Devin McCourty wouldn’t mind seeing Cam Newton return to Patriots

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The Patriots were reportedly not in the running for Matthew Stafford before the Lions agreed to trade the quarterback to the Rams, but they are expected to be in the market for a quarterback this offseason.

On the podcast he hosts with his brother Jason, Patriots safety Devin McCourty ran through some of the players who could be available this offseason. McCourty reeled off names like Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, Jimmy Garoppolo, Dak Prescott, and Teddy Bridgewater while also making it clear that he’d support running things back with their 2020 quarterback.

“I wouldn’t mind a lot of these guys quarterbacking my team. I’ll start off by saying I wouldn’t mind seeing my guy Cam Newton come back,” McCourty said, via Ryan Hannable of “I thought he had a tough [situation] coming in — no offseason, no anything. [He] played in a Super Bowl and won a MVP.”

Newton didn’t look like an MVP during his year in New England, but the team hasn’t closed any doors or made any final decisions about the future of the position at this point.

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  1. I think the other 31 teams would also like Cam to return to the Pats next season and for many seasons after that.

  2. Please just No. I will agree it was a tough spot for him to thrive. Same poor weapons Brady had last couple of years, no offseason programming at all, but just stop. I make fun of Lamar as he ‘can’t throw’ but Cam was worse. Pretty sure he rushed for more TDs than three, gross. No thanks. They should’ve started Stidham last year IMO and see what he brought. Now we know nothing more about him and just wasted a year with Cam.

  3. Well if you want a chance to win some games you should mind if Cam is your qb. Favre and Peyton played in (and actually won) super bowls as well as MVP’S but that doesn’t mean their still starting caliber for an NFL team.

  4. Plus having COVID during the season and playing on a team with no defense. Cam looked terrible, no doubt, but was that who he is now or just a throw away season? Belichick praised him to high heaven showing that he knows what motivates players. Brady needed that kick in the behind to push him. Just like what Arians did this year. Cam needed to be handheld a little and that’s what BB did in both cases.

    Is Cam their future? Nope. But could he be good next year? Maybe. Given an off-season to prepare and a defense with all this year’s opt outs? Given a year to fully recover from COVID and work into shape? Maybe.

    Not likely, but BB might want to roll the dice anyway and Cam really doesn’t have any other options.

  5. While Cam Newton did not have a good year by any measure, he never appeared to be the particular problem with the Patriots’ offense. The receivers, tight ends, and running backs did not do him a lot of favors, and McDaniels’ play-calling was not exactly keeping defenses on their heels. As they say in Hollywood, when nobody can act it’s the director’s fault.

  6. Considering Watson probably wants nothing to do with the Patriots and Aaron Rodgers is just looking for more money out of the Packers, unfortunately it’s becoming more likely the qb next year will be either Cam Newton or Jimmy G. If those are my two choices bring back Jimmy because Cam was the worst quarterback I’ve ever seen in a Patriots uniform last year.

  7. Said it when everyone was throwing dirt on the relationship late this season. Newton will be back. The problem everyone has told us for a couple of years was the surrounding cast, so why is it now the QB’s fault? Defense was still top 10 scoring and was a couple of plays here or there from making the playoffs with a lot going against them this season. Now they have more cap money than anyone in the league to fix those holes. Newton will be the starter, and they will draft a guy. For those still wondering about Stidham, take the hint already. He’s not a starting QB in Belichick’s eyes.

  8. No. No. No. No. No. Cam’s a great guy, but as we all saw, his best days as a QB are long gone. You can’t keep a guy just because he’s fun to be around in practice and the locker room.

  9. I will officially become a Bucs fan next year if Cam is the QB….& I’m a life long diehard Patriots fan!!!
    NO NO NO!!!!

  10. Winning and losing are contagious.

    Cam looked good before Covid. The Pats were horrid without him and he rushed back. He wasn’t the same guy after he returned.

    Belichick is all about value. I would not be surprised to see him back as a potential starter unless the pick a QB at 15 or trade up.

  11. I’d prefer many of the QB’s that are on the market over Newton. I’m afraid that Stidham just isn’t a viable option. I’d rather give Newton another chance than see that guy. The Pats have some money next year and another draft. They’ll get some covid hold outs back and play an easier schedule. I think they’ll improve on 7 wins.

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