Texans announce hiring of David Culley

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The Texans have their fourth head coach in franchise history.

David Culley, a long-time NFL and college assistant, officially has gotten the job. Most recently the receivers coach and assistant head coach of the Ravens, the 65-year-old Culley gets an unexpected chance to cap his career with one of the 32 most coveted jobs in football.

“Throughout his entire coaching career, David has shown an ability to lead and bring people together,” Texans owner Cal McNair said in a statement. “David brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team as somebody who has seen it all in this league. In his over 40 years of coaching, David has learned from many of the best coaches in the NFL while helping players navigate both the physical and mental side of the game. Highly regarded individuals from all over the league reached out to us throughout this process in support of David because of his unique ability to connect with those around him and his passion for the game and the relationships he creates. During our meetings with David, it was evident he has the energy, communication skills and vision required to build a winning program. We are thrilled to welcome David, Carolyn and the Culley family to the Houston Texans.”

The hire was made, presumably, by G.M. Nick Caserio. (It would be foolish for assume that the move doesn’t bear the fingerprints of executive V.P. of football operations Jack Easterby, too.) Caserio presumably arrived in Houston with a short list of potential coaching hires that didn’t include Culley’s name. But Culley gets the job.

“Heading into this process, it was imperative to find a head coach that our entire organization could rally behind and David is unquestionably that leader,” Caserio said in a statement. “David’s infectious energy, passion for the game and ability to command a room was clear from the start. As he shared his vision for how a head coach should lead a football team, it further solidified our belief in him. His mentality of being selfless and willing to accept any challenge while investing in each person within our program resonated with all of us. I could not be more excited to welcome David Culley and his family to Houston as the next head coach of the Texans.”

Culley, who surely believed his ship was never going to come in, understandably is very pleased by the development.

“To say that I am excited and that this is a dream come true is an understatement,” Culley said. “Along the way, I have had countless people, organizations, family members and friends pour into me and prepare a path for me. My genuine hope is that this moment is as much theirs as it is mine.”

Culley, who never has served as a coordinator, got the job over candidates like Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, former Colts and Lions coach Jim Caldwell, and others. Culley walks into a situation that will present him with plenty of challenges. But it’s better to have more challenges than any other NFL head coach than to not be an NFL head coach.

24 responses to “Texans announce hiring of David Culley

  1. Truly an uninspiring choice. No disrespect to Mr. Culley, but with his lack of coordinator experience there isn’t any reason to think he brings much to the party. There were significantly better options available. I suppose Culley is an Easterby kind of guy.

  2. They need an easy scapegoat in two years after they get draft picks and cap in order to actually attract a better coach. But you never know this could be the next BB.

  3. If I were going to short a football team, it would be the Texans right now

  4. Nothing wrong with the choice. He was with Andy Reid for 18 years (both at Philly and KC). I’m sure Reid put in a good word for him.

  5. Here hoping he trades away his non leader overrated quarterback, and then goes out there and wins at least 10 games. His head coaching experience is the same as Eric Bieniemy’s – NONE

  6. This guy? out of all the coaches in the world. Unreal really if we’re being honest. Good luck coach.

  7. Commentors, broadcasters… just stop. Let the man assume his role and flourish in the job. We all seem to act like know it alls about this football business.

  8. He was most recently the Passing Game Coordinator of a team that had been ripped by multiple analysts as having terrible passing game concepts, and which was last in the league in passing.

    How that qualifies you to be a HC is beyond me.

  9. You’d think if they went with an unknown guy, they’d go with a young upcoming coach, not a 65 year old never been a coordinator guy.

  10. Why do the Ravens receive picks for Houston hiring David Culley? They didn’t ‘groom’ him, Andy Reid did. I find it interesting that Harbaugh pushed for him to get the job when was 65 and close to retiring and now the Ravens get 2 third round picks? Ravens always get compensatory picks but this doesn’t seem deserved.

