Report: Matthew Stafford headed to the Rams for Jared Goff, picks

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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Two former No. 1 overall choices are changing places.

In the first blockbuster deal of 2021, Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff are switching teams. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Detroit is dealing Stafford to the Rams in exchange for two future first-round picks, a third-round pick and Goff.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports it’s a third-round choice in 2021, a first-round choice in 2022 and a first-round choice in 2023.

The trade will not become official until the start of the league year March 17.

News of the trade comes only a few hours after Dan Campbell said trade talks were “hot and heavy” with all signs pointing to a deal getting completed before the Super Bowl.

The Lions and Stafford mutually agreed to a trade of the quarterback, and it didn’t take long after the end of the season to get it done. Stafford, who turns 33 next month, was the No. 1 overall choice in 2009. He has passed for 45,109 yards and 282 touchdowns and is 74-90-1 in his 12-year career.

The Rams refused to give Goff a vote of confidence after the loss to the Packers in the playoffs. It had become obvious the Rams no longer wanted to be on the hook for Goff’s contract, which carries more than $43 million in fully guaranteed payments in 2021 and 2022.

Goff, 26, was the No. 1 overall choice in 2016. He has passed for 18,171 yards and 107 touchdowns, has a 42-27 record in the regular season and has started a Super Bowl.

157 responses to “Report: Matthew Stafford headed to the Rams for Jared Goff, picks

  1. Rams 2021 Super Bowl champs…Stafford is gonna retire.

    Crazy he and Suh were almost teammates again.

  2. As a Panthers Fan honestly I’m just glad we didn’t trade for either of them. Bridgewater has sucked in the 4th quarter, but neither of those guys looks like a long term Franchise QB
    Lets bring Deshaund back to the Carolinas with all our weapons.

  3. Essentially it’s a first and third for Stafford. The Rams paid an additional 1st for Detroit to take Goff.

  4. Stafford must’ve really wanted to go to LA. I feel like the Lions could’ve gotten more from someone else.

  5. Good move for the Rams. Price may be steep but if he gets them over the hump…what’s the price for a ring or two? It became evident over the last year Goff was never going to get them there. And I feel like this makes them real contenders. Worry about the picks later. Half of all first round fees don’t pan out anyway, and be model is picking up good players 2nd and beyond. Time to think differently. Rams aren’t my team (they are my son’s) but I say….go Rams.

  6. I guess Jeff Fisher was right all along about Jared Goff not being an NFL ready quarterback

  7. When did the Lions hire Bill O’Brien? Congrats Rams fans. My condolences Lions fans.

  8. supercharger says:
    January 30, 2021 at 10:18 pm

    So Two 1sts, a 3rd and Goff for Stafford? No way that can’t be right. Wowzers.


    It’s not just Stafford that commanded the trade compensation, it’s also shedding Goff’s salary that factored in

  9. Great, we traded a QB who can do the job for one that can’t and is getting paid high end with guaranteed money. This deal sucks.

  10. So Campbell was telling the truth when he said they’re looking at a 2 year build plan. Goff leads them to suck worse than Texans while they draft their real QB and in 2 years they can dump Goff and have a real QB in place.

  11. He throws more picks than Goff. The Rams are bad at this. They won’t pick for 4 years. Stupid.

  12. The Rams way overpaid for Matthew Stafford. He has zero career playoff wins and two-first rounders is a lot. Also, why would the Lions want Goff?

  13. Stafford won’t be able to finish the season and the Rams give us a top10 pick. You heard it here first.

  14. That can’t right. I like Stafford morr than most, but 2 1sts a third and Qb that just went to a superbowl?? For a guy who went to the playoffs, what? Twice? Either LA hired Howie Roseman or something fishy is going on.

  15. Detroit probably thought it was a typo at first glance. Smashed that immediately. Those picks could end up being high. Not sure how good of a fit this is for Stafford. He has to be better than goof.

