Troy Aikman, Mike Silver at odds over Jared Goff criticism

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I love a good media squabble. Especially when I’m not involved in it. I’ll now try to address the latest one without landing in the crossfire.

It comes from Mike Silver of NFL Network and Troy Aikman of FOX. It was sparked by the Jared Goff trade from L.A. to Detroit.

In Silver’s Sunday item regarding the relief Goff feels in being traded by the Rams, Silver suggested that coach Sean McVay was criticizing Goff during FOX production meetings, and that Aikman passed along to the audience the things McVay was saying.

“Routinely trashed this season on FOX telecasts, specifically those with Troy Aikman as the lead analyst, Goff could reasonably assume that McVay’s words about his quarterback’s play in network production meetings were far from glowing,” Silver wrote.

Aikman responded with both barrels.

“Unlike Michael Silver, I strive to be fair and balanced and do not have an agenda when doing my job,” Aikman told Jimmy Traina of “The record will show that I have been a strong supporter of Jared Goff’s over the years. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles Rams and Jared Goff, he did not perform at his best in the games that I broadcasted this season and I’m confident Jared would be the first to agree.”

Aikman never addressed the core allegation from Camp Goff: That McVay said bad things about Goff during production meetings, and that Aikman repeated those criticisms on the air, without (as the convention mandates) mentioning McVay. Instead, Aikman went straight for the jugular.

And here’s where I’ll just end the post, in order to keep my jugular and all other arteries intact. At least for another day.

25 responses to “Troy Aikman, Mike Silver at odds over Jared Goff criticism

  1. Aikman sure does shoot from the hip that’s what makes him who he is , but Michael “my sources say”
    silver is a clown. I take zero to anything of what he says. Silver hasn’t ever played a professional football game I think we know where Aikman credentials are at and where MR “my sources say” are.
    How silver is even on TV is beyond me.

  2. Aikman has no idea what he sounds like. Fox continuously makes the whole country sick while this clown raves about his Cowboys and Fox makes sure they put every Cowboy game of any significance on the national stage for Troy to work anyways. Of course Troy thinks he was fair to Goff and that he doesn’t have an agenda. The concussions have taken their toll. Troy has made every Packer fan sick for years as he hands out compliments only because he has to, and find the “but” in every good Packer play he narrates… Then he stands in front of the mic and says he loves the Pack.

  3. It sounds like McVay was essentially throwing Goff under the bus to save face with the Broadcast team which included a HOF QB.

    This now puts an immense pressure on Matt Stafford to win the Super Bowl. Because that’s how far the Rams got with Goff… but didn’t WIN. It’s all Goff’s fault.

    We’ll see how this works out. Remember, they still have to win the freaking division over Seattle and the 49ers and the rising Cards.

  4. You can always tell who Mike Silver is friends with when you read his columns. Goff had 65 turnovers the last four years and he’s not a gunslinger. Get out of here with that if I’m paying you $33 mil a year. I could accept it if he is constantly pushing the ball down the field like Manning or Favre, but he’s a game manager and doesn’t take care of the ball.

  5. My brain stem might not be firing this morning but seems plain and simple. Goff sucked.. aikman said he sucked. Let’s not lose focus.

  6. I’m with Team Aikman here. IMHO, Silver is not impartial. He’s “friendly” with Rodgers and was the same with Payton. His stories show it.

  7. If the Lions hire Aikman they have someone to go after the jugular while Campbell goes for the knees.

  8. Like high school girls fighting with their cell phones. These are the modern day NFL divas.

  9. Silver wrote an insightful piece that was sympathetic to Goff and made McVay and Snead look stone-hearted and impatient. The NFL “not for long” line applies here. Guessing Goff might play consistently better in a smaller market with somewhat lower expectations.

  10. Aikman with the good old non-denial denial.

    Anyone who is inclined to automatically not trust the press for some reason should look carefully at the semantics of what Aikman said and realize it’s almost a confirmation by omission.

  11. Forget Aikman, he wasn’t fair and balanced when he said a few years ago that if Kaepernick was good enough to be on a roster he would be. Well guess what, the NFL was found guilty of collusion against Karpernick. I dont know if Aikman ever apologized for being wrong about that issue, did he? I heard him make the statement myself, “on air.” So the facts are he had an agenda when talked about Kaepernick.

  12. Brees throws a floater over the head of a receiver into the waiting arms of a cornerback. Aikman: “Drew must have been expecting him to turn up field. All’s Thomas had to do was turn up field like he should have and that’s a great pass.”

    Brady throws his third horrible interception of the day.
    Aikman: “Well Tom just had to get rid of it there. His linemen didn’t block anybody.”

    Goff’s pass is tipped by a defensive lineman and it redirects directly into the arms of a linebacker.
    Aikman: “Goff just needs to avoid these mistakes. This team has everything in place to win these games, but you can’t have a quarterback back there making these throws.”

  13. Maybe its just me, but I really don’t think Aikman offers much in the broadcast booth. He repeats himself a lot, but isn’t much good at providing clarity about what has been taking place on the field. I prefer Collinsworth, and also a lot of the recently retired players like Vilma and even Talib. And of course Romo. These guys all help me understand what is going on in the game. Aikman just sounds like someone’s old grandpa.

  14. For Mike Silver, Goff is on the same level as Hue Jackson and Steve Kerr. They both went to Cal. In 2016, he reported that the Browns wanted Goff or no one. No other QBs were worth drafting. Anytime anyone criticizes Goff or Hue, Silver will be there to defend them.

  15. I probably missed It to be honest. But on that note, I’d much rather listen to Romo anyway. He doesn’t have the Superbowls but he’s a much better student of the game. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. Can we stop giving pub to the likes of mike silver, skip bayless, and mike francesca. Its gotten outta hand, let’s leave real analysis to the players and coaches.

  17. Mike Silver vs Troy Aikman in terms of benefit of the doubt??

    Yeah, I’m going with Aikman every single time…

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