LeSean McCoy a non-factor for the Bucs

NFL: SEP 09 Buccaneers Practice
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Veteran running back LeSean McCoy still plays for the Buccaneers, but you can be forgiven if you didn’t notice.

McCoy played one snap in the NFC Championship Game. He played two snaps the week before that in the divisional round. The last time he touched the ball was more than a month ago, in Week 16, when he got one pass thrown to him — thrown by Blaine Gabbert in the fourth quarter of a blowout win over the Lions.

The 32-year-old McCoy has had a long and successful career, getting chosen to three Pro Bowls during his time with the Eagles and three more with the Bills. But it became clear that he didn’t have much left last year, when the Chiefs phased him out of their offense and made him a healthy scratch in the Super Bowl.

Now he’s poised to play in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs — if he plays at all. No one should be surprised if McCoy goes from two snaps in the divisional round, to one in the NFC Championship Game, to none in the Super Bowl.

14 responses to “LeSean McCoy a non-factor for the Bucs

  1. He was done his last year in Buffalo back in 2018. It was obvious the wheels had come off. Surprised he’s still on a team

  2. LeSean is collecting SB rings, if the Bucs win this is two in a row. Not a bad way to call it a career!

  3. He still has one of the best seats in the house for the super bowl.

    Tickets are going for upwards of $100k and they aren’t as good as McCoy’s seat.

    I’m sure he isn’t complaining about possibly getting anther super bowl ring.

  4. He’s gotta be fumbling and dropping passes in practice. Ever since he dropped that wide open touchdown he’s been in the dog house.

  5. Impressive career. And btw, thanks again for letting him go while he was still in his prime, CHIP.

  6. cookerduff123 says:
    January 30, 2021 at 9:16 am
    Impressive career. And btw, thanks again for letting him go while he was still in his prime, CHIP.

    Huge fan favorite but RBs with market setting contracts rarely if ever make it to the big game. He sat behind a rookie on a rookie contract last year and is now behind ronald jones and his $1 mill cap hit.

    In the short term the optics were bad but in the long term he did the team a favor. There is no 2017 Eagles superbowl with McCoy on a $9 mill/yr contract or Murray and his $8.5 mill/yr contract.

  7. I know LeSean is not viewed as a good person, but I do have a positive story about him. I have a friend who used to work for the company that provided security services at Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field. He used to man the doorways where the athletes would enter and exit the stadiums. I was surprised to hear him say that McCoy was one of the nicest athletes he came in contact with. McCoy always stopped to chat with him and even gave him an autographed jersey. Of course that doesn’t make him a hero, but he not be a total jerk.

  8. Whether Shady gets SB snaps or not, it is probably his last game in the NFL. If so, he’s had a pretty good career, even if it is ending with a whimper.

  9. McCoy jumped in and did well when Fournette was out for the Vikings game. He’s fresh, so if he’s activated and anything happens to Fournette or Ronald Jones, he could get in there. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays a small number of snaps just to so something that the Chiefs don’t have a ton of film on.

  10. It’s amazing that this guy has a chance to win back-to-back rings at the end of his career while not even contributing much.

  11. harrytootsie says:
    January 30, 2021 at 9:44 am
    One of the worst human beings you could ever meet !


    Behind Ray Rice.

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