  16. What on earth were the Rams thinking? This one of the most lopsided trades since the Hershel Walker fiasco.

  17. @wttoolman
    No genius… STAFFORD for 2 firsts and a third.
    The Rams had to PAY Detroit to take Goff.

  18. The Rams don’t have a 2021 first round pick and now they don’t have a 2022 and a 2023 first round pick. The last time the Rams picked in the first round was 2016! That pick? You guessed it: Jared Goff.

  19. This Lions fan likes it.

    Salary wise, it’s almost a push over the next two years. Goff may not be a stud QB, but he’s not Nathan Peterman either. He’s a solid starter.

    I wanted a first and a third for Stafford. We got that, PLUS another first, PLUS a fill-in at the QB spot.

    This is like trading a poor 9 in for a rich 6 that comes with a house, two cars, and a boat.

  20. Stanford is a good QB, but two Firsts and a Third along with Goff seems a bit lopsided in favor of the Lions.

  21. Yikes. People can NOT read.
    Were there really 3 or 4 of you who did not understand that the RAMS were the ones giving compensation and picks TO Detroit? Not the other way around????

  22. Where do the Rams keep getting first round picks to deal with? Didn’t they give up first round picks for Ramsey and others? Wow!!!

  23. I get the deal for the lions. Keep in mind the Rams are taking a 50 mill hit with the signing bonus so he isn’t that much more expensive than Stafford. Caretaker QB for the QB they draft this year.

    They would’ve needed a mentor for the rookie QB anyway. My guess is that’s the extra 1st the Rams sent to the lions.

    I think the last 1st the rams used was Goff, 5 years ago and it looks like it’ll be another 3 years before they might use one again. 8 years w/o a 1st pick is crazy.

    The Rams are still screwed cap wise though. Goff’s signing bonus counts in it’s entirety this year.

  24. I don’t understand. Maybe I’m dumb. I think Goff is just as good, if not better than Stafford, and much younger. Why would the Rams give away all those picks? Regardless of what I think, next season and beyond will be extra exciting and interesting to see how these two franchises do, going forward. The Rams better have an awesome scouting staff because they’ll have to find good players later in the draft. It can be done, but it will be interesting to watch. No risk it, no biscuit. Lol. I was just saying how Bruce Arians was going to start a new trend. Actually, I love this. I can’t wait for next season, already!

  25. If Stafford stays healthy he’s gonna put up insane numbers this season. The Rams are getting better instantly, the Lions not so much but with that haul of draft picks they can build some sustainable success in the next 2-3 years.

  26. So Snead resigned his QB to a contract that he had to give up two firsts and a third and swap a QB for one that has not accomplished as much while still having a job? I love this guy in our same division

  27. wow so the Rams are giving up extra first round picks in order for a team to take their QB off their hands? Lions will still draft a QB at number seven. book it.

  28. What the hell will the Rams have left in terms of draft capital and cap space???

    They’ll be taking over Stafford’s cap hits and salary, and now will be minus their 2022 and 2023 draft picks. This looks like a ” we’re going to take a chance to win now at all costs and we know the cupboard will be bare later” kind of a deal.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  29. Who would’ve thunk Tampa boy Matt Stafford would leave the NFCN and make it to California before Aaron Rodgers?

    Rodgers beaten again by Tampa. This one probably hurs more than the loss to Brady.

  30. One first for Stafford, one first to get rid of the contract. Ouch. Stafford is very good, though. With McVay calling plays for him, could be pretty nice, but that’s a lot of picks that are gone from the future years of the team. If Goff gets better, his contract stops being so guaranteed, he could be an asset rather than a liability for detroit. That could look pretty good for them.

  31. Rams sure looked competitive this year so I’m not sure why they won’t continue with Stafford. I don’t mind trading first rounders for proven franchise players. Jalen Ramsey has worked out great. I believe Stafford will as well.

