Chris Jones wants to retire with “like six or seven rings”

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Before training camp, Chris Jones promised to bring “five-plus rings to Kansas City.” After reaching a second consecutive Super Bowl, the Chiefs defensive lineman now wants what Tom Brady has.

First, the Chiefs have to repeat, something that hasn’t happened since Brady’s 2003-04 Patriots went back-to-back. Only seven other teams have accomplished the feat.

“Everything, man,” Jones said, via NFL Media. “This is why you play the game. I’m trying to get in the Hall of Fame one day. When I retire, I want to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. This is the reason you play the game. I want to retire with like six or seven rings.

“When you won a ring, that changes the perspective of things. It makes you feel like you’ve achieved something in the game, other than personal stats.”

The Chiefs began the season as favorites. They are ending the season as favorites. But they will have to beat the Buccaneers to do what they set out to do this season.

Jones said he believes winning a Super Bowl would prove a bigger accomplishment than usual considering the pandemic.

“It’ll make the run well worth it,” Jones said of winning this year. “Getting your nose swabbed every day, having to adjust to the type of conditions in order to play the game. I think that’s a huge step right there, as players that we had to adjust to. Actually winning the Lombardi Trophy, I mean, that would be remarkable and that would be unexplainable, especially during this time in America. If we was able to win it and pull this off, I think it’d be up on the ladder for most highest achievement.”

12 responses to “Chris Jones wants to retire with “like six or seven rings”

  1. 6 or 7 rings? Some players get there don’t get a ring and never make it back!! Must be smoking so good stuff!!!!

  2. This sounds like when Greg Oden said he wanted to get about 15 championships. Come on man, it ain’t that easy.

  3. Before you get 6 you have to get 5, before you get 5 you have to get 4, before you get 4 you have to get 3, and so on. These guys are getting a little ahead of themselves.

  4. Who’s Chris Jones? Is he a poor man’s Chase Young? We saw what Chase Young did against the Bucs after all his talking. Nothing.

  5. Before training camp, Chris Jones promised to bring “five-plus rings to Kansas City.”

    It is comments like this that make me want to see KC not just get beat but GET DESTROYED!

    Try winning two before talking about 5 or 6, what the hell is these kids problems?

    PSSSSST after the 2021 season all those huge contracts start kicking in for the Chiefs and they’ll have to start unloading talent, more so if the cap doesn’t shoot back up which I don’t think it will, those owners want all of that lost revenue from this season back, all $5-6bil of it so if the cap does go up it isn’t going to go up nearly as fast as it did before COVID!

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