Houston he should tell them to trade him anywhere and let the chips fall where they may. I think he wants out of Houston but wants a say where.

  15. The Texans don’t have to do a darn thing. The ball is completely in Watson’s court now. He’s either going to sit out the season or show up to play.

  16. Texans are 17 million over the cap. Trading watson will take a 21 million cap hit. That’s 38 million over the cap. It ain’t happening folks.

  17. Just because they are at a place that neither wants to be in, doesn’t mean they can’t work out this situation. Never say never. Media building the drama. Just because a statement was made about a trade doesn’t mean the bridge has been crossed, as media says, and can’t be changed.

  18. This is wrong. The GM was asked about the timetable to make up with Watson and bring him back into the Texans family.

  19. Watson is acting like a child. McNair ignored his advice and hired somebody else…because he owns the franchise and has the last say. Like every player, Watson is one serious injury away from being a bad contract and in no way should have a say in the coaching staff. If the GOAT Brady never had the power to call shots on hiring, then a dude with a 1-2 playoff record shouldn’t even think of asking.

  20. So when they say they’re not interested in trading Watson, that means they would?
    So they’re driving up the trade price?

    So when the new coach Culley says Watson is will be Texan’s QB, he’s lying?
    So the new coach is willing to look that bad when Watson is traded?

    So exciting.

  21. “I hope the Texans treat him like the EMPLOYEE he is and fine him into oblivion.”

    All that will do is have the situation between and Watson and the Texans deteriorate and lower his trade value. It would be a terrible business strategy.

  22. You guys are all a joke.
    Front office has it under wraps. The only question to be asked is: will Watson play or will the team sit him. Nothing more. I cannot believe how delusional most of you are here. And for PFT to further keep their speculations going after a press conference from the team, just show how screwed up this all is. Reporting on football for 25 years doesn’t make you in the know.

    Are we really going to go through the weekend with Mike funnelling his trade rumour theories about this, or will he too concede that the team has a plan and let that play out?

  23. So when you hear zero interest in making a trade? What you actually hear is…. “So your telling me there is a chance!”

  24. Rumor is the Steelers are trading, Ben JuJu and the “other” Watson.
    Houston wants a first rotund pick too, and that’s the holdup.

  25. Jack Easterby has about as much business being on the payroll of an NFL team as a Confederate flag does in the United States capitol. Until that blithering idiot is sent packing, this team will continue to be the laughingstock of the NFL. No wonder a top 5 QB wants out. Who wouldn’t?

  26. He will not find any of the other teams anymore inviting. I do recall all 32 teams passing on a certain quarterback name colin. Thirty two that apparently have such a problem that a rule is needed to make sure that if you are a certain skin color that you at least get an interview ( sometimes bogus). You want to fix the system, then let the players interact and interview bthe coach and select the coach. We do something similar at my firm except that usually works against you because all the employees look nothing like you.

  27. Some things are out of your control. If the agent told them without a doubt Deshaun isn’t taking another snap in a Texans’ uniform, no questions asked, I don’t think you’re going to call that bluff. There’s a lot of egg that could be smeared all over someone’s face if that were to happen. Very embarrassing and would cause a fan backlash, for sure. I don’t think there’s any chance Watson stays in Houston.

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