  32. For those who say why does Detroit want Goff, they don’t. They want the draft picks and had to take Goff to get the draft picks.

    For those who think Detroit will move Goff for draft picks, you don’t get it. You have to give draft picks for someone to take on Goff’s contract.

  33. If Stafford is going for all of that, the price for Watson must be five first round picks, minimum.

  34. Wow, the Lions win this trade all day long. They get a starting QB back, plus two first round pics. About time they won something. 😜

  35. Am I looking at this wrong? Rams with Stafford would win more game meaning their first round pick will likely be closer to the end of the first round than the beginning. The Lions should have gotten higher first round picks and should have gotten at least a first this year. Goff will suck thus Detroit should be picking near the top of the first round next year. Maybe there is a QB out of college next year they really want. I doubt this trade will increase season ticket sales for the Lions. One question I have is Isn’t the new Lion GM from the Rams? Was there some funny trading business between this new GM and his old team? Did he even listen to other offers?

  36. Geez did Goff sleep with McVay’s girlfriend or something? They were sure desperate to get rid of him

  37. Great move by the Lions, other than having to eat Goff’s contract. Unfortunately the draft capital won’t be available for a year or so.

  38. Win it all next year Rams or everyone is fired. The only deals worse were the Hershal Walker trade and the Ditka/Ricky Williams trade.

  39. If Stafford was 28 I’d be like ok. But dude is 33. That’s alot of team future to put in for an old dude

  40. Imagine that the Bucs got Tom Brady for a $25 million base salary. He was a free agent so didn’t have to give up any draft picks. What a deal!

    Belichick really blew it giving Brady a one-year, no franchise tag deal.

  41. Bad deal for both teams….the Lions take that bad contract on and the Rams now don’t have first round picks for the next THREE years!!!! My guess now is the lions save drafting a quarterback for next year

  42. rudywasoffsides says:
    January 30, 2021 at 10:34 pm
    Just got off the phone with the Rams GM….they’re buying my 2002 GMC for $150k
    …and they’re throwing in a 2024 1st round pic.

  43. I think this deal was in the works as the lions hired Holmes. Very suspicious in my mind. Here is what we know: 1. lions asked for a trade right after season, before GM and coaches candidates were officially processed. 2. Stafford owns a house in Cali. 3. The Lions hire a Rams Head scout to be GM. Is it possible this was laid out weeks ago? Lions knew Stafford wanted a trade, preferably to LA, and it’s now very likely this was shared with Holmes as they hired him. How this plays out will define Holmes’ longevity.

  44. Again,the Rams have mortgaged the future for one guy,,a guy who is 33,never won anything,and on the tail end of his career. Detroit definitely got the better of this deal.

  45. All this tells me is Watson is going to stay in Houston, no way any team gives more than that. Whoever the GM for the Rams is needs his walking papers.

  46. So, the Rams won’t have a first round pick for 4 years in a row (they gave last years and this year to Jags for Jalen). The window is going to be closing quick for anything.

  47. Frankly, I feel bad for Goff. I bet he doesn’t play a down in Detroit. Detroit’s not done making moves here

  48. This feels like a fantasy trade that the guy in your league who doesn’t really know what he’s doing makes in week 3.

  49. The Lions should offer Goff for a 2nd and a 3rd pick plus maybe take a third of the his salary cap for 2 years. Still draft a QB with #7 pick overall, if they hit on half their draft picks they could have plenty of cap space to sign some big free agents.

  50. Do the Rams know that they could probably have gotten Deshaun Watson for the same 3 picks and Goff?

  51. Smartestguyintheroom says:
    January 30, 2021 at 10:22 pm
    When did the Lions hire Bill O’Brien? Congrats Rams fans. My condolences Lions fans.

    Detroit is stock piling picks in an attempt to rebuild. THe rams just mortgaged their future in hopes of winning a super bowl in the next two years. I doubt they even win their division. Oh, and there must not be anybody else in the room.

