Rob Gronkowski: Travis Kelce has helped transform the tight end position

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Super Bowl LV features one of the league’s most decorated players in Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and a player who has started building a similar resume in Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

They aren’t the only opposing players who are linked to one another heading into Sunday’s game. Rob Gronkowski said that he felt tight ends were “always overshadowed” when he was younger, but that he and others have helped to make it “the cool position” for those who are now rising through the ranks.

One of the other players who has helped make that happen is Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. During a Monday video conference with reporters, Gronkowski said he admires Kelce’s game and what his success has meant for tight ends as a whole.

“I got nothing but major respect for Travis Kelce. He has helped transform the tight end position,” Gronkowski said. “He has helped put the tight end position on the map. Speaking contract-wise, he has helped the tight end position get paid the way that they deserve to get paid. One thing that is very intriguing about Travis Kelce, and I’ve never really seen this with any other player in the NFL ever before, is that Kelce gets better every single year that I’ve seen him play in the NFL. That’s just respect right there.”

Kelce set career highs across the board in the regular season and he’s added 21 catches for 227 yards and three touchdowns in the postseason. Finding a way to stop him from continuing to make tight ends look cool would be a big boost to the Bucs’ chances of stopping a Chiefs repeat.