Chad Wheeler pleads not guilty in domestic violence case

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Free agent offensive tackle Chad Wheeler pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest, Brady Henderson of ESPN reports.

Wheeler’s pre-trial release requires him to remain in Washington state.

His case-setting hearing is scheduled for Feb. 11.

According to Henderson, the victim appeared in court with her left arm in a sling. The woman had a representative read a statement on her behalf restating the shocking details of the incident, objecting to Wheeler’s request to stay at his home in Hawaii and recommending Wheeler stay in Los Angeles if he’s not in jail.

Wheeler allegedly strangled the woman until she lost consciousness and expressed surprise when she regained consciousness, apparently believing he had killed her.

Wheeler was released from jail last week on $400,000 bond.

The Seahawks waived Wheeler last week and released a statement offering “thoughts and support” to the victim and encouraging Wheeler to get the help he needs. The NFL has not yet taken any action, saying it is reviewing the incident as part the league’s personal conduct policy.

Wheeler apologized on Twitter, saying he had a manic episode and was waking away from football to seek help for his mental health.

3 responses to “Chad Wheeler pleads not guilty in domestic violence case

  1. Mental illness is not a laughing matter. Bi polar people do harm others emotionally and physically with or without medication. However he told her “you are still alive?”. That is an abusive and toxic reaction from a person that’s knows what they did was wrong. “Not guilty” is the laughing part.

  2. Manic episodes do not result in attempted murder. Wheeler is trash, plain and simple, and he’s hiding behind a serious, treatable condition to try and save face. Lots and lots of people live with all forms of bipolar and somehow make it through life without trying to kill anyone. Hope he rots.

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