Lions G.M. Brad Holmes reunites with Jared Goff

Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
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Before he was hired as the Lions’ new General Manager this month, Brad Holmes spent his entire NFL career with the Rams, including the last seven years as director of college scouting. Where the highest pick he made was quarterback Jared Goff.

So it’s no surprise that at a time when Rams G.M. Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay were eager to move on from Goff, they found a willing trading partner in Holmes, who acquired Goff, a 2021 third-round pick, a 2022 first-round pick and a 2023 first-round pick for Matthew Stafford.

Those draft picks obviously show that the Rams and Lions were in agreement that Stafford is a better quarterback than Goff. But while the Rams just wanted to move on from Goff and the $43 million guaranteed he’s owed over the next two years, Holmes may view Goff as a quarterback who still has the upside that made the Rams draft him first overall in 2016, and give him that huge contract extension three years later.

If Goff gets back to the form he showed in 2018, when the Rams went to the Super Bowl, Holmes will be credited as a genius for acquiring him. If it doesn’t work out for Goff in Detroit, the Lions still have those draft picks.

11 responses to “Lions G.M. Brad Holmes reunites with Jared Goff

  1. I have only one question:
    How will the Lions get a good QB prospect?
    If they are a 6-10 team they have to pay up to trade up. And they are saddled with goff’s contract for 2 years.
    I’d like to know what the other offers were.

  2. This is one of those deals that will take three years to sort out. “Those who say do not know. Those who know do not say.” And no one knows.

    I’d be interested in seeing an analysis of the Loins cap situation post deal. Is Goff making way more per year than Stafford? Or is it a financial wash but L.A. got the QB they wanted.

  3. Outsiders perspective: McVay is one of those guys who thinks his system is genius when maybe other teams have simply figured him out regardless of who the QB is. This seems like an emotional decision that will not turn out like the Rams hoped. Do the Rams beat the Packers with Stafford? Prob not.

  4. We’re going to find out if Matthew Stafford was a stat stuffer with Detroit or an elite level QB who had the misfortune of playing with a historically bad franchise. As a longtime Lions’ fan, I suspect the latter. I wish him the best of luck in LA.

  5. Definitely an emotional decision just like signing him to an extension was. Goffs still a decent qb just not mobile and when he’s off he’s off. Personally think he’d be a great fit for the colts. Stafford and Goff to me have the same laid back personality but Stafford is obviously the better of the two and if Goff stays in Detroit you’ll notice the difference Stafford is underrated and Goff is what he is a great pocket passer. Mcvay wants to win it all now and should. Ramsey and Donald deserve rings hopefully they get em and mcvay and Snead have finally learned their lessons after the gurley Goff contracts and all is well in rams nation

  6. Not a bad deal for the Lions especially when you consider it was known Stafford wanted out and Detroit was going to make it happen. It gives them some extra draft picks to figure out the QB position while having a stopgap in place. Considering deals given to Foles, Osweiler, and Glennon in recent history it’s not too bad financially for the Lions while they figure out their future at QB.

  7. This makes a lil more sense now. Why do I believe this is a wash though? Not sure Stafford fits in LA. McVay/Snead may have just started filling out pink slips.

  8. People saying the Lions Fleeced the Rams… are correct.

    I hate to say it, but Goff at 26 and having taken the Rams to the Super Bowl just 2 years ago is the guy I would rather have. Stafford is like a Jay Cutler, rocket arm but has a knack for throwing bonehead interceptions and not coming up huge in the clutch. We’ve seen Brady, Roethlisberger, Brees, and Rodgers all on weak teams but they still come out with winning records because they are elite QBs. Plain and simple. Look what Tom did with TB vs. what Winston did with TB. The Rams are NUTS to make this deal. I get they have buyer’s remorse with Goff, just like they did with Gurley… but they just made yet another blunder by shipping off their 1st round picks for the next 2 YEARS for a lateral move at Quarterback. The GM will be fired for this move by 2023.

  9. First thing Patricia and Quinn did was go after NE players and overpay/trade for them: Harmon, Collins, Trey Flowers, etc. And now Holmes is bringing in Goff after he just saw how he failed in LA? They should have never extended Goff to begin with and now, as the Lions owner, signed off on him bringing in Goff for all that money?! Classic Lions.

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