Rams set to go seven straight years without a first-round draft pick

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The stunning news that the Rams are trading Jared Goff and picks to the Lions for Matthew Stafford means the Rams are poised to go seven consecutive years without a first-round draft pick.

The last time the Rams used a pick in the first round it was Goff, the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft. Here’s what the Rams’ first-round picks have been since then:

2017: Rams traded this first-round pick as part of the package to move up and draft Goff in 2016.

2018: Rams traded this first-round pick to acquire receiver Brandin Cooks from New England.

2019: Rams traded this first-round pick to move down and acquire second- and third-round picks from Atlanta.

2020: Rams traded this first-round pick for Jalen Ramsey.

2021: Rams traded this first-round pick for Jalen Ramsey.

2022: Rams traded this first-round pick for Matthew Stafford.

2023: Rams traded this first-round pick for Matthew Stafford.

So the Rams can draft in the first round again in 2024. Maybe.

25 responses to “Rams set to go seven straight years without a first-round draft pick

  1. Whoa!!!

    I want to see and hear the same outrage that would be sparked if WFT had done this and not have a 1st rd pick for 7 yrs! Let’s hear it!!!

  2. So now the Rams are Super Bowl or bust – must win now. This means they traded multiple 1st round picks to get Goff and now multiple 1st round picks to get rid of Goff. Goff has cost the Rams dearly.

  3. Had to pay extra to get out from Goff’s contract and cause they had no first rounder this year. They better win the SB this year or next, cause after that the cupboard will be completely bare.

  4. Lions fan. I’m happy with the trade, but I can tell you you will be love with Stafford. I’ve been watching him for 12 years and he is special. Top 3 arm, solid decision making, and off the chart intangibles. There is no one in the league that can come from behind to win a game like he can. Check out a Lions forum and you will find nothing but respect for him. If he couldn’t singlehandedly carry the Lions into contention, I don’t think anyone could have.

  5. My buddy in St. Louis loves this trade. He is anxious to see Stan Kroenke paying the mortgage on that billion dollar stadium when no one shows up to watch a JV football team with no first rounders.

  6. Wouldn’t it funny if Goff gets the Lions to the super bowl. There’s only one QB that has more wins since 2017, and his name is Tom Brady.

  7. man, is it possible that both teams lost?
    love Stafford but given the above, the Rams are crippled in drafting anyone to help him
    and the Lions take on a bad contract and a guy, they’re going to have to dump in a year and take a cap hit.
    god, my 12 yr old nephew playing Madden franchise has 10x the roster management skills of these guys

  8. You know everybody likes to pile on them but they’ve been a competitive team since they started trading those picks and even made a Super Bowl so it’s not like this has been a failed approach. If anything it’s successful just not the ultimate success.

  9. sec19row53 says:
    January 30, 2021 at 10:36 pm
    Did they get a 2 and a 3 for their 2019 1? Otherwise, where’s THAT 1?

    They picked #31 in the 2019 draft, on account of losing the Super Bowl. They traded that and a sixth rounder (#203) to the Falcons for a 2nd and a 3rd (#45 and #79).

  10. And yet, they are a regular contributor to the post season.
    Which means that either first round picks are overrated, or they have an absolutely astounding coaching cast.

  11. Think its something of a wash, actually. Good for Stafford to at least get a sniff for a playoff run. Goff gets to see if he can turn his career around on a rebuilding team. Pundits and fans get to trash either/both teams for stupidity. Win-Win all around 😀

  12. Insanity. The Rams organization are either real visionaries seeing something no one else sees or they really believe they are competent play at QB away from winning a Super Bowl. I was impressed at how the Rams made it back to the playoffs this year, so they must obviously think that they are better off with a ‘Win now’ mentality, but boy have they mortgaged the future of this franchise.

    Also they must really not trust their ability to draft a way out of this mess.

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