  52. Goff’s contract is terrible and he’s not that good. This is a dump of his contract and acquiring Stafford.

    It was a megadeal for that. The Texans may get about the same for Watson, sans Goff.

  53. I sure hope the Lions work out a trade sending Goff to the Eagles for Wentz. It would be good for both of them.

  54. Wow…. at this rate the Texans are going to be able to get at least 8 first round picks or more! This is crazy!

  55. This is a terrible trade for the Rams. He’s already 33 and injury prone. They really, really hate Goff, which should have been apparent before you signed him to that ridiculous deal.

  56. I may be alone in this take, but Goff is the slightly better QB. TD%, Completion%, Int%, Y/C, Y/A, and QB rating are all nearly the same with Goff usually better. Both went to crap teams but Goff has a much better record. Goff has won a playoff game, several in fact. Maybe I just haven’t watched these two play often enough, but Goff and 2nd for Stafford seems far more in line. Obviously I’m not smart enough to be a GM, but this trade seems silly to me.

  57. Using the trade value chart, what the Rams did doesn’t seem as crazy. First and foremost they got rid of Goff and his massive cap hit. Then they got a decent QB in Stafford. The price was only a third this year plus the current value of the 2022 and 2023 picks. Since future draft picks on the trade value chart are discounted by about one round per year, the two first round picks have a present value of a 2nd round pick (for the 2022 1st rounder) and a 3rd round pick (for the first rounder in 2023). The net trade cost to the Rams for the whole deal, adjusted, is a 2nd round pick and two 3rd round picks. Not bad for dumping a huge salary cap hit.

  58. This looks more like the Lions buying the Rams draft picks….and consequently, the Rams unloading a colossal mistake they made by giving Goff that bloated contract that he didn’t deserve. From what I can tell the Rams will take a $22.3M charge for the rest of his prorated bonus but likely nothing else. Detroit will take a $19M cap charge for the remainder of Stafford’s bonus. The Rams, by swapping Goff’s contract for Stafford’s, will save ~$8M the next two years. The Lions can actually cut Goff next year with no cap ramifications. Essentially they’re assuming $28.15M on Goff’s contract and in return they are getting two first-round picks. Looks like the Rams are paying for all those poor decisions they’ve made.

  59. They are insane over in LA. They lit money on fire with both the Goff and Gurley contracts, and now they hand over a kings ransom not for Deshaun, would would be defensible, but for Stafford? And probably need to give him a new contract on top of dead money for Goff. Les Snead is out of his mind.

  60. The Rams have mortgaged away their future on a QB on the wrong side of 30 who has proven he can’t lead a team to the playoffs. Terrible move.

  61. It’s really a 1st and a 3rd for Stafford. Then another 1st round pick for taking Goff and his horrible contract.

  62. “If this is what Stafford brings in trade Texans can ask for 4 1st rounders plus more! Wow.”

    Thats with the asumption someone would offer a 1 for Goff, which wouldn’t happen.

  63. Stafford > Goff, but not so much better that I’d give 2 firsts and a third. The salary isn’t far apart enough to justify it, either. Lions are winners here. Goff is younger, went to a SB and threw for 4600 yards twice with a pair of Pro Bowls. Throw in the picks and wowsers. Rams better win a ring to justify this.

  64. Rams win.
    1st Rd pick to take on Goff’s ridiculous salary.
    1st and 3rd and unload Goff for M.Stafford.

    Rams been drafting well in rounds 2,-5.
    Check the names drafted and production. A first rd pick in late 1st rd tend to be overrated. Our defense this year was a monster. Over 60% of them were from draft picks, backups from 2019 season,rookies, and undrafted F/a.
    So we good. Let’s not get jealous please😘

  65. Sean McVay is a fast talking, no substance snake in the grass. He mortgages the farm on Goff then sells him down the river. Hes the one that needs to be moved.

