Todd Bowles: I don’t feel any redemption for post-Jets success

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Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles spent four seasons as the Jets’ head coach before getting fired with a 24-40 record, but he said the lack of success didn’t lead him to doubt his abilities as a coach.

Bowles said he knew he was a good coach and that “you just keep marching forward” in the face of those who feel otherwise. Plenty of people have gone back to praising Bowles as the Buccaneers moved to the top of the NFC this year, but Bowles insists that hasn’t shaken him any more than the criticism.

“I don’t feel any redemption,” Bowles said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “I’m harder on myself than anybody. When you don’t win games, you get the criticism. In this sport, there’s going to be ups and downs. You’ve got to stay the course and stay who you are. You trust your coaching and the people that taught you. I stuck with that, and everything has worked out for me.”

Bowles got a couple of head coaching interviews before all the jobs were filled this cycle and said he “would love to have that opportunity again,” but all his attention is on stopping the Chiefs for the time being.

5 responses to “Todd Bowles: I don’t feel any redemption for post-Jets success

  1. Can’t blame him given what the Jets have been since he left. The organization has been mediocre at best for years. They’ve been out of it for literally a decade. Rex had a few good years, Mangini one good year. Edwards one good year. The last time they were really competitive to win it all was in 1998 under Parcells, but they hit the Broncos buzz saw.

  2. It’s interesting that Tom Brady will have had this big a hand in getting Bowles his next head coaching opportunity.

  3. Bowles didn’t have much to work with when he was with the Jets. The GM was terrible at selecting players both in the draft and FA. The owners should have fired him long before Bowles but they haven’t a clue themselves.

  4. He had already proven himself as a great coordinator. Any success he has obtained again as a coordinator has nothing to do with his work as a head coach

  5. bowles just channeled what his mentor bill parcells would say…

    and when he gets another shot at head coach it will be because of his hard work, his intelligence in absorbing the lessons of his time with coaches like parcells and andy reid and his ability to inspire men, not because tom brady was on his team for a couple years

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