  11. Why is it that the Lions owned by the Fords, the Bengals owned by the Browns (could name a few others) are always bad…for the last 50 years, not just some bad 5 yr stretch but always….and teams like the Patriots owned by the Krafts or the Steelers owned by the Rooneys (could name a few others)…are almost always very good.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s the NFL or the local community book club…organizations are only as good or as bad as their leaders – ALWAYS – over a period of time.

    Along come the McNair’s to Houston. Bringing back football to a football mad city and state; it was a no-lose financial decision for the McNair’s. And Houston has rewarded them, making them billionaires many times over.

    But owning a football guarantees nothing about any football expertise.

    What have the McNairs done? Hired Dom Capers (a defensive head coach with the expansion Panthers) but yet Bob McNair forces the drafting of David Carr with no offensive line help…instead of drafting Julius Peppers. Then hires both a HC and GM with no previous direct experience…at the same time!!! The GM, Rick Smith, one of if not the worst GMs in history (okay, Matt Millen wins that award) keeps his job for over a decade by becoming the godfather to Bob McNair’s grandchild – the Texans sell out every seat so this type of nepotism gets to exist. Let #1 pick Mario Williams go for nothing as Smith was trying to keep his job. Offers Arian Foster a contract at RB that would still be viewed as rich today, and he does so 2 yrs before he “has” to. Lets a young Glover Quinn (a few time pro bowler) go in favor of the dead in the water Ed Reed. Forces the signing of Brock Osweiller then having to give away high draft picks just to get rid of him. Bob McNair exclaiming “we have our championship QB” referring to Matt Schaub when asked about going after Peyton Manning. Six months later Schaub is given a massive contract, 12 months later, Schaub is cut. This list of buffoonery could go on and on and on.

    The problem in Houston is simple, it’s the McNair’s. They are the Fords, the Browns (Bengals fame)….the city of Houston owes them nothing, they’ve made the McNair’s multi billionaires. The McNair’s should go but Houston is too clueless to realize this.

    And the scary part for Houston. Bob McNair was a football genius compared to son Cal whose done nothing in his life but be gifted a football team. Cal’s going to be around for another 30 yrs screwing things up.

    But Houston has another problem, perhaps a bigger one. They are the least successful NFL city ever, even Detroit has had more success. Houston has never (in 50 years of trying) hosted a conference championship game. The last time they were even in one was the early 1980s (it’s only been since the early 1990’s for Detroit).

    Houston’s biggest problem is likely that the Houston football fans and media are clueless, dumbest fans in the NFL…you are a product of your environment and Houston has never come close to winning…Houston fans wouldn’t know winning if it slapped them upside the head. (look no further to never figuring out that James Harden was not a winner even tho it didn’t take much time to figure that out and Kevin McHale even warned them 5-6 years ago)

    They just had a coach who did nothing but win divisions and get into the playoffs and he did so with an inherited cap mess, a draft deficit (see Brock Osweiller), a young franchise QB but no offensive line (already went that route with David Carr…O’Brien was forced to do something), a list of QBs that would make you vomit (go ahead and search the QBs before Watson that Rick Smith gave Bill Obrien…you’ll actually feel bad for the clueless Houston football fans)….the worst secondary in the NFL, etc…yet all O’Brien did was win.

    But the dumb fans and media of Houston ran him out of town and the even dumber owner Cal McNair played along. But I guess the greatest coach in college history doesn’t know any better so he immediately hires O’Brien. Geesh Houston, how can you be so stupid?

    The Texans are destined to Lions and Bengals fame….20 years in, it’s now clear.

  12. Got a guy who is grateful for the opportunity and the massive contribution to his retirement account. He’ll do what Jack tells him to without complaint and once enough of the rebuild is over, they’ll get a real head coach. Wow….

  13. A powerless, ‘just-happy-to-be-here’ coach who won’t raise a fuss about anything? Sounds like a Jack Easterby special!

  14. Zero teams were considering John Harbaugh to be hired by the Ravens back in ’08. He was a career ST coordinator. In his 13 years as HC, John Harbaugh is already 31st ALL TIME in career regular season wins and 10th ALL TIME in playoff wins.

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