Brian Flores found “quite a few guys” who “could possibly help our team” while coaching at the Senior Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs v Miami Dolphins
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More than a few teams declined the opportunity to coach at the Senior Bowl. The Panthers and Dolphins accepted.

“It was great,” Dolphins coach Brian Flores told reporters regarding the experience after Saturday’s game. “We had a really nice, good week with these young players. They really worked hard. A lot of them made really good impressions not only on our staff, but there were teams obviously from across the league. But we got to spend the most time with them. We saw them in meetings, saw them take things from the meetings to the walk-through to the practice. I thought they all did well for themselves and then came out and competed today, so it was a good week.”

Flores admitted that some players made a good impression on him, but obviously he wouldn’t name names.

“There were quite a few guys who we felt like could possibly help our team,” Flores said. “We’re not going to dive into names of who those guys are, but there was a lot of talented players. I thought Jim Nagy and the Senior Bowl staff, they did a great job of getting talented players in here for us to coach and a lot of them, they did well.”

With no Scouting Combine, the Senior Bowl could mean more than usual to the decisions made by teams during the draft. The Panthers and the Dolphins, by accepting the invitation to coach in the Senior Bowl, got a little more information than other teams will have.

11 responses to “Brian Flores found “quite a few guys” who “could possibly help our team” while coaching at the Senior Bowl

  1. I am a big Brian Flores fan, and I am a diehard Patriots fan. I don’t think Tua is the answer, but they can fix that this offseason. Would hate to see the Pats facing Allen and Watson four times a year for this entire decade.

  2. It’s actually a disadvantage to coach this game. A bunch of players get together after the season for some workouts. That’s the worst possible exposure you can get. I have no problem if a coach chooses one kid over another, as long as they have similar grades, but you can’t take a kid that you fall in love with who’s not a good player. That sounds like a no brainer, and I’m sorry if I insulted anyone’s intelligence, but you’d surprised how often it happens.

  3. Coaching the senior bowl was a godsend. Miami gets to look at lots of players. This can only help their draft this year.

  4. Who refused?? Thats crazy. Its one of the rare competitive advantages you can find in this business. Covid be damned. Getting your hands on these guys and seeing them react to coaching and perform first hand… what more could you want as an evaluation tool..

  5. And they conveniently have Houston’s 1st and 2nd this year.

    Miami is in PRIME position as a franchise.

  6. Sun Sentinel writer, Dave Hyde related a story in his weekly show with fellow writer, Omar Kelly, when in the 1996 Senior Bowl, Redskins coach Norv Turner, who was coaching one of the teams, told the Redskins brass that Jason Taylor was the best player on his team that week and that they should seriously consider drafting him. They told him he was too skinny and that he wasn’t going to last. Turner also told Dolphins coach, Jimmy Johnson, his friend and former boss and Jimmy filed the tip away, looked at Taylor’s tape and drafted him in the third round. Taylor as we all know is now in the Hall of Fame.

  7. It’s amazing how Covid cancelled the Combine but the Senior Bowl plays on. Folks, it’s all about the (tv) money. Health and safety be damned.

  8. My oldest son is a Panther fan’ I told him Miami coaches beat the Panthers coaches’ he jump on me and said there coaches’ I said we got our first win of 2021.I will take it. Bill

  9. More knowledge is better than less knowledge and now what Flores does with it will be interesting to see. He and Grier have many ways to go in the coming weeks and months and they all look good.

  10. I was really impressed with that Div III center that was pancaking guys that might be 1st round picks, forgot his name. He snaps left handed.

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