  66. Stafford was scared off by the horrendous indianapolis murder rate. I can see where that can be intimidating but it is what it is.

  67. This just guarantees that both teams will be 2 years away from being 2 years away. But at least Detroit will have the picks to make it happen.
    LA is going to have to keep buying fill-in talent forever. Epic fail.

  68. Rams dump that albatross contract and give up a couple first rounders. Get Stafford and still got that lights out defense. Who got fleeced?? Put down that pipe the Rams made out like bandits in this deal. Goff was going backwards every year made me sick. Just ask Vegas who they think won the deal. Rams futures dropped like a rock and Detroit’s went to the moon, haha I mean they were already out there to begin with.

  69. Goff and Stafford are the same tier of QB. This was essentially a trade of draft picks for salary cap hit.

  70. Personally I think it could be a good trade for both teams. Rams were a good team with a lousy quarterback and made it to the divisional round. Stafford is a significant upgrade. And the Lions weren’t going to a Super Bowl for the next few years with either guy, so why not load up on picks for a rebuild. And don’t the Rams eat all the prorated bonus money, which would make it much more possible for the Lions to cut/trade him than it was for the Rams?

  71. This. is a great deal for Detroit — though part of the value in picks coming back is Detroit eating Goff’s contract. I recall that Stafford, warrior that he is, is damaged goods, having broken his back, twice.

  72. rudywasoffsides says:
    January 30, 2021 at 10:34 pm
    Just got off the phone with the Rams GM….they’re buying my 2002 GMC for $150k.


    You probably could have gotten a 4th round pick too!

  73. This works for a few reasons: Detroit may be paying Goff’s salary, but they have a LOT of draft picks by shipping Stafford off, to add to what they have already. They can at least build a team. In a few years they can cut Goff to pay one or two of those picks that deserve it and draft the QB they want.

    For the Rams, they better hope Stafford is the missing piece to the puzzle. He definitely has the talent and heart to push it. But they literally only have a two year window to make it worth it. Because they’re now they basically don’t have any meaningful picks for a long time. This is the team then roll with, for better or worse.

  74. The two firsts were for Stafford and for Detroit to take on Goff’s contract. Essentially they gave up a 1st rounder for Detroit to take on Goff’s $44 mil contract. Rams want the cap space so they can try and make a run now.

    As for Deshaun’s value. He’s not going to get traded and no one wants a QB who’s going to demand a trade because he doesn’t like non-football related decisions by the team. That’s a headache no one wants.

  75. I am not a fan of either of these teams but to all those who think the Rams got fleeced I offer this for consideration. The Rams paid extra to get rid of Goff and his contract. Goff is an average qb at best so I feel like Detroit is right back to not having a QB. And the first round picks sound great until you realize the Rams will likely be good and those picks will be late first rounders, thus lowering the odds greatly that a high impact player will be taken. I say kudos to the Rams for going for a championship while guys like Donald and Ramsey are in their prime. And unloading that contract might free up money for an impact free agent which would more than make up for one of those 1st round picks. What Detroir needs, like all teams is a top notch young qb. Doubt they will find one picking 27th or so. But who knows…

  76. This is a good deal for both teams. Goff was clearly holding the Rams back. They are in win-now mode and Stafford helps them do that. And, they get out of Goff’s contract. Sometimes people think that first round picks are guaranteed stars. They’re not. Many are busts.

    The Lions? Well, they get more tickets to the lottery of players coming out. They get a starting QB so they don’t necessarily have to draft one with their first round pick this year. The only issue is that those first rounders they got from the Rams are a couple of years away, but they do need time to rebuild.

  77. The Rams are on a mission to win now but along the way they are creating a dumpster fire for the mid 20s. Matt will be an asset but he will still not win playoff games or even the division. At best he is the second best QB in the division and depending on Murry, maybe the third. He is clearly the oldest and will burn out long before Wilson.

