Matt LaFleur: Aaron Rodgers will “absolutely” be with the Packers “for a long time”

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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Aaron Rodgers recently described his future as a “beautiful mystery.”

Matt LaFleur is doing his best to eliminate the second part of that.

During his season-ending press conference on Monday, LaFleur was straightforward when asked if he was confident Rodgers would be Green Bay’s quarterback in 2021 and beyond.

“Is that a trick question? Absolutely, there’s no doubt about it,” LaFleur said. “You’re talking about the guy that’s going to win the MVP of the league. We’re not in this position without him. So I couldn’t be happier with not only his performance, but how he led our football team. All the little things he does within that locker room to ensure that everybody is locked in, focused, ready to go.

“So, absolutely he will be here — for a long time. I know I’ve said that before, but for a long time.”

Rodgers is under contract with Green Bay through 2023, but without any guaranteed money. The Packers also traded up to draft Jordan Love at No. 26 overall last year. Both of those factors have set up the “beautiful mystery” of the situation.

Green Bay appears to have no desire to move on from Rodgers at this point. Considering what Rodgers just displayed in 2020, they shouldn’t. But given his current contract and Love’s presence, it makes sense that Rodgers would want some clarity on his present and future standing with the franchise.