Travis Kelce “very aware” Chiefs haven’t beaten Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski in playoffs

NFL: NOV 29 Chiefs at Buccaneers
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Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski had a lot of nice things to say about Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce when he met with the media on Monday and the mutual admiration society was completed when Kelce took his turn on a video conference.

Kelce said that Gronkowski’s “dominance” fueled him as he made his way up the ladder to the NFL and that he’s taken things for his own game from watching Gronk over the years. That’s not the only way that Gronkowski has fueled the younger tight end.

Kelce and the Chiefs got a win over the Buccaneers in the regular season and the Chiefs beat Tom Brady and the Patriots during the 2019 season, but Kelce noted that things haven’t gone as well against those longtime teammates in the postseason. The Chiefs lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game after the 2018 season and Kelce was also part of a Chiefs team that lost to the Patriots in the 2015 divisional round.

“I’ve never beat Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady in a playoff situation, and I’m very aware of that,” Kelce said.

If the Chiefs can check that box, they’ll be the first team to repeat as Super Bowl champions since the Patriots did it in 2005. That won’t erase the earlier losses, but it would make falling short in those games a less significant chapter in the history of Kelce’s career.

5 responses to “Travis Kelce “very aware” Chiefs haven’t beaten Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski in playoffs

  1. I always left scratching my head when an offensive player talks about beating an offensive player

    Under no circumstances, save for the coin toss, would Brady/Gronk match up across from Kelce

  2. Gronk has played DB, I’m sure he’d be good against Kelce. As long as he doesn’t “trip”…

  3. That’s good I’m glad to hear that he’s well aware the Chiefs have never beaten Brady when it’s counted the most. I feel better knowing that they’re well aware they’ll be losing again. Bucs by 6

  4. still thanking Dee ford for lining off sides or this story is dead and this would be 3 consecutive years in superbowl.

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