  78. McVay with another power move, he’s channeling his inner Bill O’Brien. Let’s not forget he signed Goff to that mega extension too.

  79. New Lions GM Brad Holmes has been on the job two weeks and he cut a better deal than my ex-wife’s divorce lawyer (which I never thought possible). On the other hand he worked for the Rams until he got the Lions gig but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence…

  80. Rams just went Super Bowl or bust!!! But if they fail amazingly no body will blame Shawn Macvay

  81. Basically an Average QB for a Younger Average QB and picks.
    Both and as stated if this is the haul for Stafford, I can’t imagine what Watson will bring in.

  82. To me, Matthew Stafford is a real question mark given his age (33) and the fact that he has played for a losing team for so long that it may be hard to become The Man. There’s a lot of pressure there, he’s going from rather low expectations to the big time and the bright lights. Is it in him?

  83. This is the smartest things Lions have done in a long time. Goff isn’t great but they got rid of a guy who couldn’t win and got a bunch of picks. They can make on from Goff if he stinks and draft his replacement this year. Rams got fleeced, have no first rounders for three years is it and Stafford will surely want a new deal. Everyone is in love with a strong arm but look at his record. Yes, he was on some bad teams, but he turns it over way too much and there were years when he a good offense with best receiver in the game.

  84. The RAMS got screwed. Plain and Simple. Incredible to give away those first rounders for a 33 yr old hurt dude.

  85. Stafford = Cousins…a team would pay this price for a great QB (ie one that makes his teammates better). Stafford isn’t great, just great at fantasy stats…The Rams didn’t improve as much as most think, not even close. As far as Goff, he’s got a chance to reset his career, getting away from that way overrated egomaniac ‘genious’ coach in LA. My guess is Goff will do ok in Detroit, meaning there isn’t gonna be much of a change from Stafford. It’s not like Stafford (and his garbage mechanics) was a world-beater with the Lions, just sayin…

  86. That’s alot to give up for Stafford, but the people saying Stafford can’t get it done don’t watch football apparently. Stafford has never been the problem in Detroit, never. I’m betting McVay helps Stafford put up some big numbers in LA. As for Detroit they got some nice picks to help build their team and a qb who can play but may just be the now and not the future. If the Rams win one SB with Stafford they made the right move. McVay is a top tier NFL coach, something the Lions have been lacking for years and years.

  87. Dan Campbell is building a great coaching staff and I bet they will win the division in 3 years.

  88. Stafford is most comparable to Derek Carr, Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill (i.e good, but not great QBS). Would you trade a starting QB, two number 1 picks and a middle round choice for any of these players? I wouldn’t. Foolish trade for the Rams.

  89. For those of you who say the Lions made out like bandits I guess you forgot about Goff’s cap unfriendly contract. Gonna put the Lions in bad shape for the salary cap for a year before they cut him.

  90. So just who will still be available by the time the Lions get to pick way down around the 30-32nd pick in the first round.Does anybody really expect the Rams to not be a better team with Stafford instead of Goff? this was a very good move by the Lions but they need so much more than a quarterback and maybe they can get help way down at the bottom of the first round. welcome to the NFC North mr Goff,the Packers,Vikings,and Bears are anxious to meet you in the backfield.

  91. From a vikes fan, thanks for making the city kitties a force in 3-5 years smh. 2 firsts and a third for a decent qb, wowwww

  92. Rams like to gamble Stafford is not a young player and has had his share of injuries. I think continuing to trade first round picks will catchup to them. 1st round players are a bonus for the optional 1 year at a rookie salary. Proven veterans with a salary cap gives a razor thin margin of error.

  93. Detroit got 2 firsts and a third for a quarterback who wanted out. Too bad they had to take Goff and his kryptonite contract. Maybe there is a QB guru who can exorcise Goff’s mind. The one thing he is consistent about is brain freezes, deer in the headlights, bad decisions in every critical moment. Maybe Stuart Smalley is available for counseling.

