Josh Allen fined $15,000 for flipping ball at Alex Okafor


Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s reaction to a sack late in last Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs earned him a fine from the league.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that Allen has been fined $15,000 for flipping the ball at Chiefs defensive end Alex Okafor after Okafor sacked him in the AFC Championship Game. Okafor responded by standing up over Allen while yelling at him and Bills guard Jon Feliciano came in to knock him back off his feet.

Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins also went after Okafor and all four players earned unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on the play.

“The way it ended doesn’t sit right with me with how chippy and ticky tack it got. I’m disappointed in myself,” Allen said, via Matt Parrino of “I let my emotions get to me there. That’s not how you’re supposed to play football.”

Dawkins and Feliciano were each fined $10,000 for their involvement.

31 responses to “Josh Allen fined $15,000 for flipping ball at Alex Okafor

  1. Okafor tackled him low and after the whistle, with the outcome of the game already settled. It should have been a flag on Okafor for roughing the passer and left at that. I’m completely in Josh’s corner on this one.

  2. Okafor took him down three seconds after the whistle. I’m fine with doinking the ball off his helmet.

  3. Okafor was yards away when the whistle blew, he had to change course to chase Allen down for the low tackle. There is no excuse for a late hit when you have to change course for a guy running away after the Whistle.

  4. What did Chris Jones get for throwing a closed fist punch at Feliciano? Oh I forgot, only the cameramen caught that one, not the officials.

  5. Any gofundme page yet? KC played like bounties were being offered.
    I will help pay that fine.

  6. What a complete joke the NFL is with this garbage.
    $35,000 in fines and not a penny to Okafor for instigating the entire thing.

    Going back to the prior weekend, not a fine for leading with the crown of the helmet to cause helmet to helmet contact on the goal line play against Cleveland, but flick the ball at someone and that can’t be tolerated .

    I may watch games, but the NFL will not get one red cent from me ever!

  7. Oh the Bills fans salty tears flow like Niagara Falls. The Josh Allen that pulled that punk move is the real JA. Not the pretend one “insiders” thought closed the gap on Patrick Mahomes.

  8. Good god the guy flipped the ball gently at Okafor. Okafor was a crybaby and deserved to get knocked on his fat keester.

  9. I’m just glad Hardman muffed that punt early in the game. Otherwise the blowout would’ve been even worse.

  10. That’s ridiculous. It was a cheap shot by Okafor. That’s why the refs didn’t throw a flag. Maybe Okafor didn’t realize what he was doing, but ignorance is no excuse. I’d like to know who in the league office was behind the fine, and I’ll bet there was a battle over it. There are a lot of ex-players working in the league office and they should know better. It was probably someone with a bone to pick, and I bet that someone is out of the league office soon. Just a hunch.

  11. Okafor had a late hit on Allen’s knees without a flag apparently no one saw it. No one saw Sorenson’s targeting of Rashard Higgins ( most players would have been fined or suspended for a game ) Chris Jones throws a punch at Jon Feliciano, no one saw it . Stefon Diggs was picked up and body slammed after a catch. If Diggs doesn’t loudly protest nothing was going to happen. Got a late flag, but there should have been an ejection. Let any of these things happen to Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady and there would be ejections and fines.

  12. “Oh the Bills fans salty tears flow like Niagara Falls. The Josh Allen that pulled that punk move is the real JA. Not the pretend one “insiders” thought closed the gap on Patrick Mahomes.”

    Good schooling they have down there in KC. Niagara Falls is fresh water pal. We’ll see which team is still on the rise next year when KC starts losing players to free agency. The punk players are all on the chiefs. Chris Jones with the early cheap shot. Tyreek with…well…….. Bills and McDermott are pure class don’t let a single ball flip on a late hit convince you otherwise. Enjoy it while it last.

  13. Out of curiosity, what Chiefs players are headed out the door due to free agency? Might want to gain some knowledge of their situation before you keep whining about the loss… Literally they’re potentially losing two guys with significant playing time. Okafor, who was just kind of average and their 5th WR Robinson. Hopefully they can put the pieces together to replace those two…

  14. pizzagod says:

    Good schooling they have down there in KC. Niagara Falls is fresh water pal.


    I mean it was more of a metaphor comparing the amount of water flowing at Niagara Falls to how much whining and crying Bills fans have been doing after they got embarrassed in the AFC Championship game. I apologize that went over your head (just like a Josh Allen throw).

  15. Apparently some 20,000 Chiefs fans were unable to drown out the noise of the ref’ whistle when the opposing QB was being sacked. That’s how the Bills fans were able call the sack “after the whistle.” Chiefs fan rarely get loud.

    Wait a minute….

  16. Come on,15 grand for a little flip of the ball? That’s ridiculous. Worse things happened in that game that went unnoticed.

  17. What did Okafor get fined for nailing Allwn four minutes after the play was over? (two feet in front of Vinovich’s eyes).

  18. What a joke. $15000 fine for flipping a ball at an opposing player? $0 for a Chiefs player ear holing a Browns player in the previous game. NFL has a serious PR problem.

  19. Whether or not Okafor should have been penalized is on the refs and totally irrelevant to the fact that Josh Allen was guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct. He probably wouldn’t have been fined had he not hit Okafor’s head with the ball. Allen lost is composure and it cost him.

  20. If Mahomes did that, we’d probably be talking about his “competitive fire.”

    The overreactions here are awesome. Anyone calling it “dirty” needs a seminar on what that word means in the context of a football game.

    Harmless action – just expressing some frustration at some things that went uncalled at the end of a game.

  21. I feel for you Bills fans. I remember many years when my Chiefs would lose and I’d cry that the other team was dirty and I’d rather lose with class than win dirty. Then we started dominating the league and I realized not only was I just whining and making excuses all those years but I also realized it’s a lot more fun to win the super bowl than to try and fool myself that the other team was dirty!

  22. Josh Allen has got a “reputation” now.
    In every game from now on, defensive players will be on the lookout & wondering if Allen is going to toss the ball at their heads.
    Referees will be scrutinizing him more closely now. He’s the Ndamukong Suh of offensive players.

  23. He absolutely doesn’t deserve this fine. That whole mess at the end of the game was so out of hand they couldn’t even figure who to penalize for what, let alone handing out fines.

  24. Bills Fan: It was a late hit!

    Also Bills Fans: I love that Allen is so tough and never gives up on a play.

    If Allen is always going to “play through” and try to break tackles and make a play hes going to end up taking some late hits now and then because the defense will keep playing as well. At some point, it may end one of his seasons early.

  25. first it was not a flip… he threw the ball in frustration at a Okafor’s face… Had he just got up and moved on.. none of that would have happened. Both offensive lineman should have been ejected. that is the same as throwing a punch.

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