Orlando Brown tweets: I’m a LEFT tackle

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Orlando Brown Jr. moved from right tackle to left tackle after Ronnie Stanley was lost to a season-ending ankle injury. Brown made the Pro Bowl.

He now apparently only wants to play left tackle.

I’m a LEFT tackle,” Brown tweeted Friday.

That’s it. That’s the tweet.

The problem: The Ravens signed Stanley to a five-year, $98.75 million extension in October, with his $15.25 million cap number in 2021 making him among the highest-paid left tackles in football.

Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta said earlier this week they hoped to keep Brown long term. Brown is set to enter the final year of his deal with a $3.384 million base salary and $3.6 million cap number.

But the Ravens can’t start two left tackles, much less pay two left tackles.

“We want to have the best offensive line we can,” DeCosta said. “Orlando had a great year this year. Losing Ronnie Stanley was definitely a tough deal for the offensive line to handle. I think Orlando did a great job and I think the offensive line in general really battled versus some adversity this year.”

Brown, 24, played more offensive snaps (1,026) than any other Raven in 2020. The former third-round choice has made the Pro Bowl the past two seasons.

21 responses to “Orlando Brown tweets: I’m a LEFT tackle

  1. Having two good left tackles is a problem everyone wants. Brown is an absolute beast. He’s perhaps the best tackle in the game, left or right. He is going to want to get paid as much as the best left tackles, and he should, regardless of which side he lines up on.

  2. Lots of teams pay multiple offense linemen….

    The Cowboys paid Frederick, Martin, Tyron Smith, and La’el Collins all at the same time. The Raiders paid Gabe Jackson, paid Rodney Hudson, and paid Trent Brown. There are multiple teams with big money on multiple OLs.

  3. They could just pay him like a left tackle and put him at right since that’s the only thing this is about.

  4. I think the LT vs RT thing should be in the past, but if he wants to use that to command a bigger salary.. maybe. But Trent Brown is RT for the Raiders and he is the highest paid tackle in the NFL so not sure it makes a difference when bargaining.

  5. iliketurtles says:
    January 29, 2021 at 11:33 pm
    They could just pay him like a left tackle and put him at right since that’s the only thing this is about.

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    They could…but there also happens to be a former MVP looking for an extension that most likely would pay him anywhere between 35-40 mil+ a year that might make that a tad difficult.

  6. If he were traded to a team with a lefty quarterback, he’d be tweeting out that he’s a RIGHT tackle

  7. Um easy. Left tackles are very hard to come by. Choose the better and trade the other. Lt = lots of draft capitol. Draft a RT replacement who will be on a rookie deal. You get 2 or 3 players for 1 and you won’t have to pay him like a left. Someone else will

  8. The Cowboys are proof that investing in a top offensive line pays off. Now Jerry just needs to invest in a quality GM and some coaching.

    There: made my point and beat ya’ll to the punchline.

  9. Listen, he performed well and Ill never begrudge anyone for getting paid. However, I said the same thing about Stanely, playing O line on a team that runs 80% of the time and has Lamar as the QB pads an O-Linesmens stats…

  10. The Ravens won’t be able to afford to pay him Ronnie Stanley money what with several other players wanting a new contract next year (Andrews, Bozeman, Elliott) plus most likely a Lamar Jackson extension will happen. So the team needs to trade him.

  11. Let him play out his final year and let him hit free agency and get paid top lt money. Then get a 3rd round comp pick for him. I’m not weakening my line by trading him

  12. Dudes’s making 3rd Round money because of the worst Combine showing ever, plays Left Tackle for half a season and let’s it go to his head

  13. Ravens have been good developing and drafting linemen lately. If they think Stanley is the better choice, Ravens will get a 3rd round Comp pick when Brown walks to another team in a year. Let him go.
    If they can get more than that before then, you 100% trade him. Ravens can get a few decent draft picks for a Pro bowl left tackle.

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