  94. So what’s the excuse going to be next year when both teams are in the same positions? I don’t know what has made some people think that Detroit is what has been holding Stafford back. They’ve had some bad defenses, but he’s also been throwing soul crushing, game ending interceptions for years.

    He’s a mediocre quarterback who puts up a lot of empty numbers. If the 49ers get a decent qb, the Rams are still the 3rd best team in the division.

  95. So the Rams are going all in with a 33yr old QB? If they think this will win them a Superbowl in the next couple years, then good luck to them hope they’re right. I may have offered 1 more 1st to Houston for the soon to be 26yr old superstar QB, but I’m just a fantasy football manager….Great haul for Detroit, and while everyone is stuck on the money you have to pay Goff, it’s just a little more than they had Stafford under contract for so not the end of the world, especially with the way rookie contracts are now. You can draft one in the 1st and not have to start him right away, and maybe while he’s sitting behind Goff, Goff plays well enough you can trade him in a year.

    That being said, as a Dolphins fan I would like to thank the Rams for the future 1st the Lions will send to Miami to move up and get that young QB.

  96. It‘s basically a trade of an above average QB of a below average team for an average QB of an above average team.
    I find it extremely expensive, but I see what the Rams are seeing: Stafford is better than Goff.
    Still for this amount of draft capital I would have tried to get Watson from Houston, which might have worked as well, considering the Texans trade history. They may have had to throw in another 2021 second round pick and maybe another one from a future draft, but they would have gotten a true superstar QB while unloading their mediocre QB with an above average contract and might not have to think about the QB position for the next ten years while maximizing the results of their current defensive talents‘ window of opportunity. With Stafford they will have to find a new QB in 3-4 years. They might have draft picks again at that time, but it‘s possible that they might not have any that are high enough to find a QB of Watson‘s value.

  97. Lions will receive a third-round pick in 2021, a first-round pick in 2022 and a first-round pick in 2023. Wow. Lions took ’em to the cleaners. What decade do the Rams finally get a first rounder?

  98. I won’t be shocked if the Lions try and trade Goff before the draft and steal a 1st & 3rd rounder from someone, then put an incredible package together to move up to number one in the draft a take Lawrence.

  99. Stafford can’t stay healthy and in a division with good defensive lines I say good luck Rams.

  100. Makes the Tams better instantly in the short term. Could hurt them long term with the amount they gave up. Rams get a big improvement at the QB position which will make their WR and RB better. Goff was hot garbage and they were never winning anything with him. We all saw that when Gurley got hurt, Goff got exposed.

  101. I get that Stafford is an upgrade over Goff, but I just don’t believe in Stafford’s ability to win a big game. He’s never done it before – Goff has. It’s not all Lions ineptitude, Stafford makes a lot of really dumb mistakes. And when the game gets tight, he does too. I’ll be very surprised if Stafford can get the Rams to a Super Bowl, let alone win one.

  102. 2 first rounders, a 3rd rounder and Goff for a 33 year old QB that is not a team leader????
    I think Detroit was the huge winner in this deal. They just need to figure out a way to lower Goff contract and this will be good for their rebuild process.
    The Rams gave up way too much for a 33 year old that has no leadership qualities. Then again, the Rams never hit on a 1dt rounder anyway so giving them up doesn’t matter. Something tells me they are not done trading and will offload more big contracts to try to get high picks back also

  103. Just a hypothetical here. Say Stafford gets them into the playoffs but they lose, or they get to the SB and they lose. Is he the next scapegoat for the entire organization to hang the blame on?

    Of course he is. But he’s a scapegoat with a lower salary.

    Nothing against Stafford, and he’s probably an upgrade from Goff (consider, however, that he did win a playoff game with a broken thumb and shouldn’t have been playing), but the Rams front office is like a kid playing Madden franchise mode.

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