Nick Sirianni: Howie Roseman has control over 53-man roster

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Nick Sirianni didn’t have too much to say on the Eagles’ quarterback situation in his introductory press conference, calling Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts two “top-notch quarterbacks.”

But the 39-year-old head coach won’t have final say on Philadelphia’s 53-man roster regardless. That responsibility will stay with General Manager Howie Roseman, Sirianni confirmed on Friday.

Sirianni will have final say over the gameday roster and inactives. He’s said he’s looking forward to collaborating with Roseman and his staff on personnel.

“We work with what we have. But there are players that we’re like, ‘OK, this player has this skillset, we’d love to use him for these couple things that we’ve had success with in the past,'” Sirianni said. “So really look forward to doing that with [Roseman], because I think the best organizations I’ve been on are ones that work together at that.”

The Eagles have the sixth pick in the 2021 draft and there are a lot of areas Philadelphia could address after a 4-11-1 season.

12 responses to “Nick Sirianni: Howie Roseman has control over 53-man roster

  1. His presser was even wackier than Gase’s a few years ago, and that’s saying something!

  2. Howie may be incapable of finding great talent for the new coach he’ll be sorry for letting draft control stay in Howie’s hands AKA: short time coach

  3. We’re screwed. He’ll probably take another QB at #6 to re-stock the quarterback factory.

  4. I was a HUGE Wentz fan, and I don’t think he or Doug were at fault for last season’s disaster of a season. Howie Roseman shouldnt be allowed to make another pick in a fantasy league- nonetheless the NFL. He has made the picks since 2016, and the only playwe he drafted that was ever voted to a pro bowl was Wentz, which he gave up the farm to get the 2nd pick. In 2016, he had 1)Wentz A- 3rd) Seumalo B 5th) Smallwood D 5th) Vaitai B+ 7th) Mills,A A.Mcallister -F,B.Countess-F. By far his best draft 2017 1st) D.Barnett B-2)S.Jones F 3)R.Douglas F 4)D.J Pumphrey F-4)M.Hollins F 5)S.Gibson F 5) N.Gerry D- 6) E. Qualls F 2018 traded 1st for 2nd) Goedert B+ 4)A.Maddox B+ 4)J. Sweat B+ 6) Pryor C 7) Mailata B
    2019 traded a 3rd to move up 3 spots for 1)A.Dillard F 2) M.Sanders A-, JJAWS F-,4) S.Miller F 5) C.ThorsoN F-
    2020) 1) J.Reagor F, 2)J.Hurts B, 3) D.Taylor F 4) K.Wallace B- 4)Driscoll B-5) Hightower C- 6)S.Bradley B 6) Watkins B 6)Wanagho ? 7)Toohill F

  5. Just the draft picks alone are bad- When you factor in that in 2020, Jefferson was rated #1÷4 by among WRs by anyone who watches football, and they pass on him for the 9th-13th rated WR is fireable. In 2019 the highest ranked OT Jawaan Taylor was on the board til RD 2, and we moved up to get Dillard also fireable Combine that with taking JJAWS over DK Metcalf, Mclaurin,& a host of others- he shouldn’t have been back this season. Jawaan Taylor 1st team All Pro 2x, Metcalf–a top 5-10 WR in NFL. Jefferson broke almost every rookie WR record, will be ROY, and probably a top 5 WR for the next decade. Dillard will probably never play for PHI again, JJAWS will be cut and Reagor looks like a #4 WR

  6. Howie maintaining complete and total control was the only true criteria for any candidate. And that’s how we ended up with poor Nick. I’m sure he will be a compliant, loyal soldier until he is fired in two years.

  7. That’s why he was hired. This dumpster fire of a team is quickly turning into a train wreck. I’ll follow them because I’ve been a fan for 60 years but I won’t go out of my way to watch any games and definitely won’t be buying merchandise as long as Howie makes personnel decisions.

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