What will the Lions do with Jared Goff?

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When the Browns received a second-round pick from the Texans to take on Brock Osweiler’s $16 million guaranteed salary in 2017, it was obvious he wouldn’t be on the Week One roster in Cleveland. And he wasn’t.

So what will the Lions now do with Jared Goff and the bad contract they bought from the Rams?

That remains to be seen, based on the manner in which the rest of the offseason progresses for the Lions. It’s possible that Goff will be biting off kneecaps for the Lions in 2021, as new coach Dan Campbell and new offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn try to get something positive out of a quarterback who represents a clear step back from the guy they had in Matthew Stafford. Since the Lions now owe Goff more than $43 million in guaranteed money over the next two years, they may as well see whether the change of scenery helps Goff — while also hoping that their 2021 trips to Chicago, Green Bay, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Seattle won’t happen when the elements could be a factor in Goff’s performance.

The move suggests that the Lions, who have signed Campbell to a six-year deal, are willing to take a major step back in the hopes of taking multiple steps forward in the future, after using the draft picks acquired from the Rams. (It also will help if the Rams fall apart over the next two years, maximizing the 2022 and 2023 first-round picks the Lions will get.) It also reflects a willingness to take first-round picks in years when, hopefully, it will be easier to evaluate incoming players than it will be in 2021, when the pandemic already has wiped out the Scouting Combine.

Regardless, there’s little reason to believe that the Lions have found treasure in the Rams’ recycling bin. Maybe the current culture change in Detroit will offset the clear talent drop at quarterback. Regardless, the task of ending a 29-year run without playoff wins for the Lions now seems destined to make it to an even 30.

24 responses to “What will the Lions do with Jared Goff?

  1. I’m not completely sure that Goff is that much of a downgrade from Stafford. Somehow Stafford in this off season has become an elite, all world QB but his results the last decade would suggest otherwise.

  2. They better hit on those draft picks to make this trade worthwhile. Goff is a downgrade compared to Stafford.

  3. That $16M was for a 2nd round pick.
    Lions were willing to take on an average of less than $22M/yr for a starting QB that has playoff wins for an extra 1st rd pick.
    Goff could return to his 2018 form.
    If he doesn’t it won’t hurt much as Lions weren’t going to spend to the cap anyway.

  4. Can the lions restructure that contract so all the cap hit comes in 2021? Not like they need the cap room.

  5. goff for stafford is a wash straight up in my book. 1st round picks are 50/50%. good luck Detroit selling season tickets the next few years if covid is lifted. If only barry and Calvin could come back…but wait, they don’t want to because they are the Lions.

  6. In hindsight, that move to never even use Osweiler was a mistake since the glaring problem that led to Cleveland going 0-16 was that they essentially played with no QB every week. Kizer used to beat them weekly with dumb turnovers and missed reads. Osweiler was at least serviceable.

  7. How can anybody criticize this trade. Detroit was open that Stafford is gone. And they got a ransom. And an extra 1st just to eat a bad contract for two seasons while Detroit will be rebuilding anyway. A young QB will be drafted in 2022 or 2023 likely sit for a season & bye-bye Goff. Detroit was blowing up the operation anyway so I say tremendous deal. Goff will become the next Foles. Just a chess piece to move around in trades. What happens with Golladay….besides hopefully signing with Buffalo?

  8. Is it a “major step back*. Same results for Lions as past several years, miss the playoffs. I bet the Rams don’t improve either. Stafford is overrated.

  9. they won’t be rollng with Goff at QB. they’ll be picking one in the draft at number seven or moving up to get Wilson now that they have extra capital….

  10. 65 mill in dead money if they cut him this year, 30 next year…pretty sure he’ll be under center come september

  11. I think this is good for Goff so he can escape the constant blame for the Super Bowl dud from a few years ago.

    But then again he landed in Detroit where players retire early rather than continue losing.

  12. I suspect they’ll bite the bullet with him this year then cut him next year. That means they’ll likely draft a QB this year. There could even use one of those first round picks they got from LA to move up if they want. I can’t imagine they look at Goff as the answer. This is more like the Osweiler trade where Houston essentially paid the Browns to take him off their hands.

  13. Best to flip him to another team for more picks. Start the major rebuild and find a QB next year or the year after. Goof isn’t the answer and there are so many holes on the Lions that they need multiple, multiple picks to be competitive.

  14. The Lions made out like Bandits. 1st round picks, regardless of where they are, are high valued draft capital. And Goff could be traded again. Hell, if the Lions got a 2nd rounder for it, it would be great.

    Think about this. The Rams spent the following, on Goff:

    2 1st rounders, 2 2nd rounders and 2 third rounders to trade up and pick him at 1. Then, in 5 years, they spend 2 1st rounders and a third, to get rid of him. One player has consumed 4 1st round picks, 2 2nd round picks and 3 third round picks!

  15. I didn’t follow the Rams much last year, but apparently Goff had a poor stretch of games that cost the Rams the division.

    BUT THEN, 12 days after surgery, he comes off the bench and leads his team to a victory at division winning Seattle. He outplays the “MVP” Wilson and the next week they lose to Super Bucs.

    Oh, he also led Rams to Super Bowl a couple of years ago. Maybe that loss was enough to convince McVay he needed a different QB. But Goff can be very good, obviously.

  16. I think there’s a possibility that Goff is good enough to be the long term starter in Detroit. He’s not top 10 but neither was Stafford. He’s a lot younger too. Stranger things have happened. The Lions won this deal, that’s for sure.

  17. Goff may surprise. When league caught up to McVay, he didn’t adjust to take advantage of talent he had. Cooks “regressed” and they moved on. But Cooks performance in Houston was on par with his first year in LA. He hasn’t used Reynolds or his TEs to their abilities. It will be interesting but it could be the Lions got the picks and a starting QB.

  18. Stu Bidaciou says:
    January 31, 2021 at 1:28 am
    goff for stafford is a wash straight up in my book. 1st round picks are 50/50%. good luck Detroit selling season tickets the next few years if covid is lifted.

    Actually for QBs it’s more like 30/70% with the 70% of 1st rounders being busts since 2000!

  19. “a quarterback who represents a clear step back from the guy they had in Matthew Stafford”

    Goff is 6 years younger and has won 3 playoff games compared to zero for Stafford (in 12 years!), including getting to the Super Bowl.

    Stafford throws for a lot of yards, but the numbers that count suggest the Lions just upgraded.

  20. i’m thinking Goff may surprise a lot of people once he takes the helm in Detroit with a front office that coveted him in LA;

    remember, this guy had all the skills and intangibles to be a franchise quarterback everybody wanted in the draft;

    perhaps the hardest thing to do in the NFL is play the most difficult position looking over your shoulder at a sideline what doesn’t want you but some other guy standing next to the head coach..just ask Wentz;

    Goff has a guaranteed starting QB Salary for two years, his pride to regain and absolutely nothing to lose;

    this trade isn’t quite the fleecing the Cowsills did to the Bi-queens with Herschel Walker, but i’m thinking it’s a lot closer than what Miami and then the Cardinals did to Houston;

    a LOT closer;

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