Packers announce that defensive coordinator Mike Pettine won’t be back

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Aaron Rodgers was right.

When the Packers quarterback said following Sunday’s loss to the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship that “[a] lot of guys futures that are, you know, uncertain, myself included,” Rodgers may or may not have have been referring to two of the team’s three coordinators. Five days later, two of the team’s three coordinators are gone.

The Packers announced on Friday night that defensive coordinator Mike Pettine won’t return, and that special-teams coordinator Shawn Mennenga was dismissed.

Coach Matt LaFleur originally kept Pettine, who had been hired by former coach Mike McCarthy in 2018. Pettine’s three-year contract expired, and Pettine won’t be back.

“We want to thank Mike for his commitment to the Packers for the last three seasons,” LaFleur said in a statement. “He was an important part of our success. As a first-time head coach, he was also an invaluable resource for us during our time together.”

Pettine’s goose was cooked by that fateful defensive call on the play at the end of the first half of Sunday’s game, which resulted in the Buccaneers scoring an unlikely touchdown. Pettine had only one safety deep, and the cornerbacks were playing what coaches call “inside leverage,” allowing the receivers to get to the sideline for enhanced field position or, in the case of Bucs receiver Scotty Miller, run right by Packers cornerback Kevin King.

“It was man coverage,” LaFleur said after the game. “Definitely not the right call for the situation, and you can’t do stuff like that against a good football team and expect to win.”

LaFleur is right, but LaFleur also could have overruled the call; he’s the head coach. And even though he’s an offensive expert, no head coach should abdicate responsibility for the side of the ball on which he didn’t make his name.

28 responses to “Packers announce that defensive coordinator Mike Pettine won’t be back

  1. Someone needed to take the fall for Rodgers taking over play calling and having 2 3 and outs after 2 brady ints and going 0 for 6 after first and goal. Lol not a single of those plays were runs. Yeah that’s on pettine.

  2. If they didn’t fire pettine to focus the blame on him Rodgers was going to have an even bigger tantrum and fit.

  3. It is never I to blame. Perfection is ME. I point the finger at you, and you, and you. My fall guys. Thank you.

  4. Pettine has a bit of an odd philosophy as a defensive coordinator. Run defense isn’t that important, but pass defense is. It’s a defensible philosophy at first glance, but it will never lead to making the opposing offense one-dimensional, unless they’re ahead, and can control the ball with the running game. It also is heavily dependent for success on the Packers getting early leads, which they did with regularity most of the season, but when they other team had a two score lead- Bucs both games, Vikings – it makes it difficult to come back.

  5. Pettine’s defense kept them in the game through teh second half, and LaFleur’s boneheaded, bizarre decisions played a bigger part in what lost it for them.

    Offensive “expert” thinks he’s going to beat Tom Brady by kicking field goals and hoping Brady can’t get a first down. Crimeny.

  6. Just delaying the inevitable. They’ll all be gone in two years tops. He’ll never live that call down to go for the FG.

  7. The moment Lafleur realized he might be talking his way out of town, was when he said “You can’t do stuff like that against a good football team…”

  8. I would have thought more of Lafleur if he said that as the head coach, he accepts TOTAL responsibility for the outcome, instead he does the udual farewell with parting gifts send off.

  9. The Green Bay DC job is coveted more than any other DC job available. The right coach could win a Super Bowl year one based on all the foundational pieces and talent.

    LaFleur plans to interview several candidates before making his final decision. A lot of coaches have already contacted LaFleur about the position.

    This is what quality franchises do. They act to make needed changes and always remain among the favorites with a strong chance to win it all.

    Some franchises always end up mediocre and stay doing the exact same things and expect different results.

  10. Once again Rogers choked on the big stage and it’s everyone else’s fault.
    Genius take. It’s like reality doesn’t even matter. Brady had 3 picks and a 73 rating. His team won and the Packers lost because of the same thing….defense.

  11. If they didn’t fire pettine to focus the blame on him Rodgers was going to have an even bigger tantrum and fit.
    Your overboard fascination with Rodgers is both creepy and telling. Unlike your rookie receiver, Rodgers was nothing but the ultimate team player this year. Try and spin it all you want, we were there.

  12. LaFleur needs to man up and own this, he is the head coach after all. Bill Belichick would never throw one of his coaches under the bus with statements like that.

  13. LaFleur must also hold himself accountable. The decisions he made in that last game can be heavily questioned. Especially at the end of the game. LaFleur admitted after the game that he did not have a good day – which means he knows he made some bad decisions.

  14. Kicking FGs instead of going for TDs. Isn’t that the reason packer fans ran McCarthy out of town? But this time blame the DC for giving the offense three turnovers. Common denominator?
    rodgers, won’t belong until he runs Lafail out of town. Poor packer fans, cannot see the forrest for the trees.

  15. His team won and the Packers lost because of the NOT same thing….brady followed the game plan and Rodgers took over the game plan and gave up on the run

  16. The idea that Green Bay should get credit for forcing three turnovers in the NFCCG is a joke. Two of the three picks were entirely on Brady–bad throws to wide open receivers–and if he’d connected, the Bucs would have had at least 6 more points (both times the receiver was in field goal range, and one of them was inside the 10).

    The Packer defense in the second half was lucky, not good.

  17. The Green Bay DC job is coveted more than any other DC job available

    Two DC in three years. They must be lining up for that gig

  18. I don’t think kicking the ball to a Brady led offense with 2:00 left and down by 5 is a sound strategy to win the game. That being said, no matter what MLF decided to do, it was going to require a stop by the defense at some point. The bad defense at the end of the first half contributed to the loss as much or more than anything. Someone should have called a TO to make sure they were in the right defense. Of all the situations to play prevent defense, that was an obvious time to play it and Pettine should have known that. The Packers as a team, did not have a great day, there were many mental mistakes from coaches and players on both sides of the ball all day, including MLF and Rodgers.

    You are not going to replace MLF, a coach that has gone 28-8 in his first 2 years. Your are not going to replace Rodgers, the likely NFL MVP. You are going to replace Pettine because he is the most replaceable person going forward. You are not going to re-sign Kevin King either.

  19. iknoweverything says:
    January 31, 2021 at 10:44 am
    The Green Bay DC job is coveted more than any other DC job available
    Who does not want to get in line for a chance to be Rodgers fall guy

  20. cheeseisfattening says:
    January 31, 2021 at 6:32 pm
    Who does not want to get in line for a chance to be Rodgers fall guy

    Nobody will look at the opportunity like that. They will instead hope to be considered the first choice DC for a team destined to return as a legitimate contender next season. Compare the effort to the replacement OC in Minnesota when it finally happens, and we’ll talk. The better question is: Who (besides an in-house wannabe nepotite) wants to work for a Viking HC that will likely be replaced mid-season next year anyway?

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