Antonio Brown gets $750,000 if the Bucs win the Super Bowl

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions
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Of all the incentives baked into receiver Antonio Brown‘s one-year deal with the Buccaneers, the biggest potential payment is tied to 35-percent playing time and a Super Bowl win.

Brown, a source confirms, has checked the first box. If the Bucs win the Super Bowl, the second box will be checked. And Brown will get $750,000.

That would match his entire base salary for his first season in Tampa Bay.

Brown, who has a knee injury, was listed as doubtful on a Friday injury report — an estimate of his availability if the game were played yesterday. Even if he doesn’t play in the Super Bowl, he gets $750,000 with a win.

In addition to his $750,000 base salary, Brown also has earned $250,000 based on playing in eight regular-season games and $250,000 for catching 45 passes. A Super Bowl win would push his earnings for 2020 from $1.25 million to $2 million.

Brown missed a $250,000 payment based on yardage (650) and another $250,000 payment based on touchdowns (six).

6 responses to “Antonio Brown gets $750,000 if the Bucs win the Super Bowl

  1. I’m pretty sure AB (or any other player) would gladly just take the ring. All this bonus talk is really petty

  2. Remember when this clown got released from a twenty million dollar contract, and ran around screaming that he was free? Lol. Good times.

  3. Well as a long time Brady fan (since Michigan), and therefore now a Bucs fan, I hope Brown plays and hope he wins his bonus! I’m not confident over this one, but I wasn’t confident they would beat the Saints or the Packers either, but they did. That Defense is scary good, and if Brady can limit the INTs hopefully they’ll pull out yet another Super Bowl win for THE GOAT!!!!!!!! Hope so…. Go BRADY and GO BUCS!

  4. What ever happened with the grievance between AB and the Raiders? Seems it’s all silent on that front I’ve always wondered if we was entitled to $$ for nothing.

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