Jared Goff’s physical is “coming soon”


In response to our item regarding the ability of the Rams or Lions to back away from a trade that won’t and can’t become official until March 17, a high-level executive with another team pointed out that there’s a much easier way for the Lions to get out of the deal, if they decide not to buy Jared Goff‘s contract. The Lions can simply fail Goff on his physical.

Goff suffered a dislocated thumb in Week 16, had surgery the next day, and missed the Week 17 game against the Cardinals. He came off the bench in the wild card round against the Seahawks, and he started in the divisional round because John Wolford had a neck injury.

The Rams obviously believe that Goff’s thumb has healed. The Lions will have an opportunity to take their own look at it. If the doctors have any misgivings — or if they get the impression that those who have hired them want them to have misgivings — it will be very easy to click F instead of P.

Jeff Darlington of ESPN.com reports that the physical is “coming soon.” It can happen before March 17 with the permission of the Rams. Obviously, the sooner it happens, the sooner the Rams can retreat to the drawing board, if Goff fails it.

There’s nothing the Rams could do about it if they disagree with the outcome of the physical, since the Lions have the absolute right to back away until March 17.

Indeed, having Goff fail the physical would be a far better outcome for the Rams than to have the Lions get to March 17 at 3:59 p.m. ET and say, “No thanks.”

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  1. If either team backs out, good luck getting another team to deal with you in the future.

    Still, the league should have some sort of penalty for backing out of a trade (other than for failing a physical).

  2. Everything I have read about this trade suggests everyone is happy with what they got. And most writers have gone into more detail than you have.

    The only one who should be unhappy is Goff. He has little chance to rebuild his stock on a rebuilding team.

  3. How is failing him on his physical “much easier” than just doing nothing? All they have to do is not send the trade paperwork to the league office. That’s the easiest way to get out of it

  4. Goff only has a couple years left on his disastrous (for the Rams at least) contract, and the Lions have the cap space to pay it this year. That is chump change compared to the value of the extra future first-round pick that the Lions are getting to pick up his contract. On top of that, Goff–although he has been absolutely horrible the last two years–is not too steep a drop in terms of talent from any of the quarterbacks who will be on the free agent market. He even has a bit of upside left to him if he is able to gel in Anthony Lynn’s offense. Goff is just the kind of short-term solution a team in a rebuilding year like the Lions need until their ridiculous haul of high-level draft picks starts rolling in.

    tl;dr No way do the Lions want to back out of this.

  5. For Pete’s sake man playing devil’s advocate must be the new black.

    We have our guy they have their guy, what follows is a formality.

  6. I must admit off the bat I’m a lions fan. I can not view this trade objectively I have discovered. The picks look good, but if you have little faith in the drafting acumen of your team than they are just woopie cushions waiting to make a joke of your team when they use them. The rams on the whole are successful but they seem to make a mess of their salary cap so perhaps a crash IS coming at some point a la the Falcons once your cap is swollen at the top and you have no rookies on cost effective deals balancing things.
    All this being said I can view trade good or bad depending on my mood almost ofn optimism versus pessimism. So if the Lions can fail him with little issue other than they are committed and then must trade Stafford again I suppose it’s a break glass if needed option and that’s good. But Goff seems a bust that just needed time to reveal himself to be a bust and now he’s on big $$ so this is a minefield in a dumpster I’m not sure either team will end up happy. If I seem completely walking in a circle with my argument it’s because I find no good exit. Welcome others thoughts. Stay safe and healthy everybody

  7. For all the haters here, at this point in their careers, Goff and Stafford are the same QB. So this is a terrible trade for the Rams.

  8. Perhaps this will never go through and now other teams are seeing what the trade would look like, they can put together another package for Goff (or Stafford) that is better. This trade is far from done…

  9. I feel sorry for Goff, not financially, but the way people have called him “garbage”, and the way McVay has pretty much dumped all the blame on him for the Ram’s failures. Goff is not a bad QB. He’s done things at a much younger age than Stafford, like go to the Super Bowl and win playoff games. Stafford has been in the league for 12 years and still hasn’t accomplished either of those things. Detroit definitely got the better of this deal, in my opinion. The Rams once again gave away all of their first round picks. Good luck building a team around Stafford.

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