Reports: Panthers offered No. 8 pick and more for Matthew Stafford

Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers
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The Panthers were among several teams vying for Matthew Stafford before the Lions agreed to trade him to the Rams, but the reports of what the Panthers were offering is eye-opening.

Carolina offered up its first-round pick this year, No. 8 overall, and more, according to Albert Breer of and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

With an offer like that, it’s surprising that the Lions would take the Rams’ offer of a 2021 third-round pick, 2022 first-round pick, 2023 first-round pick and Jared Goff instead. The Rams’ picks in 2022 and 2023 will likely be later in the first round than No. 8 overall, and teams almost always prioritize having picks this year over having them in the future. In fact, if the Lions really wanted first-round picks in future years, they could have gotten them by trading out of the Panthers’ No. 8 overall pick, as well as the Lions’ own No. 7 overall pick.

The Rams were eager to get rid of Goff’s contract, and Lions General Manager Brad Holmes, who was with the Rams throughout Goff’s tenure, may like him well enough that he views Goff, even with his expensive salary cap hits the next two seasons, as a positive asset. But with a Top 10 pick in 2021 being offered, it’s surprising that the Lions preferred Goff and the Rams’ package of picks instead.

19 responses to “Reports: Panthers offered No. 8 pick and more for Matthew Stafford

  1. This years #8 is almost certainly worth more than the two future #1s from the Rams.

    Headscratching move if this really was turned down, but actually not really since it is the Lions we’re talking about.

  2. If Stafford had a say in it, this surprises me too. Charlotte is certainly a lot better place to be living than California these days.

  3. This was a wink wink deal right from the get go when he was interviewing for the Lions GM job. Probably was almost part of the hiring process .. hire me, let’s make a deal and trade QBs. Just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

  4. If this is true, the Lions will Lions I guess. Feel bad for the fanbase that they are stuck with another 3 years or so of ineptitude.

  5. Pretty simple , Stafford wanted to go to the Rams so the Lions made it happen as a sign of respect for his years in Detroit . Since the Lions got above the predicted value in return that the self appointed experts said they would don’t think there’s anything to criticize here .

  6. I get it. Even w 7 and 8 you’re still looking at drafting the 3rd or 4th best QB in the draft. By having two future first rounders they do almost anything and move around the board to get the player they want. If the QB they want (assuming they like the QBs in this draft) is there, great. But settling on the 3rd or 4th best QB is unappealing. They could do a lot worse than Goff. If he stinks they move on but there is a chance he doesn’t stink. I’d say 25% chance be actually becomes their franchise QB. Both teams are gambling on themselves here.,

  7. I would much rather have the 8th overall pick this year than 2022 and 2023 picks in the 20s or lower. And Detroit is now stuck with Jared Goff’s contract when it could’ve had Teddy B for cheap. Bad move by Detroit long-term.

  8. It was a good article on the active negotiations, and what the various teams offered. The Patriots had the weakest offer. I noticed Breer didn’t dismiss the Curren article, but didn’t exactly offer any validity to it either. And he really seemed to be in the loop.

    I found it difficult to believe Detroit would say to the teams bidding ‘Forget about bidding against the Patriots, Stafford won’t play there’. That doesn’t exactly drive the price up.

  9. Having two future 1’s is better then having the 8th pick, as the top QBs will be gone in the first few picks.

  10. People talking about high picks for a good QB do realize who has been winning these Super Bowls don’t they? A #1 pick hasn’t won it since Manning, and he’s the only one who has done so in a very long time (since Elway). Past that, top five pick QBs haven’t won anything either. Oddly enough, mid first round or lower round QBs are the ones winning all of the Super Bowls (Roethlisberger, Flacco, Mahomes, Wilson, Brees, Rodgers, Brady, etc.).

  11. This was really a terrible deal by the Lions if the Carolina offer is legit and included Bridgewater. If you look at the Trade Value Chart, the Rams offer was worth under 1000 chart points and included Goff and his ridiculous contract. The Panthers offer, if it included Bridgewater, was worth 1400 trade points and didn’t hurt the Lions cap at all. The 400 hundred draft points is equivalent to a 2nd round pick THIS YEAR. The Lions left a lot of draft value on the table and hurt their cap situation.

  12. Are people discounting the fact that this college football season was so abnormal? It was a truncated season with out of the box scouting. I, for one, think the Lions are better served with the picks in future, hopefully, “back to normal” years.

    The lions aren’t getting Lawrence this season. It will be a better investment long term to be able to spend more resources scouting and watching players compete on a traditional stage.

  13. I hope they do not go after any QB and build this team the right way like they are doing. An O Line is an absolute must first, it would be awful if you got an elite QB and they got hurt without a line. Please do not mortgage this team’s future, look how that has worked out throughout the years. Prime example is the Vikings.

  14. Matthew Stafford is not worth the eighth pick in the draft. I’m surprised that Carolina would offer that and more surprised that Detroit turned it down.

  15. He has a house not far from L.A. Clayton Kershaw and him were in high school together and maybe he has business interests? Why would he want to go to Chicago or Carolina? Goff is a bridge QB till they figure things out and he may just work out!!

  16. first, we now know it was Stanford, himself, who torpedoed a trade to Carolina;

    further Stanford made it known he wanted to play in California, which means either SF and LA;

    he and McVay had an instant bromance in Mexico, we find out now;

    what were Detroit to do?

    two first round choices are ALWAYS better than one, every single day of the week and twice on Sundays;

  17. chickensalad43 says:
    February 1, 2021 at 8:34 am

    I would much rather have the 8th overall pick this year than 2022 and 2023 picks in the 20s or lower. And Detroit is now stuck with Jared Goff’s contract when it could’ve had Teddy B for cheap. Bad move by Detroit long-term.


    I wouldn’t be so confident that the Rams 2023 pick will be 20 or lower. That will be based on the results of two seasons from now. Things can change quickly in the NFL.

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