Jason Wright is correct: Washington Football Team name isn’t “weird”

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The football team in Washington has been known for a full football season as the Washington Football Team. That could be the permanent name, or maybe some other name will be adopted.

Some apparently don’t like the WFT name. In an interview of Washington president Jason Wright, Axios co-founder and CEO Jim VandeHei called the name “weird.” Wright disagreed.

“I don’t think it’s that weird, but there are definitely mixed views on this,” Wright said, via Sports Business Daily. “The thinking prior was, ‘Hey, we need to get something that can be a great placeholder.’ But there’s also precedent for a team that is named for the place that it’s in.”

Wright noted that the team’s prior name was “obviously a derogatory term.” Obviously, however, it wasn’t so obviously derogatory to get the team to change it without a broader racial reckoning in America and a specific effort by sponsors to pressure the team to make the change.

Indeed, owner Daniel Snyder previously had insisted that he’d all-caps never change the name.

The current name is far from “weird.” The current name is a reflection of the speed with which the franchise decided to do the right thing. Before a new name can be adopted, certain rights need to be secured.

Until then (and maybe longer), it’s Washington Football Team. Even if that’s “weird,” weird is far better than what it was.


18 responses to “Jason Wright is correct: Washington Football Team name isn’t “weird”

  1. Snyder would be right for not picking a ‘new name’ and just calling them the Football Team forever. You never know when (although we know why; $$$) someone will come out of the woodwork to complain about the new name.

  2. If they were to abbreviate it as “Washington F.T.,” then it would have a classic vibe to it, like the name of a soccer team. It would also be cool to have the team name reflect the city itself rather than some cartoony corporate logo, kind of like the Buffalo Bills where the mascot is the town’s namesake rather than the famous hunter himself.

  3. It’s an unusual name by North American standards, which typically is mascot based, but not by global standards. One of England’s greatest teams is Liverpool Football Club. Although the city’s Liverbird appears on the club crest, the team is never referred to as the Liverbirds.

  4. There wasn’t anything wrong with the original name. When I saw the team logo, I always thought of a courageous warrior who would fight with everything he had to win .I never once thought of a negative stereotype.

  5. I like the name Washington Football Team. It makes it sound like an old school club team. If they want to grow a successful brand over time, they would be wise to keep this name.

  6. Since they play in Maryland, they should be the “Washington Area Football Team”. The smell of a decaying franchise does tend to WAFT up and down I-95.

  7. It does have a feel like Arsenal or Chelsea or Manchester United or any other legendary (association) football team. I like the name. It could be a game changer

  8. A real organization would probably have been able to come up with a new name much faster.
    And a better organization would probably have had more advanced notice.
    I’m surprised Snyder isn’t out there trying to sell the team name to the highest bidder.
    Washington Amazons for instance.
    Or Washington Apple, Washington Exon, Washington Walmart, ….
    You get the idea.

    Or maybe Snyder can just sell the team.

  9. Washington Warriors. Put a “W” on the side of the helmet. Easy.
    And for the PC-nicks, there are and have been warriors of every color and ethnicity.

  10. 1800s it was a slur, but 100 years later several other reservations named their own teams redskins…. obviously you left that out. I mean come on.

    Yes. It’s being changed now because people use it as a way to champion their own moral high ground, which is equally as offensive

  11. If you did anything for the actual causes, instead of just trying to rid a football team, you would solve so many more issues. But I don’t think that’s the writers actual goal

  12. WFT is the worst name in the history of sports. Please change the name to Washington Sentinels. This is the best choice. WASHINGTON SENTINELS!!!

  13. I think Snyder et al are threatening to keep the name to emphasize that it was a forced change for the wrong reasons. But it also just emphasizes that the franchise is in disarray.

    It is always overlooked that the original name and logo were created BY Native Americans and that there were several on the team at the time. The name devolved into a slur over several decades (for only half or less of actual Native Americans apparently, because the franchise went to a lot of them and asked directly).

    So then last year, in a move to score PR points with African American activists (not necessarily relevant to any Native American cause), the corporate sponsor forced the change – not to rectify some slight on Native Americans, but just because of the BLM movement – who would have had an actual case back in the day since the team was the last to integrate. But FedEx never thought of any of that. It was a financial move for current PR points and nothing more.

    Please WFT, restore an ounce of dignity to yourself with a decent name next year. The Generic Soccer name has no place in the NFL.

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