Patrick Mahomes will have to outlast Tom Brady if he’s going to outdo Tom Brady

NFL: NOV 29 Chiefs at Buccaneers
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Patrick Mahomes was 6 1/2 when Tom Brady played in his first Super Bowl. So while Mahomes likely dreamed of playing in a Super Bowl one day, he likely never dreamed he would play against Brady in one.

The GOAT and the Kid meet for a fifth time, this time in the biggest game of the season.

Mahomes seeks his second consecutive title, while Brady wants to add a seventh ring to his already record haul.

“If you’re a young athlete — and you play any sport — and you don’t look up to guys like Tom Brady, then you’re crazy,” Mahomes said Monday, via John Dixon of “I mean, he’s a guy who’s had success, [yet] year-in and year-out continues to make himself better — to not be satisfied with where he’s at. He’s the type of greatness that you strive to be like and [grow] toward as you grow up. For me, I grew up watching him play. He’s still here playing, and he’s still at the top of the game.”

Brady, 43, said Monday he would consider playing beyond 45 if he continues to play the way he did this year. Mahomes, 25, hopes to play as long as Brady has.

Brady is in his 21st season and Mahomes his fourth.

“I’m going to play as long as they let me,” Mahomes said. “But in order to do that, I’ll have to take care of my body as much as I take care of everything else on the field.”

Mahomes will try to follow in Brady’s cleat marks in every way, with a chance, as Bruce Arians said last week, to outdo Brady. (“What Tom has done is historic, but if there’s another player who could do it, it’s Patrick Mahomes,” Arians said.)

But Mahomes will have to outlast Brady to outdo him.

Mahomes has a 38-8 regular-season record but is 192 victories behind Brady. He is 27 postseason wins behind Brady. He is three Super Bowl MVP awards behind Brady and five Super Bowl rings behind. Brady has eight more Super Bowl appearances.

And Brady isn’t ready to retire.

“As I continue in my career, I’ll still try to do whatever I can to watch the tape on him, because he’s doing it the right way,” Mahomes said. “You can tell by how many Super Bowl championships he has — by the rings on his fingers.”

28 responses to “Patrick Mahomes will have to outlast Tom Brady if he’s going to outdo Tom Brady

  1. Patrick Mahomes is not only a rare talent like Tom Brady but he also has the same fortitude and dedication when it comes to training his body for the game. Patrick Mahomes has been working with physical trainer Bobby Stroupe since the fourth grade. Tom Brady’s training methods and diet have been well documented and are directly related to his longevity and success in the NFL. Being a Chiefs fan, I am hoping young Mr Mahomes has a long successful career like Mr Brady.

  2. That’s why I don’t think Mahomes is going to be able to match, or break Brady’s Superbowl records. His playing style is going to lead to way more injuries, and those injuries will end up taking their toll

  3. Brady is playing until he is older then George Blanda was. 48. Oldest active NFL player. Book it. There wont be a record Tom Brady doesnt want to go to the grave with.

  4. I hope Brady’s records never get broken, but if they are broken I’m ok with it being Mahomes. Great head on his shoulders and attitude to go along with incandescent talent. Anyone but Rodgers.

  5. I get that Mahomes is off to a great start, but why are we skipping him straight to GOAT talk? He has to pass Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Joe Montana, Johnny U, and even guys like Brett Favre and John Elway before getting to Brady.

  6. I have no logic to explain it, but I think Brady and the Bucs shock the Chiefs.
    It’s the Super Bowl and the Bucs defense is making plays now.

  7. The logic is Brady’s relentless desire to win, he has a talented team that has bought in, and his experience. Oh, and he has heart.

  8. 4theWin says:
    February 1, 2021 at 8:52 pm

    I have no logic to explain it, but I think Brady and the Bucs shock the Chiefs.
    It’s the Super Bowl and the Bucs defense is making plays now.

    You’re right about one thing. Your statement has no logic.

  9. Mahomes has 808 career rushing yards over 4 seasons to Brady’s 1043 over 21. If Mahomes is serious about playing as long as Brady he’ll need to give that stat some prolonged consideration.

