Report: Contract extension not part of deal for Matthew Stafford

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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The Lions and Rams have reportedly agreed to a trade that will send quarterback Matthew Stafford to Los Angeles in exchange for quarterback Jared Goff, two first-round picks, and a third-round pick.

No deal can become official until March and it does not appear that there will be a change to Stafford’s contract once the deal does go through.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Stafford is not expected to sign a contract extension or get a raise from the Rams as part of the deal. Stafford is currently signed through the 2022 season with base salaries of $9.5 million and $12.5 million. He also has $10.5 million in roster and workout bonuses each season.

Given the price they paid to get Stafford, it’s reasonable to think the Rams see him as more than a two-year solution at quarterback so an extension could be in the cards at some point down the road.

35 responses to “Report: Contract extension not part of deal for Matthew Stafford

  1. McVay just strapped his reputation and probably his job to a 33 year old QB with lingering injuries.

  2. Dare I say win-win? NFC is so soft compared to the AFC right now and so many teams need rebuilds. Why not strike while the iron is hot with Stafford.

    Detroit needs a lot more than QB, they’ve had one for years. They need to flush that organization and take 3-4 years easily.

  3. Stafford, you are lucky to get out of Detroit at this stage of your career so you can get to play with a decent team with above average playoff chances. Be smart and play out your contract instead of haranguing for one NOW

  4. doesn’t become official until the start of the new league year in March …so Stafford goes into March a Lion and comes out a Lamb

  5. Detroit got 2 first round picks and third rounder. That is some gold right there. Stafford wasn’t going to ever get them anywhere with that roster. They can now start to build a roster that can compete. This is a decent move for the Lions.

    The Rams are giving Stafford 2 years to take them to the promised land or he will be gone from there as well.

    2 first round picks and a third. The Rams better get a Lombardi in the next 2 years or more than just one person is getting fired.

  6. I like this deal for both parties.

    Stafford is good, inexpensive for a starting QB and a very experienced veteran, especially when keeping things focused on trying to win with a bad team around him. And the Rams offload a contract they couldn’t really afford if they need to rebuild. Those draft picks give them some options and Stafford gives them time to find and develop his replacement,

    At $25M (guaranteed) for each of the next 2 years Goff is not unreasonably priced if he can be “salvaged” (yet to be seen). And Detroit isn’t going anywhere for a while anyway. Draft a kid or 2 at QB, build in the other areas and see how it shakes out.

    I think it is pretty obvious something went seriously wrong between Goff and McVey as to what, when and whom is to blame we will never really know,

  7. supercharger…what lingering injuries? He just played 16 games. He has missed just 8 games (all in 2019) since his 2009 rookie season.

  8. Wolford seems to be a decent backup once Stafford gets hurt…it’s in his contract that he gets hurt at least 10 quarters a year

  9. 33 isnt old at all for QBs, especially strict pocket passers. Goff must be downright terrible if they had to give up to 1st rounders though.

  10. The Rams with no 1st round picks for the next 3 years remind me of the old Ted Stepien Cavaliers. The NBA came up with the Stepien rule for not allowing teams to trade all of their future first round picks. Does the NFL need to create the Snead-mcVay rule now?

  11. I think the Rams may flip him before he plays a down, and then go after Deshaun Watson or another QB. They will get at least one of their first rounders back and are rid of Goff. Stafford does not fit the mold of what McVay’s system ideally requires which is a mobile QB who can throw deep. Stafford has the arm, but not the mobility.

  12. I hate this deal for the Lions. Those two 1st round picks will both be 25th or lower in the draft and they’re saddled with Jared Goff. Would much rather have one top 10 pick if it was available and cap space.

    The Rams simply have the best roster now top to bottom. We’ll see if the gamble pays off.

  13. golions1 says:

    January 31, 2021 at 10:43 am

    I think the Rams may flip him before he plays a down, and then go after Deshaun Watson or another QB. They will get at least one of their first rounders back and are rid of Goff. Stafford does not fit the mold of what McVay’s system ideally requires which is a mobile QB who can throw deep. Stafford has the arm, but not the mobility.
    It’s not Madden, theres no chance they flip Stafford and even less of a chance they could recoup enough assets to acquire

  14. What a terrible trade for the Rams. Both of these teams should be rebuilding. The difference is that the Lions accept that fact, and the Rams don’t. Eventually the bill will come due for the Rams but they’ve kicked the can so far down the road that they won’t be anything but mediocre for the rest of the decade.

  15. Bittersweet for me as Stafford could wing it all over the field. He sometimes lacked touch on the short stuff which often resulted in a low 3rd down conversion rate. Still, I would’ve rather had him than not, but, the slight that Goff must be feeling might play well in this town of the underdogs. If he shows some grit and wins some games, he could own this place.

  16. Glad for Stafford – he deserves a chance at a playoff victory. Detroit is and has been for decades a train wreck and their new head coach was a train wreck in Miami as I remember it. Who knows if Goff will ever amount to anything but his chances certainly aren’t improved by being in Detroit.

  17. With Goffs dead cap space at something like 22M and Stafford’s 21M yearly pay, the Lambs have abt 43M sunk at qb this year in a probable 180M cap year – abt 1/4 of total .. they better have all the luck in the world with no injuries and cheap gets in FA cuz they have only a few mid-to-low picks and tons of expiring contracts, esp on D – where they already lost their top tier D coordinator .. with that aging line and injuries that piled up late – it’s not hard to see them become the next Houston, with the floor collapsing below them while banking on the stars aligning to win now ..

  18. How do you measure w-l record relative to a player like a qb playing injured like Stafford he hindering the teams chances of winning football games? Stafford has a history of playing through injuries. Wonder how many backups lost there chance to prove themselves in live game situations because of this.

  19. It all comes down to giving that fat contract to Goff just couple years ago. Don’t give out big contracts when in doubt. This reminds me the Bears giving that big contract to Cutler and stuck with him for 3 last terrible years.

  20. waldoampere says:
    January 31, 2021 at 11:35 am
    Jared Goff has to be one of the most unhappy men in America this morning.

    With 42 million guaranteed money in my pocket, I’d be real unhappy too!

  21. Not a bad deal all around. First, the Rams get an upgrade at QB and with that defense a better team. Doesnt mean they win more games just better on the offensive side of the ball. Rams get rid of huge salary that is killing their keeping other players.
    Lions are obviously committed to rebuild so who they get at QB temporarily doesnt matter. They are doing nowhere next year but with a ton of picks can quickly put some young fresh talent on the field, including a decent QB and move on. Goff is not their answer and they know if but with all those picks he will do for now.

  22. I dont know when the owners will learn, baseball owners never did, that you cant give the farm to one person it cripples your abiity to pay others and acquire new talent, keep talent.
    Packers are in that boat right now. They lose eight or nine starters this season. most of which they cant bring back because Rodgers is eating up all the money.

  23. Stanford will work great in Rams. Lions are terrible. Ppl forget though that that packers defense was pretty good and picked Brady three times. Goff has no weapons in playoff game. Rookie running back and one key receivers missing. He will be fine in lions

  24. This could be a good trade for both team and both QBs, but I do wonder when the Rams are going to pay the piper on all these lost draft picks. They’re kicking a lot down the road for moves that aren’t guaranteed win-now.

  25. I thought tomorrow is Feb 1, not April 1? Two first-round picks and a third for a QB with 11 especially brutal years’ wear and tear on him?

    What a joyous day to be a fan of any other NFC West team! Apparently, Christmas has also been moved to Feb 1.

  26. In this era of analytics it’s amazing that teams just can’t seem to figure out that having a top paid QB isn’t the answer to winning Superbowls, ONLY 4 times since 1995 has a QB who cost their team more than 10% of the cap space ever won a SB, let me repeat that ONLY 4 TIMES SINCE 1995 HAS A QB THAT COST OVER 10% OF THE CAP WON A SB!

    And ONLY twice has a team with a QB who cost over 11% of the cap won a SB, just 2 times. And to further the argument against paying a QB top dollar there’s this, so far since 2000 9 teams with QBs on rookie contracts won the SB and if KC wins this year it’ll be 10 of the last 21 SBs that were won by a cheap QB on their rookie contract!

    There’s a great article about this on Over the cap.

  27. Steve Cunningham, that makes sense — the more essential the quarterback position is, the more important the man protecting your QB’s blind side, and the players who can disrupt the one you’re facing each week.

  28. Awful trade for the Rams. They gave up draft capital for a QB that isn’t mobile and like Goff has only 2 years left on his deal (both contacts have outs after the 2022 season). This phrase isn’t said often but…Great trade for the Lions. They net 3 good draft picks for a guy they weren’t winning with anyway, a starting caliber NFL QB, and only have to absorb a little extra salary. Again, the Lions get cut Goff after 2022 with no cap penalty.

  29. Stafford just strapped his reputation and probably his job to a 33 year old Head coach with lingering league has him figured out problems.

  30. “supercharger says:
    January 31, 2021 at 9:40 am

    McVay just strapped his reputation and probably his job to a 33 year old QB with lingering injuries.”

    Remember when teams were trying to find the next McVay? Now the can get the real McVay during the next coaching carousel.

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