  10. Well, Mahomes has already been in more Super Bowls than both Rodgers and Brees, on pace to matching or beating yardage records held by the likes of Marino, already has as many rings as Favre. If he wins this Sunday, he’ll already have matched Peyton in the championship column. I could go on. He’s definitely building a legacy and he’s only 24.

    Attribute this being coached by Reid, growing up with a professional athlete for a dad, it holds weight I’ll admit. It all boils down to the person and their drive to better in all they do.

    Not only am I glad to be witnessing yet another historic career so close to one like Brady’s (which is still continuing), but that I lived long enough for this person be a Chief. And now two timelines are about to collide, I say enjoy it folks. You never got Montana/Brady, bit at least you get to see this play out.

  11. It’s hard not to like this kid. Not only he’s possibly the most talented playing at that position. His attitude and willingness to train and be coached hard will only take him to high places. If there is one player who may one day shatters all records, I would not be surprised that’s Mahomes.

  12. Shock the Chiefs?…its the super bowl …its Tom Brady in his 10th …how would anyone including Chiefs fans be shocked if the Bucs were to win?

  13. The real question here is “Will Mahomes get some favorable calls throughout his career like Brady”.Those iffy calls go a long way.You know I’m right

  14. The way league is going with the rules, it might be the equivalent of flag football for the quarterbacks in a few years. Brady might make it to age 50 and hit the rule of 70 – age plus years of service. He must be killing it on the nfl pension plan.

  15. Guess I’m in rare air here, but I think the chiefs win the game by halftime. I don’t think the bucs defense can stop all the weapons the chiefs intend to use. There’s just too many for that D.

    Mahomes is gonna wear out the aging defensive line by quarter 2, and it’s goodnight Irene at that point.

    Tom will do his thing but it isn’t going to be enough.

  16. Mahomes is already the GOAT. Just like people could tell Michael Jordan was before he even won a title. Sometimes you just know. .826 WP, nice.

  17. Patrick will have to run the entire game for sure. He lost his tackle and we all know that is huge. The young man is awesome, but I do not care who you are as a QB or RB without a decent O Line you are in trouble.

  18. Sooner or later Mahomes will lost the ability to run around and make plays due to age or he will get injured doing it. That running around style does not last long term. I love Mahomes but history shows the running around qb isn’t long for NFL. His turf toe injury is no small thing either.

  19. Watching Brady is like having seen Secretariat. Not gonna see any one like that again.

    No he doesn’t have straight line speed, but his movement in the pocket to keep himself alive is just amazing. Footwork of a Boxer or a Tennis player. .

    And those who thought his arm was Toast ? Hahahaha. Ok.

  20. In the last two seasons Mahomes has suffered a dislocated knee and a concussion. No way he challenges Brady’s longevity at the top of the QB world, primarily due to the fact that he’s a dual threat player exposing himself to many more potential injuries throughout his career then Brady has. That skill is both a blessing and a curse when playing the position.

  21. Mahomes is the best Russell Wilson. Two super bowl appearances and then the contract extension cap numbers kick and their teams aren’t the same.

  22. This is great.

    “Patrick Mahomes was 6 1/2 when Tom Brady played in his first Super Bowl.”

  23. To be called a GREAT player at any position, especially qb, you have to have a body of work. Marino, Montana, Favre, Rogers, Elway, Manning, and especially Brady are GREAT qb’s. Also Staubach, Young, Warner, Bradshaw, etc – Great qb’s. Years in the league, wins, SB’s, longevity, impact on players and team, community, etc etc.

    There are some very good new young qb’s in the league right now and Mahomes is at the top of the list. But he has a long, long ways to go to be called great. All those guys above played through injuries for years (how about Favre). So, let’s take a step back on the “kid” or “young goat” and just appreciate his journey. He’ll need to last for several more years (like 20?) if he’s going to be GREAT.

  24. KC Chiefs is a much better team from both side of the ball than TB Bucs , they will win back to back championship, 2nd ring for Mahomes

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